So it's been two weeks...

 In some ways, it feels like I've been here two weeks and in other ways it feels like I've been here way longer. I've packed my days with adventures and the desire to meet new people and also try out as many new things as possible. I know once school starts my reality will be quite a bit different, but for now I am trying to soak up all that Portland has to offer. 

There is something about this move that is entirely affirming. Every day I wake up entirely unsure of what is going to happen but 100% sure I will enjoy the day. God has placed me in this city, with these people and this speech program for a reason. I know and feel confident in this because a) I didn't get in anywhere else so there really wasn't much of a decision on my part and b) there's always been a magnetic pull pushing me towards the Pacific Northwest. 

Every time I meet someone and they ask me why I moved up here, instead of jumping to "Oh, I'm getting my masters here" (which, by the way, still a crazy thing for me to say!) I usually feel more inclined to say, "It always felt like I would end up here at some point. This feels like home." 

And it's true. 

Sure, I haven't experienced the winter yet and I'm sure there are some debbie downers out there who are waiting for the emotional rain posts, but within these two weeks, I have never felt more at ease. And do you want to know what excites me the most? Everyone I've met says it only gets better. I'll only fall more in love. That's a pretty neat thing to hear when you just moved to a new place. 

I have no doubt that there will be hard times to come but that's all part of the process. Every day I thank God that He placed me here surrounded by these people and these trees. He has blessed me tremendously. Every time I see Mount Hood I call it a little present. It honestly feels like one. My heart beats a little faster and I get the butterflies in my stomach like I just ran into the guy I like. It seems silly because it's a mountain but it's little (or technically, big, in this case) gifts like Mount Hood and the feeling of awe associated with it that remind me I'm exactly where I need to be.

And that's the ultimate gift. 

Saturday Morning Farmers Market

 Portland is incredible in so many ways but one of the coolest things are the farmers market's every day of the week throughout the city. The one closet to my apartment happens to be at the Portland State campus and so we decided to explore this past weekend!

There was folk music everywhere, which made my heart very happy. These guys were awesome.

 I have to actively stop myself from eating Pinestate Biscuits constantly. I've been on a biscuit kick lately and these guys have the best ones.

Everything is currently lavender flavored in the city. From the ice cream to the coffee, it's every where. I, for one, have no problem with that because I've been on a lavender kick for a couple years now so I'm soaking it all up. I picked up some dried lavender at one of the stands and can't wait to hang it up.

I wore my favorite combo of stripes and flowers with my new Stella & Dot necklace and I felt very Portland-y. The Portland State campus has brick and trees everywhere so it was a prime spot to snap a few pics. 

I can't wait to make the farmers market a consistent event and to get all of my produce there. I was eyeing the heirloom tomatoes pretty intensely. ;) I sense a caprese salad in my future! 

Hope you had a great weekend!! What did you explore?

Crossed off the List

See Mumford & Sons in concert

Sky dive

Road trip up the California coast

Get into graduate school

Go to a major music festival

Go to a film festival

Find fulfillment in my career

Visit Alaska and Canada

Drive cross country (and not get sick)

Listen to someone's life story

Visit Charleston

Learn some southern hospitality

Live in the south for some time.

Live in Europe for some time

Learn to be a better cook

Fall in love and get married

Mission trip to Africa or wherever I'm called

Earn my degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences

Live in a "big" city

Find happiness everywhere

Put a smile on someone's face everyday

Help a complete stranger 

Travel to London

Study Abroad

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Visit Niagara Falls

Ice skate in Rockefeller Center

Travel to Australia

Visit the Grand Canyon

Visit Prince Edward Island

Travel to Ireland

to be continued...
One of my favorite things to do is to cross off items on any kind of list I've made. It makes matters even better when I'm crossing off items on my life goals list! The list above is in my Life Goals page but I thought it would help to show it above before I explain which ones I've recently crossed off. :)
First off:
I finally saw Mumford & Sons in concert!! It was unlike anything I've ever experienced and I doubt I'll ever be able to top that kind of concert experience again. I was jumping up and down, screaming the lyrics and waves of nostalgia washed over me as I relived some high school moments. It was such an incredible moment and everyone deserves to see them live someday. 
I don't know how I didn't cross this one off earlier but somehow it slipped past me! This one is a biggie as it made me move to my current city of Portland! Everything about this school and this city feels right and each day that I'm here makes me more and more sure of that. I'm constantly in awe of Oregon's beauty and I can't wait to experience more and more. 
I moved to a pretty big city!! It's not New York, San Francisco or Chicago, but it's my kind of city. It's the perfect size, has the best food and drinks and there is nature all around. I never feel trapped with all of the thousands of trees around and the Colombia River Gorge a quick 30 minute drive away. Also can I talk about the people I've met so far!!? They are incredible! And the pace of the city can't be beat. This is a slow city on the weekends and every where you go, even waiting in line, people aren't feeling too rushed. 
Do you keep some kind of bucket list? It's so fun to set goals, even lofty ones, and watch as you cross one off. :)

