I want to live

a life of simplicity. I want to wake up and see the sun
shining through my window and for just a moment, revel in its beautiful
light. I want to have leisurely mornings spent over coffee and discussing 
our dreams and what they might mean. 

I want a man whom I can share everything with. Who makes me laugh.
Who comforts me and makes me feel safe.
I want a life where the threat of divorce does not hang around us because
we know from the beginning that everyday there will be struggle and there 
will be love. We fight instead of let go. 

So I'll wait...

Some Pictures Making Me Happy

Josh. Those clothes.

I saw this movie (The Lorax) and it was beautiful.
I definitely recommend it.

What are some inspiring images for you right now?

The Hunger Games

I finally saw the Hunger Games. It was killing me that I
didn't go to the midnight premiere or see it Friday,
so when I saw it yesterday I was a bundle of nerves and
excitement. I also went with two people who never read the
books which was kind of exciting because it was all new to them.
I thought all the actors did a wonderful job, especially Jennifer
Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. And don't even get me started
on Woody Harrelson playing Haymitch. That was a match made
in movie heaven!
I was overall very pleased with the film and how Garry Ross did
his own interpretation without completely changing the books or making
them like some other franchise that I am not a fan of. (cough cough you know
what I'm talking about) Beautiful movie and incredibly moving.

Are you going to go see it?

Vintage Maps

I have a thing for vintage maps. I adore them.
My future roommate, Monica, and I have been strategically
planning out how many maps in a house is too many maps.
I don't think there should be a limit. :)

Here are some creative ways maps have been used:
So unique and stunning!

Definitely want to do this... if possible.

This pillow should belong to me.

Are you a fan of maps?

Just Another Video for Your Viewing Pleasure

Guys, I knew you were panicking over my lack
of video thus far about Spring Break but alas,
I have one for you. It takes you from the ocean
to the mountains. So it's a pretty big deal.


Mountain View

Taking pictures in Tahoe is an easy feat. The scenery is that stunning.
Over the weekend my family and I went up to Lake Tahoe and
played in the snow and watched it fall. I've come to the
conclusion that there is just nothing prettier than watching snow fall
and having the outside be so peaceful.
This world we live in is breathtaking.

The Language of Trees

Vintage Book {explored}

When I start reading a good book, I literally can't put it down.
I tend to read through the night until the book is completely
finished and the ending known. There is something within me
that does not allow myself to put a book down without
knowing the ending.

And this is how I know I found a good book. If the pages
do not grab my attention and I can easily put it to bed without
obsessing over it, then that book will never have my heart.

Last night I read The Language of Trees and I, once
again, read it until 2:30am. Here are my favorite

"Most beautiful thing is to see hope come back into a face.
That's all she wanted.
People to believe in her without wanting anything back. People don't need
much else."

"Some foreign countries you know you have to visit, right?
And some of them you're just content to look at the pictures.
You find your country, honey. And then you pack up
and buy a one-way ticket."

"Which is the right country?" she asks, as she starts weeping again.

"The one that feels like home. The one that always has."

Spring Break Thus Far

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
LA with the roommates included Venice Beach,
frolicking, eating (always), Rodeo Drive and The Grove.
And I also saw one of my best friends and we spent the
day in Santa Monica. Now I am HOME!

I have a nasty cold right now so my mom and
I are lying low at home. But honestly, I have absolutely
nothing wrong with that.

Wedding Love

I'm a sucker for weddings. Show me some
well written vows and the waterworks begin
and never end.

I saw this video on Katie's blog and I had to share it.
It's so beautiful and any video that plays The Civil Wars,
Bon Iver and Jason Mraz all together is perfect
in my book.


Spring Break 2012


Tomorrow marks the beginning of Spring Break 2012.
I. Am. Excited.

My roommates and I are heading to LA to
hang out at the beach, shop (not me but they get
to go shopping) and then on Monday... DISNEYLAND!
And also, on Saturday I get to visit one of my
best friends at her college so I'm really excited for that.

And then there is a little surprise I've got up my sleeve
for some people in my life. ;)

I'm just going to take a chance and say this spring break
is going to be very memorable. My first one of college. :)

What are you up to this weekend?

A Cause Worth Fighting For

KONY 2012

If you take the time to do anything out of the
ordinary today, please take the time to watch this video.
This is not some phase many of us are going through.
This is life or death for many children in Uganda.

This video tells you everything you would want to
know about Joseph Kony and the LRA.
Let's all get educated and spread the word.

If this blog is not a means to spread the word
on something I truly believe in, then what is it?

A Blogger Award!

Well my oh my! What a wonderful Tuesday this has become!
The lovely Alexis at Bloomed in June nominated me for
a Sunshine Award! I feel incredibly honored. :)
Thanks girl!

Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award:

1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

So, the questions!

Favourite Colour? Blue most definitely. Lighter blue though.

Favourite Animal? Probably dogs. I know, so boring. But if I could have any
animal it would probably be a sloth because they are just too cool for school.

Favourite Number? 4. Definitely.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink? My dad's special drinks that he makes me and my
sisters. It's pretty much just cranberry juice, some soda, and lime but it's
delicious every time.

Prefer facebook or twitter? Twitter most definitely. Facebook gets to be too dramatic.

My passion? family, faith, fashion and friends. (the four F's basically)

Prefer getting or giving presents? Giving especially if I picked something out that I know the person will just love.

Favourite Pattern? Vintage Parisian and Chevron. (Does that make sense?)

Favourite day of the week? Saturday because you have one more day of the weekend.

Favourite flower? Oh man either peonies or daisies. Actually, just both.

So, who do I link for this lovely award?

1. Megan @ Across the Pond
2. Michaela @ Michaela Noelle Designs
3. Fairytales are True
4. Amanda @ Marshalls Abroad
5. Olivia @ Everyday Musings
6. Katie @ My Kaleidoscope Heart
7. Meg @ The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell
8. Natalie @ Nat the Fat Rat
9. Naomi @ The Rockstar Diaries

Thanks again to Alexis for this award. :)

Homemade Meal

Look at me chopping up garlic.
True Life: I'm a professional chef.
ready to make garlic bread
the coolest noodles
scalloped potatoes
final product

While at my friends house this weekend we took full
advantage of the kitchen and cooked up a feast
Saturday night. We were extremely proud of our meal
and raved about it the entire meal through.

Happy Friday

Wait. You weren't dying for a picture of a turtle being all king
of the castle?? My bad.

Sometimes it's hard to predict this stuff. But I think this little guy is the
shizz. (real vocab word right there)

I'm off to go do what my friend is doing in the picture
above this weekend and bask in the Arizona
sun and hang out at my friends house.

So have a delightful Friday!
Also, what are your plans this weekend?

Happy March!


Happy First Day of March!
I'm very excited for this month.
Lots of great things are coming up and I've just giddy.
I keep having to pinch myself because God has been so good
to me lately (and all my life, let's be real) and everyday I wonder
what I did to deserve this beautiful life.

So as March begins, I plan on being more thankful for every day,
smile, hug, laugh etc.

Happy March to you, and you, and you.