The End of an Era

 or should we call it the end of my reign of terror?? (just kidding)
I'n going to get all APO on ya'll right now but this blog thing is a journal of sorts
and has to document this moment. :) 

On Thursday we initiated the pledges into Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity I'm a part of,
and my little made it through (the girl in the photo above)! So proud of her. :) 
Thursday was also the night I gave up being one of the Service Vice Presidents and handed
the role over to someone new. I will miss being a part of this crazy group of eboard but
am excited to see what the next eboard has up their sleeves. 

On Sunday we had banquet and got to all be together one last time before the semester ends.
It was a blast and we all got to be our goofy selves and I just feel so blessed sometimes
my heart could burst. I am so grateful for APO in my life and I truly credit my experiences
in this fraternity with my general love of college thus far. 

Find something you love, and everything else shines a little brighter ya know?

Ok, scrapbook collage over. :) I hope you survived. 

{the facts: dress- old F21 but this one is kinda similar/cute, necklace-also older, kinda similar}

Pineapples are having a moment

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Has anyone noticed that pineapples are totally having a moment right now? I completely
love it. I have worn my grandma's pineapple necklace from Hawaii since she passed away
and the amount of comments about it have grown since pineapples became something
of a thing.
(Grandma's necklace)

Are you going to purchase something that goes along with this trend? Even though I 
don't skateboard, I kind of love the pineapple skateboard. But those glasses are adorable
as well. 

Just Stopping In


Hi! I exist. 
I'm heading back to school today from a much needed getaway home to California and I'm
feeling rested, loved and extremely blessed. This break was perfect preparation for the 
last few weeks of junior year (!!!) and the beginning of my Tucson summer. 

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend and spent time with loved ones
but mostly remembered the reason we celebrate which is all about Jesus. 

Happy Monday!

My Fortune

I received this fortune a while ago and stumbled upon it the other morning and it dawned on
me how perfect it is for right now. I leave to go home for Easter in a little under a week and 
I could not be in more need of a little break and getaway. Life has been go-go-go
and I could use a change of scenery that consists of familiar places. 

Sometimes it takes a little note packed tight into a cookie that gives us the push we need
to power through the weekend/upcoming week and reach the finish line.

I hope you've received some good fortune lately that gives you just enough motivation to
power through and hustle. Oh yeah, and happy Friday. :)
Now go celebrate!

Let's Talk About Grad Dresses

Ok guys. Holy moly am I obsessed with Camilyn Beth dresses right now. Have you
seen her feature in The Everygirl? If not, get over there right now because you will immedietly
jump on the bandwagon once you hear her story and then peruse her website for 5 hours.
(Not that I did that...)

Last week I did my degree check to graduate in December (whaaaat???) and decided to walk
in the school-wide ceremony this upcoming May because there will not be one in 
the winter. Because of this I had to purchase my cap and gown (a mild panic attack followed)
and ever since I've been obsessing about a graduation dress. 

If I could get my hands on a Camilyn Beth dress for graduation, I would be one happy girl.
These are the kinds of dresses you treasure because of their high quality craftsmanship
but also feel beautiful in.

So what do you say, 1 (the Fresh Air dress), 2 (Ampi dress in peach), or 3 (Ampi dress in navy)??

Skirt the Rules

I'm currently obsessed with this Evelyn Henson print and how it completely applies
to my life motto right now. There are no actual rules that we need to be following, 
so create your own guidelines and live your own life! And if you are doing so 
in a striped shirt, then you are doing it right in my book. :)

Might have to purchase this print with my first paycheck from my new job!! 

Happy Tuesday!


Just like the rest of the world, I created a bond with HIMYM. It hasn't been a consistent
relationship and no, I haven't seen every episode but this show was there for me when
I needed it. 

Freshman year was a mixed bag of emotions and I was fairly certain I was going to transfer.
One of my favorite memories though and one of the things that got me through would be 
laughing in my dorm room with my two roommates over the silliest of things and one
of those things was HIMYM. I would be in my bed watching it on my iPad and one
of my roommates would be in her bed and we would be watching either the same episode
or at least the same season and pausing every so often to literally laugh out loud and
tell each other what just happened.

Many a nights I would turn to HIMYM on my own even and it would instantly cheer me up
and I would soon be chuckling by myself and looking like a crazy lady. I texted my old roommate last night to see if she was watching, (she was) and it brought me right back to 2.5 years 
ago like it was yesterday.
. And then I realized how quickly college has flown by and, well, that'll just be another story. 

So thank you How I Met Your Mother. Thank you for 9 seasons and a show about 
friendship above all else.