The Gilded Age

If you haven't caught on to my gold obsession yet, then this will really show you how
knee deep in love I am with everything gold. I love little gold accents that really
make a room and ultimately, I think adding a hint of gold to something makes it really classy.
Here are some pictures from across the web that highlight my favorite accent.

Are you a silver or gold fan? Also, happy almost Thanksgiving!! 

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Pretty Thanksgiving Ideas

How fun are all these table settings and little details that could really make a Thanksgiving
get together something special. I love the cheese board because my family loves cheese and
always have a variety of cheese available for appetizers. I'm also loving the idea of using
little logs as a beautiful centerpiece! And then to top it all off, I had to include some gold
accents like the golden pear place card substitute and the gold utensils with the cute
chalkboard placemats. How perfect is it to have your guests write what they're thankful
for right there in front of them?

I can't wait to go home today!! We are going to my absolute favorite place, Apple Hill tomorrow
so I'm sure I'll have some pictures to share. :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Outfit Post:: Let's Have a Friendsgiving

Yesterday I attended a Friendsgiving with my roommate and this is what I wore!
Remember this skirt from the last time I wore it? Well the weather has changed quite a bit
and I'm all about transitioning clothing so I've now worn it with a sweater and
some tights! Do you like transitioning clothing for different seasons as well or are you
more of a person who switches out their wardrobes?

In other news, I am so excited to head home tomorrow evening! So if there is some radio silence
this week, it's because I'm thoroughly enjoying my time at home. Thanksgiving 
is one of my all time favorite holidays because it kicks off the holiday season!
Getting the opportunity to stuff your face with good food isn't so bad either. :)

Have a great Monday!!

{here's the fact:: sweater-thrift store, skirt- anthropologie old, shoes-forever 21 old}

Friday Inspiration

This is so, very true. Nice one Conan. 

We have rain in the forecast for this weekend and while it may get in the way
of a football game, I couldn't be more excited. (It's actually raining right now!!) So I 
plan on enjoying the rain and then on sunday I'm attending a Friendsgiving! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and also a big hello to my new followers!
It's very nice to meet you all. :) 

Let's Give Thanks

November is one of my absolute favorite months. It's a month of giving thanks and it 
always ends with family. What's better than that? (Ok, besides Christmas!) 
I thought I would share what I'm currently thankful for on here and if you'd like you can
use the image above (link my blog back please!) and share what you're thankful for on 
your blog! So let's get started!

I'm thankful for...

my health
my family's health and happiness
new friends
old friends
my car
my amazing brain
music that blows me away
my past
the future
 definitely the present
nature and the green earth
how blessed I've been my entire life
my relationship with God
the fact that I lived in Italy
the every day. 

So what are you thankful for?

The Perfect Holiday Look

I was recently asked by Brilliant Earth to create a look for one of their cocktail rings and
I jumped at the chance! I chose the Phoenix ring because a) it's gold and b) it has
a classic design and would be the perfect accessory for all the upcoming holiday parties.
I think the combination of all these pieces (plus the SS Print Shop print for some good 
measure) would make anyone feel confident and classy for the entire season. Also,
if anyone proposed to me with any of the rings from Brilliant Earth, I definitely wouldn't
complain. ;) Now to find a man...

What is your favorite kind of holiday look? 
I would be one happy girl if I could own any of the pieces above!

{Here's the facts: (1) hair clip, (2) clutch, , (4) dress, (5) print, (6) shoes,}

Leaving Some Spaces Open

There are big things looming in the horizon. Some slightly intimidating and others just plain exciting.
I can't wait to go home next week and enjoy some much needed R&R and see my friends
I haven't seen since August. Also, my roommate and I decorated for Christmas this weekend 
(don't hate us!) so our house is feeling very merry. :)

Something I've realized throughout this semester is how much I should work my absolute hardest
and not worry about the rest. Make those to-do lists, plan out the week, stress a little about 
classes (ok, a lot) but then leave room for mistakes, fun little events, and breathing room. I 
like to think of my to-do lists as guidelines instead of my actual schedule of the day. Whenever
I do make a complete to-do list of the day, I rarely stick to it and end up filling my time with 
moments that I could have never expected to be on my list. 

