Wishing, Reading, Watching, Doing {WRWD}

So I thought this could be a fun little series to bring about every once in a while all about
what I'm currently wishing for, reading, watching and doing. 

1. WISHING- I'm still wishing for a bathing suit and this J.Crew one is perfect. 

2. READING- I started B.J. Novak's book the other day and it's perfect to read a little before falling asleep because it's jam packed with funny little stories.

3. WATCHING- Chicago P.D. This show is so intense and I love Wednesdays now because I get to step out of my mind a little bit and become immersed in a profession I could truly never do. 

4. DOING- Drinking a LOT of coffee at Cartel. I'm pretty sure this coffee shop has been my second home recently due to a constant school workload. 

Happy Friday! 

My Interests According to Pinterest

Pinterest just released a new feature called "Explore Interests" and I immediately was interested.
They summed me up well, those people of Pinterest. Pink doors, Jackie Kennedy, Typeography,
stripes, inspiration joy quotes, and half painted walls were a few of my interests. 

Looking at all these images really makes me want to get out and take more pictures. 
I'm pretty sure my camera is getting dusty and is just begging me to take it out. Also,
how much does that Jackie O picture just make you want to jump in the ocean??

What are some of your interests?

Monday Ramblings

  • Yesterday I looked at my calendar and it was a bad idea. I've been really trying to think on a day-to-day basis instead of week-by-week for my own sanity and for those around me and it's been working!...kind of. 

  • I am currently sick and I have 3 tests this week so needless to say, no sick days will be had over in this house! #hustle

  • I went on a retreat this past weekend and it did the soul some good. I think one day getaways are the perfect time away without getting stressed. 

  • I just love the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake bromance. Watch their newest collaboration here

  • I'm so excited that Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. come back on this week!!!

  • I like this bathing suit. Can you tell I haven't found a bathing suit yet? Still obsessing about finding one over here. 

  • And lastly, the Peaceful Indie Ambient Spotify playlist is perfect for quiet days doing work. You're welcome :)
Have a super terrific Monday!

On the Hunt

Lately I have been fixated on filling some gaps within my closet but also 
keeping everything at a reasonable price because hello, I need my money
for food. (Priorities...) My most recent obsession was acquiring a pair of light
washed distressed jeans and I found the ultimate pair at American Eagle and they were
on sale plus free shipping!! It was meant to be. Here they are if you care to see. 

The newest gap that needs to be filled is swimwear. I swim a decent amount but 
not enough where I can justify buying a new swimsuit every summer. Also,
when I buy a swimsuit I like to buy a good quality swimsuit instead of ones that
are worn out after one summer. The bathing suit I currently own has been with me 
for 3, possibly 4, years and it's definitely time to buy a new one. 

Here are some ones I'm admiring:
This one's from Target and on the cheaper end but I love the design!

{1, 2, 3}
The three listed above are from Anthropologie and I would love either of them! I'm
loving that one piece but it's a little out of my price range. Also, I think I have a 
theme with these dark blue tones...

I know for most of the country it doesn't seem like bathing suit season yet but here in
Arizona it's 88 degrees and it's definitely time to start thinking about swim wear.

Do you have any places you love to shop for swim?
I'm open to any and all suggestions!

Playing Adult

Being an adult is hard work. You have to make not-so-fun decisions and constantly stay on your
toes so as not to miss anything important. I was invited to go to San Diego this upcoming weekend
and while a little getaway to the beach and some time to hang out with my sister sounds 
absolutely amazing, it's completely not the responsible thing to do. I have commitments
all weekend long and I am not in that place in my life where I can just drop everything and 
say "you only live once!" San Diego will come another day but letting people down because
I failed on my duties is not something I can take back. 

So this is my adult lesson of the week. It's not fun but I am going to try and make this weekend
the most exciting it can be, right here where I need to be. :) 

What are some not-so-fun adult decisions you made recently?

Weekend Update

This past weekend was jam packed starting on Thursday and ended rather abruptly due to
plane delays on Saturday because my parents came to visit me!!
We ran all around Tucson doing fun activities including a UA basketball game (close call but we
are still number 2!!!), shopping, gem show adventures, visiting an old unfinished mission, 
and lounging around their hotel. 

Here are some picture highlights courtesy of my iphone::

 An intense basketball game that ended with the UA beating Oregon by 2! They don't
call us the Cardiac Cats for nothing!

Admiring pink hour surrounded by the Catalina Mountains.

Visiting an unfinished mission that is significantly older than the state of Arizona. 

 Yesterdays attire as I noticed I subconsciously put three different shades of blue on. 

Yesterday was spent doing a lot of catchup but also included a hike which totally kicked my 
butt. I'm slowly trying to get into better shape! 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and that your weekend was fantastic!

Indulge a Little Bit

I want to start this off by saying I am not normally someone who indulges in beauty products.
I get most of my cosmetics from Target and am perfectly happy doing so! I will always
be more willing to spend a little extra on clothing than on something for my face, hair, etc.

But for my birthday I got a Lush gift card and, well, it may have changed me. 
I've always been a fan of Lush and the smell of the store as you walk by but because I 
absolutely hate baths, I swore off the store as a bath store and moved on. Once I received
the gift card though I asked if they had any conditioner and they said yes! 
From then on out I was hooked. 

This is the conditioner I bought and I LOVE it!! It's not too pungent and you can just feel
how natural it is compared to store bought conditioners. I completely recommend it!!
 I figured while I was indulging a little bit I might as well get something for my face since it's
been feeling drier than ever this winter. The lady who was instructing me on what to get told me
this was her favorite fresh face mask and I have to agree with her. It looks pretty funky when you 
put it on (as do all face masks) but it smells amazing and afterwards your face smells
pretty darn good as well. 
Here's a little close up.

I am definitely going to be going to Lush more frequently now. I don't know how I
would return to store bought products after using their all natural ones! 

What's your favorite products from Lush? 

Reminiscing and Well Wishing

There is a melancholy feeling associated with the spring ever since returning from Italy. 
This is my first spring I've encountered since coming home and with every passing sequence of time
I feel more and more distant from the memories, people and experiences I had while abroad.
Everyone that is abroad this spring is now on their way and beginning their journeys and while
I'm more than excited for all of them, I so wish I was them. Naturally. 

I miss Orvieto. I miss that beautiful fairytale of a town and mostly,
I miss how green everything was in the Spring. 
I cherish all of those memories and I hope this new group of students studying abroad
learn to cherish their new experiences and allow themselves to open up to everything
new coming their way. 

In the mean time I guess I'll just have to follow along and reminisce. 

Happy Monday!!