Style Crush// Jamie Chung

Have you guys witnessed the amazing style of Jamie Chung yet?? I ran across the second to last picture of her outfit she wore to Coachella this past weekend and it stopped me in my tracks. So classy! Yet still so fun! Basically it's my dream music festival outfit. I would probably look like I was going to a business meeting wearing a long pencil skirt like that but she totally pulls it off. 

Can I have her closet?? I would wear all of the above in a heartbeat. She even has an amazing style blog called, WHAT THE CHUNG? that you should check out. She seems down to earth and fun too which is an added bonus to her spot-on style.

Also, side-note but doesn't it seem like an influx of celebrities are starting fashion/lifestyle blogs? Julianne Hough just started one and who knows who's next!

 Who is your current style inspiration?
And happy Friday! Have a fantastic weekend! I'm going to UC Davis' Picnic Day and on Sunday my town is having an antique fair!! Can't wait for both!

The Highlight Reels

I was reading the She Reads Truth Monday devotional post all about seeking and they wrote something that made me sit up and think. In the first paragraph they talk about a characters epiphany in a movie. You know the one when they realize how they've been living their life all wrong/their best guy friend is actually the love of their life/how they need to take THAT job, the one they've been avoiding/ etc. etc. etc. All the cliche epiphany's. 

But I do love that part in the movies. I love when we've been sitting there for an hour watching his/her life build up to one moment and when it's just about to happen, I often find myself grinning and giddy. Even when it has nothing to do with my life, watching someone's life pan out, even a fictional life, is exhilarating and worth watching. Is she going to get the guy? Is the guy going to realize that she's "the one"? Will the company finally realize his/her potential?  Will she leave everything and pursue the dream?

Sometimes it seems nice to have a short story like in movies. To have a clear beginning, middle and end all wrapped into 2 hours and the character has all their questions answered. But then I realize I like the nitty gritty of daily life. Movies don't show daily life. They show the highlight reel of a characters life. We all get those highlight reels every once in a while, but then we also have the bits that would never make it into a movie because, let's be real, they aren't often that entertaining.

I feel like I am right at my epiphany. Or at least I hope I am. ;) And this is just one epiphany of many! I want this section of my life to be jam packed with fun highlight reels (with the occasional boring bits) and I want to take the leap. I'm not sure what "the leap" is yet, but I'm sure it'll be exciting and terrifying, as most leaps are. 

Just curious, what have been some of the highlight reels in your life? Those moments that stand out as greater somehow?

Why Knot {take a trip to Berkeley}

Everybody's Working for the Weekend {links}


Hey there!
I'm currently in Berkeley enjoying some time with friends and pretending I'm back in college. There have been some fun things I've run across the internet this week so I thought I would share my favorites. Follow along on my INSTAGRAM and TWITTER for some pictures of my weekend! 

THIS MAN'S VOICE is so beautiful. I'm so excited to hear him live in August.

THIS made my LOL (literally). Jon Snow has always and forever will be my favorite GoT character.

THIS post by Chelsea from The Financial Diet was so interesting and thought-provoking (and also written in a slightly humorous tone).

Oh how I want THIS SHIRT.

Will someone make me THIS DRINK?? And while we are on Wit & Delight (an amazing blog!) you should check out THIS POST on sisterly love. It's SO true.

Have you ever cooked Kielbasa before? I made THIS RECIPE the other night for my family and we devoured it! Also, it was crazy easy to make. 

Have a serious case of wanderlust?? Check out my SISTER'S BLOG and take a look at her amazing pictures. I wish I could fly out there right now and visit!

Did ya'll know that authors are writing modern re-tellings of Jane Austen classics? I recently found out and have been reading the retelling of Northanger Abbey. It's not as good as the original (Obviously, they never are) but it's still fun! HERE IS the newest one!

Have a great weekend!! :)

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Mood Board

Blue Hues

dress, tassel, clock, shoes, earrings, polish, bag, tank, candle, suit, print, book, bottle, dress 2

Clearly I've got a 50 shades of blue situation going on here. Blue is supposed to be one of the most calming colors which is why so many companies paint their walls blue and I totally get it. There's something earthy yet tropical about the color that makes me take a deep breath and wish I was on a beach somewhere. Most of these items are under $100 (score!) and then some are definitely on the splurge end of things. But those shoes!! I have absolutely no reason to buy those Vince Camuto beauties but I so wish I did. 

Every spring/summer I paint my toes blue and keep them that way for the entire season. I've been doing this since I was younger and for me it's the sign for barefoot season. I really don't like painting them any other color during this time because for me, it's a celebratory color. Blue or nothin'. I'm eyeing that light blue Butter color for my next pedicure.
Do you have a go-to nail color? 