Life's going to throw some curveballs and it's how we approach them that determines everything else.
Ain't that the truth? So with this busy week ahead jam packed with commitments
and homework assignments/ you name it, I'm going to actively leave some room for those moments
you really can't plan. 
Join me?

Side note: I just found Evelyn's Etsy through Pinterest and I am completely obsessed.
How perfect is the bright pink background against the gold lettering in the 'Enjoy Today' print?
Check out the rest of her shop for some more awesome prints. :)

For the Love of Patterned Pants

I am a huge fan of patterned pants, especially any that have flowers on them. I had tried
on a pair at Anthro recently and I'm so mad I didn't purchase them because patterned
pants are all over the web lately. I think they're a great way to spice up an outfit and still be
comfortable! I showed some styled posts with patterned pants above to show all the
different ways one can wear the pants. 

Now go forth and get yourself a pair!! 

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Friday Inspiration

I found this off Pinterest and I absolutely loved it. Growing up we all heard the question,
are you right or left brained and I love reading this and realizing we are not
one or the other but a beautiful mix of both. 

Have a great weekend you left and right brainers! :)

It's Only Temporary

So something really weird and pretty frustrating recently happened and I'm not
sure how to properly react. You see, my hair is fairly fried. It kind of looks like
the hair you would see on a witch who hasn't brushed her hair in 500 years. I have
no idea what to do besides wait it out and let my hair recover naturally but in the meantime,
I am slightly freaking out. Naturally.

I'm trying to make it into a funny situation because truthfully, it really is (or at least will be!).
This is the girl who rarely uses anything on her hair, barely straightens it,
 and yet I'm the one who damaged my hair. Classic.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that yes, this sucks but it really isn't the end of the world.
It's only temporary. Most situations are temporary. Falling on ones own two feet
while walking to class and being so embarrased, is a temporary feeling. Getting
a bad grade in a class that you worked tirelessly on and feeling as if the world will 
never be the same, is a temporary feeling. 

Whenever I need a little perspective I like to ask myself, "Will this matter in 5 years?"
More than likely it will be a great story and even you will be the one crying so hard
you have tears in your eyes. 

So right now I'm going to throw my hair into a ponytail and go grab some ice cream.
Because it's just hair. And it's only temporary. 

The Perfect Holiday Dress

*all dresses are from Anthropologie's new additions

I think I may have a theme going on. I see lots of black with shiny additions and of 
course I love a hint of gold. I had way too much fun drooling over all the 
new dresses Anthro released. Ever since I was little I have loved the idea
of a holiday dress. I remember getting so excited thinking of what my friends were
going to show up to Christmas mass in! One year my dad bought my sisters and I all matching
dresses! (It was a little much considering we are all 2.5 years apart each!)

I love how any of these dresses could potentially be worn year round for fancy
occasions and wouldn't have to be just the holiday dress. 

Which ones your favorite? I love the full skirt on the striped dress! 

2013 Glamour Women of the Year

Every year I love finding out who won Glamour's Women of the Year. I love reading
about these women who work so hard and are generally, so cool. I aspire to be a little
like each of them.

Here are just a few of the winners. Click on the link below to read their interviews
and learn more about them! 

 Catherine Martin
The Fashion Wizard

 Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly
The Love Story
(I LOVE them. We all root for these two.) 

 Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis
The Protector

 Kerry Washington
The Gladiator

 Malala Yousafzai
The Girls' Hero

 Melinda Gates
The Advocate

I am such a fan of each of these women and the women I didn't mention. 
Definitely check out their stories here!

How did you feel inspired by these women?

