The Perfect Tote

The Tote

One thing I would love for my 22nd birthday (I know, I know, it's only October and my birthday is in January! Blame the spending freeze!) is a classic and well-made tote bag.  I thought
putting together a little collage would be a fun way to shop around and also
day dream about which one I want. ;) I love the Michael Kors totes because they come in 
so many colors but the Gigi one is also great! And don't even get me started on that Bien tote!
I don't think it would be totally appropriate for grad school but I love it regardless. 

Do you have a favorite place for tote bags?
I would love any and all suggestions!

Playing Catch-Up

 I saw this on Michaela's blog this morning and really wanted to join along, so yes, there are 
two posts today! Yay Friday!

Making: Lots of flashcards and edits to my grad school applications. I have two big tests next week and a paper due plus the apps so staying organized is key!

Drinking: Obscene amounts of coffee and English Breakfast tea. Helllooo caffeine!
Wanting: A new tote bag for school! I have a post coming up next week with some of my favorites. :) But for now, the spending freeze continues!
Eating: I'm eating way too much Mexican food lately. I go on these weird food obsession kicks every once in a while and right now it's Mexican food from my favorite place. I have to get all the good Mexican while I'm still in the southwest!
Smelling: My holiday candles. One is vanilla and the other is pine. I know Halloween hasn't even happened yet but they soothe me.
Wishing: I'm wishing for my tests to go well next week and also that I get my letters of recommendation packets put together by the end of next week!
Enjoying: I've been loving the cooler mornings and evenings here. It still gets into the high 80's in the afternoons but it doesn't matter when it at least cools down. I'm also just enjoying Tucson and my final months here.
Loving: I'm loving everything from Anthropologie right now. I also love the book, Calm My Anxious Heart. I don't think there could possibly be a better book for me haha!
Hoping: That the weather drops down into the 70's soon! I really want some cooler weather so I can start wearing sleeves and maybe a light jacket?
Needing: To get moving! I have to get my day going! (#procrastination)
Feeling: I am feeling very hopeful. I am content with my major, the grad schools I'm applying to, and I'm excited for the future!
Wearing: I'm currently wearing more professional clothes because I have some research testing to do this morning!
Bookmarking: I've been bookmarking all of the Christmas gift ideas I have for friends and family!!
Noticing: How much I miss Italy. I have a good friend (Hi, Valeria!!) who is in Orvieto right now and I am having some major envy! My sister is also going to be studying abroad in Italy next semester so I am bound to be jealous of the two of them for a while longer. Italy will always be a piece of home to me. 
If you want, you should tag along! 
Happy Friday!!

It's Feeling Like Fall


I definitely felt too trendy for the farm when I wore this. But every part of this outfit reminds
me of fall and it had to be worn to a farm. At least I was wearing closed-toe shoes! 
Whenever I go to a pumpkin patch it is nearly impossible to not pose with a pumpkin.
I couldn't choose which pumpkin I liked more so I posed with two! 

Have you been to a pumpkin patch yet?

Kindness Stories

This past weekend I had just finished volunteering at the folk festival in town and was on the 
phone with my mom when I decided to take a seat on the ground. I was fairly content just sitting
there in the shade but then a man did something so kind, it took me back a bit. 
The man came over to me with a chair and placed it right next to me and just smiled. I then
profusely thanked him and was awestruck by his simple act of kindness for the rest of the day.

I think the act of spreading kindness is incredibly important, especially when it's most 
difficult. Something I would love to start is to begin sharing stories of kindness. Whether it
be something you have done or something a stranger did, all types of kindness are important.
If you have a kindness story to share, please email me ( and I
would love to share it on here! 

Let's spread the kindness around!

A Farm in the Fall

Best frayns!

Agua Linda Farm (remember this post?) is on my list of happy places. This list includes places
such as Disneyland, Tahoe and Carmel and now, The Farm. There is something about a farm
in the fall with families all around, actual Pumpkin Spice Latte's (non of that Starbucks fake
stuff), Casper playing on a projection screen, and horses grazing nearby that just screams

Do you have a list of your happy places? These are the spots that instantly bring you peace
and feel a little like home.

