My Favorite Print

{shorts (ON SALE!), book, glasses, earrings, romper}

Are you as obsessed with the current palm print like I am?? I have been eyeing those shorts
for a while and now that they are on sale, it is way too tempting. The Topshop romper
is also amazing as well and how adorable are those earrings? The glasses are  one of
Warby Parker's new summer glasses and they worked perfectly with the print! 

Has anyone read The Vacationers? I'm tempted to pick it up because of that beautiful cover
but I want someone's feedback before I do!

How are you staying cool this summer? Buying any palm print clothing? 
This week the temperature here is going to be 106+ so you will find me by the pool
or in some hardcore AC whenever possible!


I definitely teared up a little when we turned a corner and to my left was The Grand Canyon.
I have imagined the Grand Canyon multiple times and always wanted to go,
and so finally being able to take a little trip was truly incredible. You can't go to school
in the "Grand Canyon State" without stopping by the actual canyon. ;)

We had a long day exploring the canyon and eating at the lodge and were utterly exhausted
by the end. We were also covered in dirt from all the crazy wind that day! 
We got in the car to head back to Flagstaff with tired eyes and sunburnt skin when all of a sudden
we look to our right and there is a huge elk right next to us! She was beautiful and so serene
and it made me so sad knowing there are people that hunt these incredible animals. 
But I felt blessed to experience seeing her in her natural glory just munching away. :)

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?


 Last weekend my mom, sister and I headed to Flagstaff/The Grand Canyon 
for a quick little getaway and it was such a great time. On our way to Flagstaff we
stopped in Sedona because my sister hasn't been there and the red rocks are too stunning
not to be seen. (first photo) I fell in love with little Flagstaff and how much it reminded me
of home and all of the quaint brick buildings definitely stole my heart.

 (it was crazy windy this day.)

 (I made it to route 66!!!)
Flagstaff has the cutest Amtrak station! 

If you've never been to Flagstaff, I definitely recommend it. I can't wait to go back in the fall
to visit some friends who go to school at Northern Arizona University! 

Next Up: Grand Canyon!

Looking for a Destination

This past weekend away (more on that later), I was in an Anthropologie and they currently
have the best things right now. That Ceviche book stole my heart with its light blue and orange 
lettering and tile cover and the candle shown above is currently making my house 
smell like the store. Their clothes right now all make you want to head to Greece
and dive into crystal clear water. 

So even though I just returned home from a trip and am pretty glad to remain still for 
a little bit, I couldn't help but wanderlust a little bit with the help of Anthropologie. 

Where do you want to go on your next trip?

Snaps from Tahoe

I finally uploaded photos from my camera and these are some of my favorites
from the Tahoe trip. 
Thanks for letting me share :)

(I love my parents.)

Looking at these photos takes me right back and i am constantly amazed 
by the beauty of Tahoe. 

Happy Monday!! Did you watch the Game of Thrones finale last night??
I did and needless to say, it was intense and wonderful. :)

Fun on a Saturday

One of my best friend's, Monica, celebrated her 21st this weekend and we had a 
celebration on Saturday! We took sparkler photos (so fun!!), went to dinner, 
had dance parties and then went out to the bars! 

All in all, an excellent weekend! 

How was your weekend?

I love...

I cannot count on two hands the amount of compliments I receive over my glasses.
And my favorite part about receiving a compliment over my glasses?
I then get to spread the word about one of my favorite company's, Warby Parker.

Warby Parker have made glasses stylish and they make you feel good about purchasing 
glasses because for every pair you buy, they give a pair away! 
When I went into LensCrafters to adjust my glasses, they were blown away by the quality
and price of my glasses. (I thought that was pretty impressive since they could be considered
competition!) The company also lets you do a free home try-on with 5 of their frames 
prior to purchasing! 

If you want to hear more about the company, Fast Company just did a little feature on 
them. Check it out here!

{Finch, Durand, Walker, Percey (my glasses!)}

(me wearing the Percey glasses on my birthday this year!)

What I'm Loving...


These are some things that have recently caught my eye and that I very much enjoyed::

1. Mindy Kaling's Harvard Law Commencement Speech. I adore Mindy and this speech
is perfect.

2. Nerd warning ahead:: This photo of Prince Oberon and The Mountain from Game of Thrones is so perfect after watching last nights episode which pretty much scarred me for life.

3. Have ya'll watched Lindsay on Oprah's OWN network? I know I'm probably way behind but
I put it on as background noise yesterday and it was pretty intriguing. 

4. I saw A Million Ways to Die in the West on Friday and while it definitely had its hilarious bits,
I completely agree with this article. Did anyone see Maleficent?

5. Have you guys heard of S'well? I am really tempted to buy one of their bottles because not
only do they donate to great causes, but the water stays cold for up to 24 hours!! 
This one's my favorite::

What have you been loving lately??