Back in the Ol' Pueblo

For my spring break I jetted off to Tucson, Arizona (where I lived during my undergrad) to see friends and journey back to the place where I spent three and a half years living. It was an absolute blast. I love that I can go a year without seeing some of my friends and we can all pick right back up from where we left off. This time away was very much needed and gave me the extra push to finish off this first year of grad school. (THAT'S INSANE!)

Now about this dress. I recently decided that just being in grad school, having a social life and being involved in my church wasn't enough so I took on a part time job at Anthropologie. I blame my sister. She convinced me to take it. ;) I probably would have laughed in her face when she offered up the suggestion but Anthro just opened up their largest store EVER in Portland and I knew I needed to be a part of it. It's been a definite whirlwind and I barely have a minute to breathe, which is why Tucson was so great. 

I saw this dress hanging in our dress shop at the store and knew I needed it. I've been really good about what I spend as far as clothing and nick-nacks but I knew I wouldn't regret this dress and necklace. I love that I can get multiple uses out of it and dress it up or down. Also, I'm convinced this color looks good on anyone. 

Tucson will always have a piece of my heart.

Current Design Style


My entire design aesthetic entirely changed when I moved to Portland. I always thought my design style was girly or vintage inspired (Chateau as we like to call it at Anthropologie) but once I started picking out furniture for the apartment, that was the farthest thing from what I gravitated towards! All of a sudden I wanted everything to be clean, white but with pops of color, all of the exposed wood, plants galore etc. etc. I wanted it to represent a cabin in some ways. A place you could cozy up with a cup of tea and read a great book.

It's so interesting how our personal style and design style can be different. I feel like my design style in clothing form would be straight out of Madewell or the menswear trend. I want neutral, earth colors and I want as many pieces of wood as you can find me, pleaseandthankyou. In reality my clothing style is a lot more classic and feminine.

I am currently lusting over a big plant to put in the apartment but I know it can get pricey. Anyone have some recommendations on a place to get a good plant? #help ALSO, how amazing is that "WORK HARD AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE" print??? It's way too pricey for me right now but it's from this amazing store in town, Schoolhouse Electric. I want all of the things from there. I actually wouldn't mind if they just designed my apartment. :) The plant, National Park map and the print are all from there.

What's your design style?