Hey there!

Hi. Hello. Is this thing on? 

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (if not, why {k}not start now??), then you may not 
know that I moved to Portland, Oregon a week ago! Today is my one week anniversary! You best believe it will be spent drinking some kind of delicious coffee or craft beer! ;)

I've missed this space to vent my thoughts and share pretty things so very much! But in July, it just wasn't cut out for me. My mind was elsewhere and I wanted to soak up as much home and family time as I could. That month and a half off was preeeeeetty nice. I was able to recharge and figure out what direction I want this little ole blog to take. 

So! I am turning this blog into an adventure blog! I will chronicle my days that will consist of grad school among other things like walks through the many parks of Portland, the beautiful coffee shops, the amazing food places etc. etc. All of this is a secret, but not so secret, ploy to get all of my loved ones up here with me. ;)

Already, within a week, I have explored so much and I can't wait to share it all with you! I've made new friends, decorated my apartment (pics soon I promise!!), and done every cliche thing of Portland. This new move felt so right and like I had just been waiting to get up north all of my life. (#sappy) But it's true! 

And I can't wait to share it all with YOU! 

SO! Any suggestions? What is your favorite thing about Portland? Making a trip up here? Come see me!! 

Dang it feels good to be back! :)

day dream with me

day dreaming

I've decided that I'm not purchasing anything until I am happily moved into Portland so I can spend more money on fun things for the new apartment, but a girl can still dream! This list is a hodge-podge of sorts filled with little things that make my heart beat a little faster.

1. If you are in need for the perfect throw-on dress that still makes you look put together, look no further. THIS blue and white beauty is calling all of our names! You could even use it as a cute cover-up!!

2. I love THIS planner from One of my biggest pet peeves is when you're asking someone how they've been and they respond, "I've just been sooo busy!" To which I always want to respond, "Oh are you??" (in my best Kristen Wiig voice...obviously) I'm  not a fan of people assuming their busy is more busy than your busy. WE ARE ALL BUSY! ok, rant over. So use this planner for irony and laughs only please. :)

3. Moving ooooon, another blue and white ITEM. Because of course.

4. Same as 4 but this one's a PILLOW so it's different. Also this throw pillow would look great inside or out.

5. How beautiful are THOSE gem hair barrettes? I maaaaay need to pick up one of those as my hair is growing out.

6. Can I have THIS dress in my closet please? Perfect for a cute going-out dress or just a day dress. The options are endless!!

7. Putting this in another post because everyone should read THIS book pronto!

What are you day dreaming about?

Why Knot {Read}: Scary Close

I don't consider myself an overly stubborn person, but I definitely have some stubborn tendencies. The most recent example of this was when my sister told me I NEEDED to read Scary Close and instead of getting right on that, I let it sit just to prove I didn't NEED to read it. When I wanted to read it, I would. (Yeah, obnoxious.)

Once I finally told myself I was being ridiculous, I picked up the book and finished it in 3 days. Guys. It was SO good. Donald Miller has a way of writing that doesn't sound judgmental but instead sheds light on his flaws and all of our flaws when dealing with relationships. I love how he has examples of the bad things he's done in relationships and why he knew he needed to change his ways. He wasn't saying. "I'm a perfect person and these are the steps you need to take to become like me..." 

Far from it.

None of us need books telling us we are horrible people or living our lives all wrong. But I think we all need books and people telling us how to better improve our lives and the relationships we foster.

Scary Close is one of those books that makes you want to take notes, share with all your friends and pass around like a special token. The whole book leads up to his wedding to his now wife and how he worked on being the best man he could be for their marriage. The whole time I kept wanting to see what he and Betsy looked like at their wedding and how everything panned out. The good news is, the wedding pictures are on his website to be viewed at any time and they. are. beautiful. 

