Back to School:: Let's Dress Up

To finish up the back to school posts, I'm showing you a dressier
school outfit!

I recently bought this dress for $20 at Urban Outfitters. They were having their sidewalk
sale where everything is 50% off for students and I went a little crazy. 
This dress is ridiculously comfortable and great for a night out or if you want to get fancy
for school!  And the shoes? Love them. I mean, they have bows. Done.
((I love dressing up for school but I definitely wouldn't wear the heels for school!
Just so you don't think I'm crazy.))

And now here's an outtake::

Have a great weekend!
I'm off to San Diego to move my sister into college. :)

{Here's the facts: dress (Urban Outfitters- similar) shoes (shoemint-no longer available) }

Back To School:: What's In My Backpack

To keep the back to school posts going, I thought I'd show you
what's in my backpack!

 First off, here's my backpack! My friend Kylie graciously modeled it for me. 
I think it works with my whole floral obsession. 

And here's what's inside::
 My classes are fairly spread apart this semester so at all times I will most
likely carry 2 notebooks, 1 binder, a textbook or two, my planner,
some notecards, my sunglasses and my regular glasses, my school ID, pens
and pencils plus a highlighter and some lip balm! 
Oh, and that adorable travel sticker kit featured above and below?
It's perfect for placing notes in books or my planner! I'd recommend one! 

And here's a close up! How adorable are those stickies?

What are your necessities for your backpack or what were your necessities?

Have a great Thursday!

Back to School:: Let's Study!

Ah, studying. I think everyone has tried to find the magic formula for perfect
studying habits that will guarantee A's and sometimes it feels like you've
found it, and other times it feels like all the methods you've used before are useless now.

While I have yet to find that perfect way to study, I have a few methods that I use
that really help keep me focused and productive!
So here they are::

1. Elbow Room. I am a big fan of spreading all my books and 
notebooks out on a large surface.I like elbow room and not 
feeling claustrophobic from all my books surrounding me. 
I have a desk in my room that I only use for storage because the kitchen table is my
ideal place to go when a large amount of homework or studying needs to be done.

2. Notecards. God's gift to students. There is something about writing down terms
that really makes it stick in my brain. Also there are online notecards that save trees!
This website is my favorite. 
Grab some fun highlighters and  go to town highlighting the terms as well! 
It'll stick in your brain easier!

3. A candle! This little cutie is from Anthropologie and it's small enough to not get 
in the way but also adds a nice relaxing feel to an otherwise stressful environment.
I am also a fan of the fake flickering candles. They set the mood without the 
fire hazard. :)

4. Music. I have several Pandora stations that are just for studying. ((Don't we all?))
My favorites are John Mayer, Bon Iver and the Avett Brothers. You want
something that is soothing and great background music or else it can become

My last words of advice would be to find a space that doesn't have a lot of 
wall art because if you're like me, you'll end up staring at the pretty pictures on the wall
and start daydreaming instead of getting to work. ((But that's not to say the room
should look like a mental instituiton. No thank you!))

School is back in session! Let's make it a successful year!!

{all photos found off Google}

Back to School:: First Day Outfit

Guys! I made my first GIF! That was ridiculously fun so expect more... probably too many.
I bought this dress from Urban Outfitters and it was love at first sight. The scallops?
It's so girly and the color is bright and happy. Perfect for the endless summer we get in
Tucson! I'm a fan of dresses for the first day of school because it shows you want to 
look nice for school but you're also comfortable! Unfortunately, yesterday decided to be
ridiculously humid and I was dying in this dress. I think it was the linen? I'll
have to save it for a full day someday soon. 

Also, remember Charley?? The little puppy from last year? Well, she's not such a puppy
anymore and she is the sassiest girl in all the land.

Hope your first day of school was wonderful, whenever it was! And if you aren't in 
school anymore, I hope your Monday was fantastic!

Back to School:: The First Day!

It's the first day of school!!! And while you may be feeling like this::

Let's act like this! Eager and really trying to make it on time for the first day!

((this part made me laugh so hard in Monsters University))

I have a whole list of back to school posts scheduled! 
So stay tuned!! And good luck for those in school!

Friday Inspiration

{I couldn't find who made this but I found it on Pinterest}

So, so true. But boy it is hard sometimes. 
I feel like this upcoming semester is a huge leap of faith in some ways.
And it all begins now because I am back in Tucson and Junior year starts
on Monday!!

Have a great weekend!!