A Peek at the Weekend

This past weekend, not only did my best friend visit me, but it was Homecoming weekend!
I had a jam packed weekend planned including a hockey game, a tour of campus, 
coffee shop visiting, a little parade watching and finally, a football game. 

Here are some shots I took on my phone from the past few days:

 Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly were THIS close to me!! I was definitely fangirling.
I admire them so very much. 

We walked around downtown and took some funny photos.

We watched the parade before heading to the football game.  

And on Friday night we went to the UA hockey game where we won!! 

I love living in a college town where there is always something you can do. 
Also, this weekend 3 different people from my hometown were visiting and it
made my heart very happy to have little pieces of home here in the desert. 

How was your weekend?

Friday Inspiration

You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.
-andrea gibson

My Best Friend is Visiting Me!


These are just some classic shots I found of us (that gem on the bottom is from freshman (?)
year, please notice how burnt I look) that I think describe our friendship in pictures
quite well. We latched onto each other in freshman year Algebra class 
and didn't look back. She changed high schools half way through and we remained just 
as close which is why I think going to college in two different states is no big deal for us.

I can't wait to show her around my college town and introduce her to big college life.
(She goes to a smaller private school.) Also, it's homecoming weekend so there will
be plenty of festivities for us to enjoy! 

Expect lots of photos from our weekend this upcoming week! 
So excited!!!

Outfit Post:: Collaring in the Lines

I have been holding onto this sweater since August, just patiently waiting for
the perfect day. Well, my friends, the perfect day arrived yesterday! It was
68 degrees or lower all day and I was neither warm or cold. It was a miracle!

I bought the necklace specifically for the sweater and I love that it doesn't take away
from the sweet collar but adds just a little something. This sweater is 
possibly the coziest thing I own. I wish it had come in more colors.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Humans of New York


I bought the new book, Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
and I am positively in love. I had watched the interview Brandon did with
ABC 'Nightline' and was instantly intrigued and in love with his concept of capturing
the human soul. His blog is fantastic but a little busy for me to look at, so once I found out
there was a book with some of his images and the beautiful (and sometimes hilarious!)
quotes that accompany the photographs, I immediately ordered it off Amazon.  

Have you checked out his book or blog? He seems like such a cool
person. I'd love to walk around New York with him and watch him work. 

Real Talk: Little Pieces


Do you ever feel that there are pieces of you spread throughout the world and until you live in those places for some time, you’ll never become whole?

Ever since living in Italy I feel this. I believe a part of me grew while living there and a part of me left and will always reside within that country.

I believe a part of me lives in Charleston, a place I’ve never seen.

I believe a part of me lives in Portland, Oregon.

A part of me lives in Sacramento.

A part of me lives in the Bay Area.

A part of me lives in Tucson. 

A part of me lives in Nashville.

And I believe a part of me lives in London, also a place I’ve never seen.

There is some small part of my being that truly believes each of these places hold a little piece of me. Somehow these pieces add up and will help develop me into the type of person I aspire to be.

It’s like picking up puzzle pieces or little treasure maps. Here’s that piece you’ve been looking for. Attach it to yourself and continue your journey.

When I look at pictures of rainy London and historic Charleston, I see images of myself wandering the streets, drinking tea and snapping photographs. I see me happy and free and developing into myself.

Something in my heart tells me these places have home-like characteristics and will teach me something about myself. My actual home will always be where I am loved but my temporary homes hold promise as well.

Pick up a piece and leave one there. I guess that’s growing up. 

Friday Inspiration


Some days I wake up and hover over a road with no directions or intent and see where it takes me. Lots of dead ends, a few pleasant surprises and stories that have to be shared soon as you run into a friend. Don’t be afraid to be aimless. Get sloppy. Make mistakes. And wear those accidents with pride.
            -Karl the Fog

Have you heard of the Twitter account, Karl the fog? Being from the Bay Area, I have a love/hate
relationship with fog but after seeing this account, I kind of can't help but love it. 
Check it out here! Also, how amazing is this quote from his instagram though?