The Creep

Oh SNL, you never cease to amaze me.

Mumford and Sons

I have a slight obsession with them right now
and I may or may not have purchased this amazing
set of their music. :) My and my sister are totally
geeking out about this. I may have to start counting
down the days till it arrives...

In other news, I just walked into our laundry room where
my puppy was sleeping and one half of her
fur was all squished because she was laying on it, and
it was the cutest thing ever. :) So adorable!

Happy Saturday!

Hide-and-Seek in the Dark

I had such a great day. Besides the fact that Katie wasn't there,
it was a spectacular after-school day.
1. I got a free milkshake.
2. I got to see my friend dress up in those sexy yellow overalls.
3. It was beautiful outside.
4. I got Katie and I matching dresses for Twin Day on Tuesday.
5. I played hide-and-seek in the dark at a park.

Understand now why it was such a good day?

Tale of a Red Velvet

Oh my gosh, drool. So good.

I have a thing for cupcakes lately. I could care less about
all other dessert foods except for cupcakes right now.
Even frozen yogurt doesn't entirely float
my boat like it used to. But these red velvets
were absolutely delicious. The first one (first pictures)
was the best. It was from Icing On the Cupcake and
it even looks adorable!
The second one was ok and from Craving Cupcake.
Overall, I'm just happy I got a cupcake today. :)

In other important news, MUMFORD AND SONS
IS COMING TO COACHELLA! But I won't be able to go. :(
But the thought of seeing them live is incredible.

They Call Me 4 Eyes

I went to the doctors today for a physical and I messed up
a little on my eye test. I knew I was having troubles seeing
from far away but I didn't know it was an "I need
glasses" kind of situation. Anywho,
I have an appointment for next week so we'll see
if glasses are in my future. If so, these are some that I thought
were cute. Thanks to the Girls With Glasses Show,
I had an idea of where I could look around. :)

New App on my iPhone. Beware...

Vintage theatre.
Happy place (Carmel)

I got a new app on my phone called TiltShiftGenerator and I
am obsessed. My friends brother showed me last night and so
I spent the majority of the night playing around with pictures.
(The time not spent watching The Hangover-hysterical!)

I think I've discussed my love for cranberry juice before,
but in case I haven't, I adore cranberry juice.
We have had it in my house since I was a little girl and
it just reminds me of everything resembling home.
Plus it's absolutely delicious. I drink it every morning. :)

Have a great Sunday!

Friends Galore.

Yesterday I invited a bunch of my friends over to hang out.
We went to the park and pretended we were 5,
sat in the sunlight absorbing the sun that has been
hiding for far too long,
played intense games while holding someone else
on our backs,
found a pretty large stick and carried it all the way back to
my house. Yes, it is still laying in my front yard.

Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable day. Friends came and went
throughout the afternoon and I was perfectly happy.
Also, Katie and I found our 5 year old selves on the playground.
They were even wearing outfits similar to the ones we were wearing,
and had similar hair.
It was very weird.

Quotes too good to be ignored...

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."
The hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone. But you have to let go of the life you’re familiar with and take the risk to live the life you dream about."
- T. Arigo

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Just ran across these pictures from when I went to the snow
not too long ago. Everything looks so serene and peaceful.

I think I am going to start a What-I-Wore column type thing
but I'm still hesitate. I'll think about it a little more...

Also, I'm going to Smashburger tonight and I'm SO excited!
Their sweet potato fries are to die for! Yum!

My new obsession

My Drew Brees jersey!
I absolutely love it. After having a mediocre ending to my school
day it was a wonderful surprise to come home to this in the mailbox.
You can bet I'm wearing it now and contemplating
wearing it tomorrow...

Now listening to The Script's Science & Faith album. SO GOOD!
I love their music, and not only because they represent the Irish! Haha.

He's Got the Power!

My dad is teacher his first college lecture today on
business in non-profit organizations.
I am pretty sure I am more nervous than he is,
but he is also really good at covering up his nerves.
Unlike me. :)
So anywho, GOOD LUCK DAD!

