Summer to Fall

{shirt, jeans, shoes, bag, wallet, lip gloss, sunglasses, Julep color}
With Fall approaching, I thought it would be fun to throw together the ideal fall outfit! As a 
full on lover of stripes, I knew the look had to have that key piece and I also wanted
everything to have the colors of fall tied in. How amazing is the green handbag?? 

Julep recently contacted me to showcase one of their fall nail colors and I jumped at the chance.
I love painting my nails darker in the fall and winter and the Roc Solid color
was what caught my eye. I love how the whole outfit was inspired by the nail color.
Here are some of their other fall colors and the best way to transition your summer 
nail colors to fall! Let's bring on the pants, booties and sweater season! 

Best Coffee Table Books

{1, 2, 3}

I firmly believe that a coffee table is nothing without some great coffee table books and a couple
of magazines, preferably one fashion related and one on pop culture. 
( I like InStyle and People)

Humans of New York and Alexa Chung's It are two that me and my roommate have on our
coffee table and the Emerald one is absolutely beautiful and would really pop. I
think the books should be colorful but also based on something you're interested in.
If you like gems, choose Emerald. If you like fashion, choose IT. And if you like
photography and stories about everyday people, choose HONY.
I think they are great investments and also something that your guests can pick up and
flip through. 

What are your favorite coffee table books?

Strolling So Casually

{dress-older urban outfitters, I like this one, bag-vintage Dooney & Burke}
{title from the song Rather Be by Clean Bandit}

I went downtown for brunch this weekend and fully planned on taking pictures there
but ended up driving by this wall which screamed "PICK ME!" Who am I to argue with a 
 wall that is painted in the coolest way?

It was blazing hot when I wore this and there was some crazy humidity in the air so
having something with no sleeves and a rather open back was ideal. I also felt
like I was way too dressed up for brunch but didn't mind all too much. :)

This was also the day the UA played Cal in football and let me just say, I had given up on 
my school by the first half and I regret that very much. There was nothing cooler though
then walking down 4th ave. watching the final seconds of the game and seeing Austin Hill
catch that hail mary. All of a sudden you're friends with strangers, everyone is high-fiving,
and there is this tangible joy in the air. 

Needless to say, it was one of those college moments I'll never forget.

When it Rains


I used to watch this video at my Grammie's house when I was younger-- name unknown--
but the opening scene was of rain. It was a British video and I believe it had something to
do with a rabbit but the part that always caught my attention was the opening. 

Soft piano music plays in the background, rain is falling on the leaves and there is a 
soft pitter-patter of raindrops falling off flowers and leaving them glistening. 
For some reason that image has stayed with me all my life and every time it rains,
it brings me back to that comforting feeling I always had when watching that video.
It's as if all is right and quiet with the world. 

Right now my street is flooded, there is a leak in my roommates room that I just put a pot under,
there is another leak in the laundry room, and I'm watching small cars pummel through
the river otherwise known as our street. 

This is one of the things that I will miss. 
Oh Tucson and your monsoons. It never just rains here. It pours. 
(and subsequently floods)

*written a little while ago but I wanted to document the moment

Urban Style

I love all of the different types of brick in this city. Growing up in California you don't
see much brick because of earthquakes. I've grown quite fond of it while living in Arizona and I hope to have a brick house someday of my own.  The UA campus and its old brick buildings 
are one of the main things that drew me here in the first place. 

There's an amazing coffee shop (my dad's favorite when he visits) on 6th Avenue called Exo 
and the building is made out of my favorite type of brick. I knew I wanted to take some
photos there eventually and this outfit seemed to be the perfect fit. I really like the last photo
as well because of the contrast between the green grass and the graffiti with its broken bricks and
colorful display.

But mostly, this outfit is incredibly comfortable. You can't beat that!

{here's the facts: shirt, skirt, shoes-similar, bag

Plaid & Simple

{1, 2, 3, 4}

I absolutely love plaid. (Remember this post?) I have been watching Outlander 
and all of the plaid on the kilts has me wishing for those plaid loafers or that
perfectly adorable dress. Or, you know, all the above. :) 
Maybe I'll add those loafers to my Christmas list early. 

I thought this post would also be appropriate with Scotland voting for independence
right now. I have yet to go to Scotland but it is on the top my list of places to go 
the next time I'm across the pond. I would love to see the Highlands and 
and revel in the culture. 

Are you a fan of plaid? Have you been to Scotland?

My NYFW Spring '15 Favorites

 I was blown away by so many of the collections from the past two weeks at NYFW. 
There were 1960's/70's influences everywhere and so many pieces that I would love
to wear right away. I'm not a huge fan of clothes being unapproachable and this season,
they were anything but! 

I pulled together some of my favorite outfits from a couple of shows below!
Do you like them as well? What was your favorite collection?

 {DVF. That gingham with the floral lace makes my heart skip a beat. It's
the perfect picnic dress!}

{ I can see this Monique Lhuillier dress being worn by Chloe Grace Moretz during award season. The tea length skirt exaggeration and tight bodice are stunning and would be perfect on a younger actor!}

 {I would wear this Michael Kors number immediately. The navy with the yellow and green flowers + the design of  it makes me want to stroll through the Paris streets!}
 {This is also Michael Kors (his entire collection was stunning) and this is such a unique twist
on the midi skirt! It's sheer but you wear a long t-shirt dress underneath and it still remains classy!}

{How fun would this be on the red carpet?? I really hope someone wears this Christian Siriano 
dress and does a little twirl. The fringe is amazing!!}

Thoughts? Which one's your favorite?

The Main Point

Yesterday I went to church alone. Normally I am ok with doing things on my own such as movies,
eating out etc. but church felt different. I associate church with community and togetherness
and having just started going to this church, it originally felt awkward to sit by myself. 
But then the music started and my favorite song, Oh, How I Need You, came on and everything
was still. 

I was ok. 

It was like God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Stop worrying and fretting! You're
fine. Sit and allow the worship to calm you and give it all up." So I did. 
And I have to say, it was a nice experience. I definitely still prefer to go with friends but
now, if the need arises, I can be still on my own. 
And maybe that was the whole point. 

Here's the song if you haven't heard it!


When I wear white, I go all out. This shirt is from Gap and is so cozy. The little peplum
bottom is subtle and adds a little bit to an otherwise white tank.
I really like being rebellious sometimes and wear white immediately after Labor Day.

 (messy hair, don't care)
 I hope you appreciate how messy my hair is in all of these shots. It was monsoon-y all day
and the humidity was out of control. Also, just so you don't think I'm a natural at taking these
photos (because you totally were...), the shot below is one of the many photos taken that day
that should never see the light of day.

You're welcome. 
Also it looks like he is shooting me.

Would you wear all white after Labor Day?

{here's the facts: shirt, pants- similar, necklace- Tucson gem show, shoes-similar}