Have a happy Wednesday! Go out and buy something blue. :)

The Easter Dress

As you can see, I recently splurged on a new Kate Spade bag. Remember how I've been obsessively talking about my first adult purchase and how I would love for it to be a Kate Spade bag? Well I saved up my pennies and received this beauty just last week. I love it's light spring color!

 Happy Easter from me and my sister!

Now let's talk about my Easter DRESS. I recently picked this beauty up from Nordstrom in the TopShop section. Guys. Everything in the Topshop section of Nordstrom is AMAZING. I'm not usually someone who likes exposed backs but I thought this one was so classy and subtle that I couldn't pass it up. It ended up raining on Easter (classic California, we are in the worst drought ever yet it decides to rain on Easter of all days) so I paired it with my leather jacket from Target (purchased a while back) and I loved the biker-girly looked it created. 

Last month when my family had a big family dinner, I was not in the best place and ended up feeling down the entire time. Even my little cousins noticed and were all, "What the heck is wrong with you? Is something wrong?" But yesterday I felt hopeful and was able to enjoy myself and talk with the people I love. Maybe it was the power of the dress... ;)

I hope your Easter was filled with joy and hope for the rest of the year!

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When you're in your 20's, it seems like you are never in one place for too long. Everyone I went to college with has plans of moving either for grad school or they are moving back home. I already made that jump since I graduated in December and still I felt unsettled. I let my pictures remain pushed up against the wall instead of hung, I didn't buy actual bedding for my bed which consisted of a duvet and no cover, and I was content letting everything sit just as it was when no one was living in this room. 

But for me, and maybe you're like this too, nesting and making a place unique and fit for you, is an important step in accepting where you currently are. I wasn't rushed to fix my room up to how I wanted it because I felt like I was going to be leaving soon, so why even bother? But therein lies the problem. Nesting forces us to move in our belongings and make space. It requires that we open up our mind to the idea that we never know how long a stage will last so we might as well get comfortable.  

I recently hung up my pictures, rearranged by bookshelves and bought the duvet cover because gosh darnit, I'm here now and I'm going to make the best of it. There's no reason my room has to look like a shell of a place while I'm living in it!

And maybe it's April and maybe I'm a sucker for new beginnings and fresh starts but every month I feel my heart get a little lighter at the thought that we have a new month ahead of us with unknown adventures, people, and hopefully some new plans.

Have a happy Easter! This Easter I am thanking the Lord for His grace because lately he has been extending quite a bit to me even when I don't deserve it.

Indiana Jones Style

When I stepped out of the car wearing this outfit my friends reaction was, "You look like a female Indiana Jones!" It must be the hat and the leather running throughout the outfit so I ran with it and voila, it's the title of this post now :)

I stole these shoes from my mom's closet and have worn them for pretty much everything since I found them. I also got this dress out of my sisters closet and have kept it in mine since she left for Italy (thanks Col!). I'm really good at borrowing other people's clothes... ;)

This area of town is my favorite because of its tree-lined streets and quaint homes. My parents always talk about retiring in the neighborhood and I 100& think they should. I'm all for cozy little homes and bonus points if they have cottage windows. 

I picked up this hat at a little boutique in Folsom called Southern Kissed and the color was what caught my eye. It's such a pretty emerald shade that I couldn't resist. The rest of the outfit is borrowed (as I mentioned) or older. The dress is from Old Navy a while back and I think everyone should own a simple, classic dress like this. It's one of my favorites to throw on when I need a good & comfortable go-to outfit. THIS ONE has a similar fit. (Also, PSA: all of Old Navy's dresses are on sale right now!!!)

I couldn't find a hat exactly similar to mine but Topshop has their classic Fedora at Nordstrom HERE and it's pretty great.

Have a lovely Wednesday! Oh yeah, and IT'S FINALLY APRIL!!! (leaps for joy and does three almost cartwheels)

Why Knot {Listen}

top tracks

1. Hold Back the River- James Bay
2. Unclear- Kodaline
3. Agape- Bear's Den
4. Future/ Past- John Mark McMillan
5. Sugar- Maroon 5
7. Budapest- George Ezra
8. Work Song- Hozier
9. She Lit a Fire- Lord Huron
10. Shut Up and Dance- Walk the Moon
11. Sweet Virginia- The Rolling Stones

I always like seeing what people are listening to so I can get exposed to new bands and new songs, so I thought I would share a little of my favorite songs of the moment. :) (If you hover over the song title it will take you to the YouTube page. )

Happy Monday!