A Quote a Day...

mmhh that's dreamy. 
Have a great Labor Day Weekend! I'll be working and spending
time with friends and then on labor day my roommate and I plan on
taking a day trip! What are your plans?

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

I would love all the above outfits... please?
Oh, and her hair would be nice too. But I won't beg. 

The thing is, I had a revelation last night. If I had as much money as 
Olivia Palermo has, then I would dress like this too. But I most certainly
do not and therefore cannot expect the same type of clothes that she can 
afford and put together. Now that I realized that, I feel better about my closet.
Closet, you rule. :)

On my Lack of Posting

So for the past 4 days, I have been working, working, going to school, 
breathing, and then working. But I think I'm really going to like my 
job and I didn't realize how much I missed interacting with customers.
Plus I get to be around coffee all day so I'm good.

I promise I'll post some real cool things coming up 
but for now I hope you enjoy this delicious coffee photo off Tumblr!

An Adventure

Today I begin training for my new job working at 
a coffee shop/specialty market/ pizza place /deli.
Needless to say, I am excited. 

I think this next chapter will be quite the adventure. 

This Happened Yesterday...

The street I live on has been consistently flooding because of all the monsoons 
and now I have photographic evidence for the people that don't believe me.

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a student in Arizona
is to begin casually walking to class with a blue sky above you
and then all of a sudden be caught in a downpour. It happens often
and completely unexpectedly. This almost happened to me today.

And then because it didn't happen, I made it happen. I decided
to (stupidly) walk out into the monsoon and stand in the 
ankle high water in the street. (Yeah, ew.)
But it was kind of worth it? That's what I'm telling myself.

Tucson Skies

Recently the skies have been incredible over Tucson. It 
has something to do with all the monsoons and the force behind them.
But all I see are pink-orange skies with puffy clouds and I
love them each and every night.

We may have to deal with ridiculous heat during the day, but 
we pretty much own the night when it comes to sunsets. 

Freaks and Geeks

My roommate and I just finished watching the show Freaks and Geeks and let
me just say, it's wonderful. Never has a show been the closest to the reality of high
school and still been funny/sad/moving. I think that's why it was canceled after the first
season. People couldn't handle the truth... haha. Just kidding.

I definitely wouldn't have been allowed to watch it when it was on from 1999-2000.
I was a wee baby back then. But if you haven't watched even an episode from this
show, I recommend you do. Pretty much all of the actors or even actors that
had cameos on the show have gone on to great things. But seriously. 
Look at that cast!

Thankful Thursday

Boy, oh, boy do I have things to be thankful for this Thursday. So let's begin:

Dear mom, thank you for moving me in this past weekend and spoiling me
rotten in the process. None of that was necessary but made our time special. Dear 
new house, you are so cute and I'm just so at home here. Dear sophomore year,
please don't go too hard on me. Dear friends in Tucson, you're all the best. Truly. Dear
car (and another shout out to my parents), without you, I would be stuck a whole lot 
this year. Dear clouds, you are making it more muggy here in Tucson but also decrease
the amount of blazing sun that hits my skin. So thank you. 

What are you thankful for?
I have no idea what the picture has to do with being thankful, but it's really cute.

Things That Make Me Happy

All courtesy of Tumblr.  I'm obsessed with all of the above.

My New Home

I thought I'd share a few photos of the home
I've been decorating for the past few days. 
 Our cute adobe home. 

 My dresser.

 Little corner desk.

 The cozy family room.

 Reading nook.

 Dining room and gallery wall.

 All the art is from thrift stores, estate sales or is handmade. 

The prettiest shower curtain.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! We are pretty happy here. 


My mom and I stopped in Disneyland on the way to Tucson
and we met up with my best friend Tamara and her family!
We have a long running tradition of going to Disneyland together
and it was so great to spend some time with then before heading
back to school. 

I am SUCH a fan of the renovations done in California Adventure
and love all the 1920's infused decorations and feel. 

I am working on moving into the house I'm living in this semester
and also readjusting to college life! Wish me luck!!

My Journey

Today is my last day at home and the end of the longest period of time I'll be at home
for the unforeseen future. This summer has contained heartbreaks, deep belly laughs,
disappointments, memories that'll last, and tears from both sadness and happiness.

I wouldn't take back anything that happened this summer because I believe
it has made me a better person, friend, sister and daughter and I feel better
prepared for my journey ahead.

I realize now that my journey is one that most of the time will be walked alone
with people joining my path for moments at a time, leaving, and possibly returning
or not returning ever. A constant circle

But being at peace with that and knowing it isn't the worst thing to walk alone 
is what helps when the going gets tough. 

I'll be absent for a little while as I prepare my room for departure
and drive the 14 hours to Tucson. 
See you on the other side! 

My View

I don't want to brag right now...

but this is my view at this very second. We are up in Tahoe
right now and I'm having a pinch me, I'm feeling so blessed kind of 
moment because I'm looking out on this beautiful lake.

Tahoe is truly my happy place. Some other sights and sounds around me include
a fresh Christmas tree scent, Spanish being spoken from men climbing
the trees to my left (I have no idea why...), the sounds of boats being revved up,
and birds chirping. 

Like something out of a Disney movie. (Minus the Spanish speaking tree climbers?)

Update: It looks like they are throwing pine cones out of the trees?

Surprise Day

 Amanda and I have been best friends since our Freshman year of high school
and since then, we have become more like sisters than best friends. Before I leave
for school, Amanda planned a surprise day for me and it was amazing!
Our first stop was to the river where we had lunch. 
 We toured around where I went to high school for 4 years, her for 2, 
(she transferred our junior year) and this is the classroom where we
became friends.

 We also went to my favorite coffee shop, Bloom, and had delicious

 And because she knows I love drinking out of mason jars,
she bought some just for our lunches.
It was such a good day. We finished it off by watching my favorite Disney
movie, The Princess and the Frog. 

Oh, and I officially became an adult this week with my 
very first Costco card! Yipee!!!

What I'm Loving...

What I'm Loving...

I haven't shown what I've been loving in a while so I thought
today would be an appropriate time. Today I chose to display
Topshop items that caught my eye in honor of the Olympics and 
Topshop being a British brand. 

I would wear this top to the Great Gatsby premiere 
in December. (Saw the preview again yesterday and 
squealed like a little girl.)

I think these shorts are a necessity for Tucson weather. 

This dress reminds me too much of Kate Middleton to 
ever be skimmed over. Love the classy peplum look and the pink.

This 1920's fit dress might also be a good contender
for the Great Gatsby midnight premiere. 

This is just too cute.

And in honor of the Fab Five in Olympics getting the gold
yesterday (USA USA USA!!!) I thought this gymnastics
inspired dress would be a fun fit into what I'm loving.

There you have it! What is your favorite piece that I picked out
or your favorite Topshop piece in general right now?

Happy Wednesday!