One Shirt Three Ways

Outfit 1
This jean shirt is one of my favorite shirts because of its versatility. The outfit above is one of my classic go-to's because it's comfortable and the shorts add just enough pizazz with a plainer shirt.
Outfit 2
This is the same outfit from Monday! I love how it is the perfect fall look and it's almost
the time when I can wear this and not sweat like crazy! Yay!
Outfit 3
 This skirt is one of my favorite statement pieces that I own and it works perfectly with
the jean shirt. It's a girly outfit and also perfect for the summer to fall transition. When it
does start getting colder, you can switch out the sleevless chambray shirt with one that has
longer sleeves.

With my spending freeze in full force, I thought it would be fun to showcase one shirt three ways.
I've now reached the point where I am struggling to like my clothes much longer but that
might also be because I'm a little tired of wearing warm weather clothes.

But I can proudly say I have still not bought one article of clothing or jewelry since starting 
the spending freeze! Yay! 

Have a great Friday! Tucson has their annual Folk Festival this weekend and I'm going to
my favorite farm!! Any exciting plans for your weekend?

My Favorite Fall Shows

TV is back! TV is back!
 I wish I had a DVR so I could watch everything but alas, I am restricted to just a couple
of favorite shows that I consistently love. 

These are the shows that i love, love, love:
 I LOVE this show! I would definitely say I love it even more than Chicago Fire. I've been a 
Sophia Bush fan since One Tree Hill and then her good-looking partner is one of 
my favorite character plus I have learned I could never be a cop. I have so much respect
for cops (and I also have a deeply irrational fear of them). If you're not already watching
this show, please do so!

 This is the only new show I've invested some time in and I love it! I am a huge fan of Dave
Annabelle and Octavia Spencer plus all of the characters are incredibly endearing. I keep
recommending it to everyone I know (including you guys)!

 The original Chicago series show! (I'm still convinced there's going to be a Chicago MD)
This show has lost me a little bit plus I don't have time to watch it on Tuesdays anymore but
I still try to stay up-to-date as much as I can! I also deeply respect firefighters!!

I  know I'm waaaaaaay behind on the Parks & Rec train but wow, I don't know why I didn't start
this sooner. I am so obsessed with this show that I plan on being one of the characters for Halloween!
I just finished season 6 and don't know how I am supposed to wait until season 7 comes on!
Also, I AM Ben Wyatt. (Example 1: the irrational and paralyzing fear of cops)

What are your favorite shows? Any I should add to the list?

Fall Layers

So much sass.
 Even though it's a bit early to be wearing sweaters here (it was 95 degrees when I wore
this) I thought it would be fun to pretend and also maybe inspire an outfit for those of
you who are living in some fall weather! 

These photos were taken near one of my favorite boutques in Tucson, Bon.
They have the best paper goods in town! If you've ever received a card from me, it
was probably from Bon. Also, my roommate and I realized we are no longer totally uncomfortable
taking pictures in public. We used to get so self-conscious when people would walk by and now
we may even say hello as they pass by us giving strange glances! #growth

Also, I saw This Is Where I Leave You last night and loved it! I am a sucker for family dramas/
comedies (The Family Stone is one of my all time favorite movies) and I thought this one
was endearing and heartfelt. It has a crazy good cast as well! Have you seen it?

Have a lovely Monday!

DLBD {Darling Little Black Dress}

I'm starting something new. It's called the Darling Little Black Dress. I recently had the opportunity
to pick a dress from the amazing eShakti and the experience was truly
great. You put in all of your dimensions and you can even adjust the length of the frock
and then they send you the beautifully finished product.

This DLBD is going to be the perfect graduation/Christmas dress and it twirls like a dream. 
I love how unique and feminine it is! I added an Anthropologie studded belt 
to make it a bit fancier and then found the perfect purple wall to pose with. 
Also, please notice the tiny bows on the shoulders. It's bowfection... ok, I'm done.

If you're looking for a perfectly custom fitted outfit complete with wonderful customer
service and a speedy process, eShakti is for you! 
Use code "allienotsally" to get 10% off your purchase as well!
(valid from 9/23/14- 10/23/14)

Check out their FB, Pinterest and Instagram as well!