All Around the Web

{a good ole Instagram shot from Santa Cruz to accompany these links}

  • Everybody's talking about Ashton (or should I say Chris') speech at the Teen Choice Awards here.  "I believe opportunity looks a lot like hard work."

  • Have you heard of Lorde? If not, The Everygirl just did a feature on her and you should check it out. ((I'm obsessed.)) Oh yeah, and she's 16. 

  • If you like Breaking Bad or Arrested Development, or both, then you should go here. 

  • Goodness how I love this Mumford & Sons video. HERE!

  • I love Carly's blog. You probably know Carly already but if not, go here and check out her blog.
Hope you enjoy those links!
I'm off to pack for school. It'll be a bit quiet around here for a few days 
while I get adjusted in Tucson. Wish me luck!!

Let's Talk:: Following the Rules

I was reading Carly's blog on The Supposed Tos and it really got me thinking. So this is 
my response, in a way. 

In middle school I basically lived my life following the rules of what to do and what
definitely not to do. I came from a very small Catholic school to a large public school
in 7th grade (something I wouldn't wish on anyone) and had to stay afloat
one way or another so I chose blending in. Nothing special here,
avert your eyes and move on. But I was miserable.

In high school, after I met a few good friends and my confidence level was much higher,
I decided not to care about those "rules" anymore. I wore what I wanted, even if it was
a high waisted 1950's skirt or I looked like I was going to a business meeting after
algebra class, and ultimately acted more like myself. Throughout high school I was pretty much known as the girl who was pretty smart, took some AP's with a mix of regular, dressed differently from the rest, and knew what I wanted out of life (to become a Speech Therapist and attend
the University of Oregon. Weird how things change a little bit). 

While I looked like I had it all together, my mom and my mind would say otherwise.
My junior year I had a breakdown over overcommitting myself and worrying about
college and was honestly depressed and then my senior year I realized I may not
be as book smart as I originally thought and my mom was the one who had to hear all about it. (Emphasis on the "book smart" becauseI honestly believe being smart has nothing
 to do with whether or not you can pass school tests sometimes). 

And my mind would say otherwise because all throughout school, 
while it looked like I was taking my own path and could care less that I've never
followed the rules per se of being a normal teenager, every single day my mind
would put thoughts into my head that I was doing it all wrong.

But what's wrong? Who decides these things? 
I always tell my sister to find that thing that makes you stand out a little bit
and grab hold of it. For me it was dressing up every day and pursuing things like giving back
that helped me stand out. I guess in the end, as long as you're happy 
you're doing it right
And aren't we all just trying to get it right?

You are brave and good. -Marisa de los Santos

The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

I am a huge coffee drinker. I have been drinking coffee since 7th grade
and see no signs of stopping soon. Because I've been enjoying a good
cup of coffee for a while now, I'm rather picky about where I get my coffee and 
whether or not they put a ridiculous amount of sugar in it. ((no thanks!))

I typically like drip coffee with a bit of cream and sugar or if I'm going
to splurge a little bit, a vanilla latte with only a little bit of vanilla. 
And when I'm not drinking coffee, you can see me with a big glass of
lemonade or an arnold palmer ((aka God's gift for hot days)).

Here are some of my favorite coffee shops around me::

 Any time I'm near downtown Sacramento, I head to BroadAcre. They have a lavender latte
that is legendary! I bought my cousins a hot chocolate from them once and made
sure they put a fancy design and my little cousins were freaking out! It was the best. 
Also their exterior looks like a little cottage. It's adorable. 

Old Soul Co.
 I most recently went to Old Soul and had their lavender lemonade ((SO good)) but their
coffee is also fantastic. They roast their own beans and sell them so you know it's good.
I'm also just in love with their name and the aesthetics of the place are amazing. 
They have 4 locations but visit them here!

Bloom Coffee & Tea
I've been going to Bloom since high school and absolutely adore their vanilla latte ((the only
place I can go and order one and know I'll love it)) but their food is delicious as well.
The people are really nice and they always feature different artwork so the look of
the place is constantly changing. The tea selection is great as well!
Their location is in Roseville so it's a bit closer to me which makes it very convenient.

Ah Crepeville. If I could eat/drink at one place forever, it would be Crepeville. 
I listed them as one of my favorite places not because of the coffee but for the 
tea. You pick out your tea ((my favorite is Apricot)) and they deliver it to you 
in an adorable tea kettle. Oh, and while you're there definitely try a crepe
((obviously)) and their salads. Or their house potatoes. Or their soups.
Or just about anything...

