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1. Hold Back the River- James Bay
2. Unclear- Kodaline
3. Agape- Bear's Den
4. Future/ Past- John Mark McMillan
5. Sugar- Maroon 5
7. Budapest- George Ezra
8. Work Song- Hozier
9. She Lit a Fire- Lord Huron
10. Shut Up and Dance- Walk the Moon
11. Sweet Virginia- The Rolling Stones

I always like seeing what people are listening to so I can get exposed to new bands and new songs, so I thought I would share a little of my favorite songs of the moment. :) (If you hover over the song title it will take you to the YouTube page. )

Happy Monday!

Stop and Smell the Lilacs

 I've said it once and I'll say it forever, spring is my favorite. The fragrance in the air right now is unbelievable. Everything smells like flowers! I feel like I should be frolicking in fields and going on picnics! Anyone want to go on a picnic with me? Get some wine and cheese and we are good to go!

Ok, so this jean jacket. Every girl knows a jean jacket is a staple we all need but this girl was a little late to the game. I have been borrowing my friend Monica's jean jackets for the last couple of years so I didn't find the need but then I ran across this beauty! The jean is SO soft!! Also, this tank/tunic is MARBLE!! You know me and my obsession with marble so the minute I saw the tank I knew it had to be mine. 

Also, something else I did that was so unlike me, was buying these turquoise earrings! I love how it added a fun pop of color with a more neutral outfit. Am I becoming a new person? Look at me buying earrings and jean jackets! 

Lastly, big shout out to my friend Allison who was home for spring break and took these photos for me!! She's crazy talented and you should check out her INSTAGRAM and all of the pretty pictures. :)

Jacket-similar, top-found at TJMaxx and I can't find anything similar so I would go to the store if I were you, pants-similar (every couple of years I splurge and get black pant/leggings from Anthropologie because I swear by them but right now they seem to be out

The Precious One


There is something about a good book and a good author that is so frustratingly rare. I just finished reading The Precious One by Marisa de los Santos, a longtime favorite author in my family, and I spent my whole day consumed with the thought of finishing the book as soon as possible. Every negative thing bounced off of me as if I was made of steel because I had the opportunity to dive back into these characters lives and the wonderfully delicate words that the author wrote.

Marisa de lost Santos started out as a poet and her writing depicts that. There are whole paragraphs that I wish I could memorize and keep forever in the back of my mind. Every book that she writes (and sadly there are only 4) has rich characters that make you want to be better. While reading her books I want to be braver, more confident and I want to change my world in some way. Having The Precious One come out when it did was really a God thing because I needed this book in my life. I needed Taisy, Willow, Ben, Luka, Wilson and Caro in my life. After finishing one of her novels I always want to name my future children after the characters in her novels because then maybe my children will reflect even an ounce of the people she created. 

All of this is to say, if you need a good work of fiction in your life that will make you feel light and alive, then read The Precious One. And while you're at it, if you haven't read her other books yet, you should get on that. :)


Ever since studying abroad, I have had a serious case of wanderlust. There are so many places just within the U.S. I have yet to see! One goal I would love to pursue once I start saving enough money would be to travel to 2 new cities every year. If I am thinking of going out of country then it would be one city but if it's an in-country trip then why not 2? Even if it's only for the weekend, it would be worth it. 

The four places above have been longtime dreams of mine. My parents went to New Orleans last year and absolutely loved it and I know I would too. Charleston is one of those places that I know I would want to photograph nonstop. It seems so quaint and there are so many bloggers living there that it would be a fun meet-up spot!

As far as over-the-pond trips, London and Dublin have been at the top of the list forever. I would love to spend at least a week in both so I wouldn't be rushed and I can explore cities outside the main cities as well. Sometimes I love going over to Lauren's blog at Aspiring Kennedy and just admire her travel guides. We all need a little inspiration and day dreaming in our lives, right?

And there are so many other spots I would love to go to as well! Austin, TX is supposed to be fun, I would love a summer in Nantucket, and don't even get me started on all of the island trips I dream about. I feel like once you start exploring the world, you never really want to stop. :)

What are a couple of your dream destinations?

the nitty gritty

 so this month has not been very kind to me or my family. and yes, it could be worse. it can always be worse. but right now? right now just really sucks. (no better term, i'm sorry english majors.) it's like march is helping us build a cake filled with nasty bits and pieces that we would must rather discard but have to continue baking. 

i try to be positive and show pretty pictures majority of the time because that's usually what i need to get me out of a funk. but sometimes words can help as well, and that's what i'm choosing to do right now. you see, i'm at a crossroads right now where i can continue with what i've always believed and thought was right for me or i can take that left fork in the road and travel onwards towards the unknown. not gonna lie, that road sounds terrifying. 

but is it what i'm supposed to do? is that my next move?

on tuesday i received Natalie Holbrook's book, Hey Natalie Jean, and she perfectly captured a little of what i am feeling so i thought i would share. 

"And then I imagine God, in the present, next to me. Sitting shiva for my struggles. Mourning. He is quiet and still, His hands in his lap but His love radiates onto me in waves. I can see them. Visible waves. I think they're kind of a marigold color."

 i, too, can picture God just kind of looking over at me with pain in His eyes as i question everything. I like to think I have hope for my path but I really don't and I struggle with it. And I know He sees that. and i know He is trying to tell me to be still. (always that phrase, always) 

and sometimes i wake up all fresh and new and ready, so ready, to take on the world and the disappointments that will undoubtedly come that day and i gain some hope. but then they just keep coming and i feel a little like i'm out in a field letting paint balls pelt me one after the other and i let everyone watch as i take the pain. and i just keep wondering when i will move, and if i should. 

Natalie ended my favorite chapter of the book, On Grooves if you're interested, by saying,

"It is a daily task to stop and remind myself that whether or not this season of life is particularly difficult, it is still just a season. I am always surrounded by a beauty that I can choose to focus on instead. Even in pain, there are moments I'll remember with fondness, experiences I'll take to my grave with pride. This is it. Right now. And even if the happiness I make for myself today is so silly and insignificant, it counts. And I'll be so grateful that I paid attention."

ugh. so good right? so so SO what I needed.

so i am going to try and take my days one at a time and find my silly happiness in what i can and when april 1st comes along, i will welcome it in with wide, open arms.

also i bought a new hat yesterday and sometimes that's all it takes to turn a day around. :)