Urban Style

I love all of the different types of brick in this city. Growing up in California you don't
see much brick because of earthquakes. I've grown quite fond of it while living in Arizona and I hope to have a brick house someday of my own.  The UA campus and its old brick buildings 
are one of the main things that drew me here in the first place. 

There's an amazing coffee shop (my dad's favorite when he visits) on 6th Avenue called Exo 
and the building is made out of my favorite type of brick. I knew I wanted to take some
photos there eventually and this outfit seemed to be the perfect fit. I really like the last photo
as well because of the contrast between the green grass and the graffiti with its broken bricks and
colorful display.

But mostly, this outfit is incredibly comfortable. You can't beat that!

{here's the facts: shirt, skirt, shoes-similar, bag

Plaid & Simple

{1, 2, 3, 4}

I absolutely love plaid. (Remember this post?) I have been watching Outlander 
and all of the plaid on the kilts has me wishing for those plaid loafers or that
perfectly adorable dress. Or, you know, all the above. :) 
Maybe I'll add those loafers to my Christmas list early. 

I thought this post would also be appropriate with Scotland voting for independence
right now. I have yet to go to Scotland but it is on the top my list of places to go 
the next time I'm across the pond. I would love to see the Highlands and 
and revel in the culture. 

Are you a fan of plaid? Have you been to Scotland?

My NYFW Spring '15 Favorites

 I was blown away by so many of the collections from the past two weeks at NYFW. 
There were 1960's/70's influences everywhere and so many pieces that I would love
to wear right away. I'm not a huge fan of clothes being unapproachable and this season,
they were anything but! 

I pulled together some of my favorite outfits from a couple of shows below!
Do you like them as well? What was your favorite collection?

 {DVF. That gingham with the floral lace makes my heart skip a beat. It's
the perfect picnic dress!}

{ I can see this Monique Lhuillier dress being worn by Chloe Grace Moretz during award season. The tea length skirt exaggeration and tight bodice are stunning and would be perfect on a younger actor!}

 {I would wear this Michael Kors number immediately. The navy with the yellow and green flowers + the design of  it makes me want to stroll through the Paris streets!}
 {This is also Michael Kors (his entire collection was stunning) and this is such a unique twist
on the midi skirt! It's sheer but you wear a long t-shirt dress underneath and it still remains classy!}

{How fun would this be on the red carpet?? I really hope someone wears this Christian Siriano 
dress and does a little twirl. The fringe is amazing!!}

Thoughts? Which one's your favorite?

The Main Point

Yesterday I went to church alone. Normally I am ok with doing things on my own such as movies,
eating out etc. but church felt different. I associate church with community and togetherness
and having just started going to this church, it originally felt awkward to sit by myself. 
But then the music started and my favorite song, Oh, How I Need You, came on and everything
was still. 

I was ok. 

It was like God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Stop worrying and fretting! You're
fine. Sit and allow the worship to calm you and give it all up." So I did. 
And I have to say, it was a nice experience. I definitely still prefer to go with friends but
now, if the need arises, I can be still on my own. 
And maybe that was the whole point. 

Here's the song if you haven't heard it!


When I wear white, I go all out. This shirt is from Gap and is so cozy. The little peplum
bottom is subtle and adds a little bit to an otherwise white tank.
I really like being rebellious sometimes and wear white immediately after Labor Day.

 (messy hair, don't care)
 I hope you appreciate how messy my hair is in all of these shots. It was monsoon-y all day
and the humidity was out of control. Also, just so you don't think I'm a natural at taking these
photos (because you totally were...), the shot below is one of the many photos taken that day
that should never see the light of day.

You're welcome. 
Also it looks like he is shooting me.

Would you wear all white after Labor Day?

{here's the facts: shirt, pants- similar, necklace- Tucson gem show, shoes-similar}

The Spending Freeze


Before I say anything, there is a tumblr (HERE) that is all stripes and I think I may have died and gone to heaven. It. Is. Divine! 

And moving on!

I've decided something pretty big. I am not going to buy any article of clothing for myself
until I graduate. I know...

I'm one of those people who loves shopping and uses it as a great pick-me-up. 
Especially when I am here in Tucson, I shop quite a bit because I use the excuses like "Ugh it's so hot and I have nothing to wear for this weather!" or "I just need one more tank top because that's all I can wear!!" (so melodramatic) 

But I'm taking a vow. You know all those bloggers doing capsule collections? Well I'm kind of going to do that but with everything I already own. This is going to be hard but I know I am going to want 
my money to go towards food and going out with friends this semester and not wasting it
all on new clothes. 

Phew. I can't believe I'm actually making a post about this and am going to do it.
But there it is. It's decided. 
No shopping for me. 

Have you done something similar before??

Wanna Get Away- Flagstaff

 Over Labor Day weekend, me and my roommate headed up to Flagstaff to visit two of our friends for a lovely little getaway. There was cooler weather, a trip to a country fair, some coffee shop homework time, and we went out in downtown Flagstaff. Besides the 5 hour drive to get up there (it should take about 3-3.5) because of insane traffic and Monica and I losing our minds halfway through, it was all a perfect introduction into Fall.

What a cotton candy sky!! 
Every time I'm in Flagstaff it feels a little like home with those big ole pine trees. :)

Keep on Keeping On


We are now two weeks into school over here in the old pueblo! 
I'm not lying when I say it has been busy, busy, busy here. Just last night was the first time
I sat down on the couch to watch a show (hi Fixer Upper!) in about a week. 
Between starting to organize grad school apps, my five demanding classes,
the two labs I'm working in and also maintaining somewhat of a social life, I
am scramblin'. But I'm also optimistic. I am working towards multiple goals
and really want to be as productive as possible. 

I think it can become really easy to get bogged down with all of the to-do's
and then fall into a rut. Or something I tend to do when I have to much on the list
is to put everything off and procrastinate. ;) Everyday I've been working on little goals
and things that need to be completed and I also created a due date list so I can
see all of the upcoming weekly due dates right in front of me. I also just bought a new
planner that is smaller than my original one because my backpack is getting too heavy and 
I need my planner. (Can I get an amen?) 

I love this quote so much because it's a great reminder. Maybe you needed a reminder 
to keep on keeping on like I did. :) What are some ways that you motivate yourself
and get all your to-do's done??

Wanna Get Away- Napa

 A couple weekends ago my parents treated me to a little weekend getaway to do my 
first American wine tasting. I find it absolutely amazing how close this gorgeous
place is to where I live and how, despite the drought, everything felt very much alive.

We went to several different wineries including Bennett Lane, Stonestreet, Coppola,
Frick, and Del Dotto to name a few. I absolutely loved all of the places we stopped 
and how unique they all were. We also stopped at this store called Jimtown and they 
had an amazing mint melon salad.

 How adorable are they???
We had a pretty nasty scare early that Sunday morning though at around 3:30 am when we were
abruptly awaken by a 6.1 earthquake. This was the largest earthquake I have ever felt
and the largest in Northern California for 25 years, but I also find it kind of funny that it happened in 
my little two weeks of being home. We are all ok and the town of Napa will rebuild what
was damaged but I think it gave everyone a little scare. I was pretty jittery afterwards.

Sometimes God gives us a little (kind of big) shake to help us reevaluate some things
and take a look at how blessed we all are. I just didn't expect it to be a literal shake...
in the middle of the night...  ;)

Don't forget to hug your loved ones and have a great Wednesday!!