Tomorrow I'm getting personal. :)

*my choices are of my humble opinion and I have not tried every coffee house in 
the Sacramento area*

Friday Inspiration


Have a happy weekend friends!

My friend Kylie is flying in from Arizona to hang out with me for the last few
days that I'll be in California till I head back to Tucson. 
It'll be a weird transition going back into regular schooling after having studied
abroad in one of the most beautiful countries in the world but I'll find my way. 
And I'll of course be updating on daily life on the blog! :)

Visiting Folsom Prison- Just like Johnny Cash

Yesterday my friend, Kim, and I decided it was ridiculous that we have a historic
prison in our town and we had yet to even lay eyes on it, so we decided to change that.
 We drove into the grounds and I was taken back by how pretty it really was. ((Though I'm 
sure the inside is not very nice.)) 

To me it looks more like a castle than a prison entrance! ((Just me? Ok cool.)) 
It was interesting to learn about the history behind the prison and that Johnny Cash sang
there not just once but three times. The prison has also been housing inmates for a little
over 130 years!

This ferris wheel, inside the museum, is made with toothpicks that an inmate in the 
1930's, Billy Burke, made. He also made an entire carnival to accompany the 
ferris wheel!! ((He's kind of a big deal.))

Fake cell with a talking fake inmate. That's one way to scare the children. 

And then to add to the idyllic setting of the prison, there was a beautiful buck
eating some grass right across the street from the museum! 

To finish off the day we headed into downtown Sacramento for a refreshing drink::

 We both got the lavender lemonade (amazing!!) and I got a blackberry scone that was
also fantastic! Oh and the name of the place is great as well. 

Overall, it was a lovely day at the prison. ((You don't hear that every day do ya?))

One Thing Off My Life Goals:: Outside Lands

This past weekend I went to Outside Lands for the day and it was one of the best
days of my life thus far. Friends, music and San Francisco make for a perfect
combination. Here are some iPhone shots I took that day::

 Choco Lands. I bought a chocolate covered rice krispy the size of a small child.
((slight exaggeration))

 Atlas Genius. Amazing and also Australian. 

 I believe this was Jurassic 5. But we also saw Young the Giant here.

 The Tallest Man on Earth. 

 The Head and the Heart. Second time seeing them and dare I say it was better
the second time? They have a new album coming out soon and guys, it's
going to be INCREDIBLE!

 Twinkly light perfection. San Francisco knows the way to my heart. 



The weather was perfect and I loved every band I heard. I'm already counting
down to next year. 

The Perfect Fall Outfit

As you know by now, I live in Arizona and therefore a sweater and pants is not really
a manageable outfit in the heat but if I could function in a normal
Fall outfit, you can bet I would! This entire outfit is brought to you courtesy of 
J.Crew and the bag is Kate Spade and I'm pretty sure I need those pink pants
in my closet even if it's a silly thing to do. I am a HUGE fan of bright pink
right now. I just bought a pair of high- waisted pink shorts 
so I guess those will have to work instead of the pants...

Oh, and I definitely bought that sweater above... whoops. 

Do you have a favorite Fall outfit you're dreaming about?

Here are the facts:
sweater {J.Crew here} pants {J.Crew here} shoes {here} bag {here}

A Day Away:: Santa Cruz Edition

 {We love each other... clearly}

 {Hiking down to Shark Tooth Beach}

 {My beautiful momma and me}

When my mom decided to surprise us with a little getaway to Santa Cruz,
I was thrilled! A little escape in the middle of the week is really all one needs sometime
to clear the mind. The weather was perfect, the ocean was stunningly blue and 
we had a blast just hanging out with each other. 

Have you been to Santa Cruz?
 If you plan on going there at some point I definitely
recommend visiting Shark Tooth Beach. It's completely secluded and 
the water is stunning. And look at that rock! (Obviously where the beach got
it's name.)

Outfit Post- Playing Preppy

A part of me has always been preppy, I mean, I was on the girls golf team in high school for
goodness sake! How do you beat that for preppiness? Maybe polo?
Anyways, one would say my style veers more towards girly but lately
I'm going more towards a girly prep look. I wore this to Santa Cruz on the beach
and stood out like a sore thumb. Do I regret anything? No.
Also, how fun is the necklace from Jewelmint??

Have a wonderful weekend!
I'm off to Outside Lands music festival tomorrow! 

Here are the facts:
shirt {Ralph Lauren- similar} shorts {Tommy Hilfiger} necklace {Jewelmint} shoes {Steve Madden-similar}