If you are in need of a good book that will enlighten you and push you to be the best version of yourself, I recommend Scary Close. You can buy it on Amazon HERE or through your online retailer if you have a Nook or a Kindle. :)

Happy Reading!!


I think it's truly unfair how little time we have to fully appreciate our sisters once you reach an age where you actually want to spend time with them. In high school, you take that time for granted and then, as the oldest, I was the first to move away and miss out on how great they were becoming. Now all three of us are rarely all together but when we are, it's really the best.

My sisters and I are all at ages where we look up to to each other equally, root each other on, and rarely fight. It's cheesy to say but I think we might be at the golden age of sisterhood. (Now all I can think about is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...) I enjoy spending time with my sisters and see them more as live-in friends these days. 

One of the major blessings in my life lately has been these several months of getting to know my youngest sister at her current age. I was away at school for most of her high school years and missed a lot of her recent development. Being home with her now has been such a blast and she is one of the wisest and funniest people I know. I will never take for granted this time at home where I've gotten to truly know my sister. 

Because of how close my sisters and I have become, saying good-bye all the time is getting increasingly more difficult. My mom and I drove to Yosemite and back last week to drop off my middle sister for the summer so she can change kids' lives as a camp counselor for 2.5 months. On the drive home we were reflecting on how the last three weeks since she got home from studying abroad were the last few weeks of our family ever living under one roof for a significant amount of time again. It's sad but also exciting so think how each of us is growing and creating a life even if it means we will be separated more than reunited majority of the time. 

God had a genius moment when he decided siblings would be a good idea.

Hope you have a great Wednesday and go hug your sister/brother!

The Bathroom Reveal


Remember when I showed the wallpaper plans for the downstairs bathroom renovation in THIS post? Well, we finished the bathroom about a month and a half ago yet I never got around to taking pictures of the finished product! I'm really proud of how it turned out considering how skeptical my mom was of the wallpaper at first. We were originally going to wallpaper the whole bathroom in the marble print but realized that would be a little much considering how small the bathroom is and how little light is present. Instead, we spent quite a bit of time going over the perfect grey color to compliment the marble for the back wall and I think it helps make the marble standout while also not making it seem like it's too much. 

One of the favorite parts of the room and the one that was the most recent addition was the distressed shelf. We wanted the room to be modern but also fit in with the rest of the house, which is more French Country. I scoured the internet for quite a while to find the perfect shelf and I found the right one on Etsy in the Blue Ridge Sawdust shop! Check them out HERE! They did such a nice job and the color of the shelf is completely customizable. 

To complete the shelf, my mom and I went to the Sutter St. Vintage Fair and we picked up all three of the frames for super cheap. We then went to our favorite store on Sutter St., Roost, and picked up the gold candle. We got the succulents, the little yellow vase and the "H" book at one of our favorite boutiques in Truckee! 

One of my favorite pieces though, is the frame of my grandma and grandpa taken outside a bar in Berkeley. They are so young and are looking at each other in the sweetest way. I loved being able to add such a loving touch to the room. 

And that's it! It was such a fun project but definitely not something I could do all the time. I commend all of you interior decorators out there!! 

All photos by Scott Allison Films

Here's the facts// wallpaper, candle, shelf. The rest was picked up at little boutiques!

Shades of Blue

Lately, I only want to purchase things in shades of blue. Blues are taking over my closet and I'm more than ok with it. This silk cami is from The Loft during one of their crazy 40% off sales and I saw that Kaitlyn from the Bachelorette wore it on the show last week! My mom picked it up in a darker blue shade as well because it's so easy to dress up or down. I also got the skirt from The Loft for grad school! I thought it was a fun twist on the pencil skirt. :)

Also, can we have an honesty moment here? 

I have no idea what direction I want this blog to take. I'm tired of feeling pressured to shop and save money (because honestly, I shouldn't be shopping at all but I do love to shop). I'd love to switch up the content on here a bit but I'm not sure what I want to write about and what you'd like to read! I have a few ideas up in the air that I'll maybe play around with but it may take some time. 

I miss being consistent on here but when life gets crazy, this blog definitely gets put on the back burner. There are lots of big changes going on in the next couple of months so maybe we should all sit back and just wait for me to process those on here. ;) You know I'm going to anyways... I always have allllll the thoughts during big and small life changes. 

So stick with me and we'll explore the next chapter together. :)