Also, it's Taco Tuesday which means yummy
quesadillas for me! And my friends are having a Just
Dance 2 dance off before hand! Yesss!

What I love right now

My Nook I got for my birthday.
Even though I don't have time to start a book
right now, I still love it.
Passion tea (hot right now) from Starbucks.
I have it every morning.
My Disney cd best friend made me that I listen
to almost every day. It's getting me so excited for April!
Friends! (This one is Katie aka best friend)
Taken before our long bike ride during LAbor Day
before we were exhausted.

Favorite dresses of the Golden Globes

The color of Mila Kunis' dress is gorgeous. Reminds me of Ariel.
Lea Michele looks stunning in this dress.
Doesn't it seem like it would be fun to wear?
Lastly, my favorite. Olivia Wilde's dress is the look of elegance
and grace and shows that she is truly a princess. Because she is. I think
that's so cool. :) I love all the sparkles.

There you have it, my 3 best dressed women of the Golden Globes. The
gowns= the best part of awards season.

Day of Birth

1. Cousin and I in our aunts wedding when we were both 5.
2. All my aunts and me at dinner last night for my birthday.
3. Me being sung too. It was extremely loud and of course extremely embarrassing.
Especially when they started in on "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow..."
4. Cousin and I at 18. (Or me at 18 and he has to wait till April.)

I know I say this all the time, but I feel extremely blessed.
When you see all the sweet comments you receive on Facebook
and at school, it could make anyone feel grateful.
It was a wonderful day of birth.


1. Sister and I at my birthday party. Birthday's tomorrow!
I'm holding a fluffy unicorn pillow pet. :)
2. Elephant I received on my birthday.
3. Cross ring I wore today which I believe gave me good luck.
I had a double lunch and did relaxation in aerobics today.
I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!

4 More Days

Till I am finally 18. :)

Now here is a song I am currently obsessed with. Enjoy it and close your eyes and absorb Garrett Hedlund's voice.

Vivid Dreams

Ever since I have started watching Chuck, I have been having the most intense and vivid dreams imaginable. Some have been scary but last nights was intense and exciting. I woke up from the dream panicking thinking my ipod was stolen (don't ask) and then had to reassure myself that it was only a dream. You know it's a good dream when you have to reassure yourself that it was not reality. Anyways, last night I was a spy and today I was a working teenager. I think I prefer being a spy.

The Happiest Time in My Life

Everything, literally, everything, is working out for me. I believe it is all because I have prayed about giving it all up and believing whatever happens is not in my control. And guess what? Because of this, I now get to go to Disneyland with a ton of my friends and my best friends family, hopefully take dance classes with my friend in March, hopefully go to Kentucky for Spring Break, and school is being wonderful to me right now. I feel so blessed right now because 2011 has been spectacular so far.
I have never felt more loved, and yes, I'm aware I say this A LOT.

side note: saw Country Strong and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves country! :)

What happens when I have to cook...

I always wish I could bake better or cook better but I don't seem to have the patience for cooking yet. Hopefully it will spring upon me later in life. :) Let's hope. Because in the mean time, I am stuck making apples with peanut butter and hot apple cider for my dinner.
Not so good.
But tasty!

Today is really cold.

And I believe it is fairly accurate to state that the temperature outside is about the same as the temperature inside. Not ok. My room is arctic!

Oh! I think my dad just got home! Or maybe it's my sisters tutor...hmm.
How was your day? Mine was great.
I'm seeing Country Strong tomorrow and I am really excited! I love country music. :)

Just Dance

For my party, my mom brought out Just Dance 2 and I am in love with the game! It is such great exercise and completely fun. I get pretty competitive though...

School is back in full swing and Senior year is dwindling down. My AP English teacher told us all about the crazy things happening in the next few months and just hearing it, my brain hurt! But I'll get by because I'm being looked after. :)

The break that felt like summer

This break has been phenomenal. I have had everything from Bayside Christmas services...

To surprise 18th birthday parties that I had absolutely NO idea about...

To being with friends and family and never
feeling more loved.
This break has been incredible and it's
going to be hard going back to school tomorrow.
But I think I'll manage. :)