I am on my own journey

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So it's no secret I have been feeling a little jumbled in the head and the heart 
(see last few posts) but lately I've started saying something to myself every time I start
moving down that dark hole of comparison and worrying that I'm not following some of life's

I am on my own journey. 

This is my story. This is my little bit of history and this is my personal journey. 
Comparison is useless once you realize you are following your own path and dang,
what a cool path it is. 

I have to repeat the little phrase more than I like but it's slowly working and 
I thought I would share in case someone else needs a little encouragement and help to
kill the comparisons. 

Wishing, Reading, Watching, Doing (WRWD)

Here's another installment of W.R.W.D and I've decided these are really fun to do. 

Wishing:: I am currently wishing I owned a pair of short overalls. I know, I know, they
are way too trendy right now but I kind of think they would be perfect for the desert
summer I'm going to encounter this year.

Reading:: I want to get my hands on Love Does. I've heard amazing things about this book
and Bob Goff sounds like an incredible man. 

Watching:: I'm watching the second part of the third season of Suits and this show is just too
good. I find myself smiling throughout because I love these characters so much.

Doing:: I am taking lots of notes and making many a to-do lists lately. I picked up a Rifle 
Paper Co. notepad and nothing can stop me now from staying organized!

What do you think of the overall trend right now? 

Feeling Restless


I am far too restless right now. My life feels very together yet my mind is the farthest thing
from being "together." I pray for a still heart and mind yet I seem more restless than ever.
I really need to get my ish together and just breathe!


 I had an absolutely amazing time in Nashville. I spent three days observing at Vanderbilt
hospital where I learned so much about my future profession and I got to meet some incredible
people and feel like I'm really working towards something. This photo above is the skyline
view of beautiful downtown Nashville. 

 After the observation, my aunt met up with me and we explored all around the Nashville
area and visited two southern plantations! I snapped this photo at the Belle Meade plantation
because I thought it was hilarious how so many southern homes have cemeteries on the 

We went to Andrew Jackson's home, The Hermitage, the next day and it was a 
stunning piece of land! (Yes, I'm wearing the same coat because it was freezing and I 
only brought one coat.) Here I am frolicking in General Jackson's gardens.
I didn't think he would mind too much. ;)

I'm back home now finishing off my spring break relaxing and finishing some work
I have put off. 

I hope you've had an amazing week and happy friday!!!

Real Talk:: Balance


Let's talk about balance.

Tonight I had a mini meltdown because something unexpected came up right
when all was going according to plan and isn't that how it always happens?
Lately I have been really trying to maintain a healthy balance of everything going on
but every once in a while you need to let a few tears fall and send up a prayer.
I can't do this alone. I really can't.

There's a fine line with balance where you feel comfortable and stable and I wish we 
could all remain in this state because it really is bliss feeling like you're
doing everything right. But then something breaks our balance and we have to stumble
a little and find that peace again. Sometimes finding that peace means something needs to 
change and other times it is just a hiccup in the road. 

So I'm currently searching for that stability again and 
I hope you find your stable place as well. :)

We all strive for some balance don't we?

I Think I'll Go To Nashville

This Thursday I am off to the south to visit the beautiful city of Nashville! 
The last time I was in Nashville was in the early years of high school and I may or may
not have left a bit of my heart there. I would definitely love to live there someday 

 I am going to be observing at Vanderbilt hospital and I really can't wait to see
everything I'm learning playing out right in front of me. It's such a wonderful 
opportunity and I feel extremely blessed! 
 After my observation, my aunt is driving down from Kentucky and we are going
to explore the city and I'm really excited to check out Hillsboro Village
and to eat my way through Nashville. :) 

Anyways, all of this is to say this will be my only post for a while until I return!
I have to get everything in order before Thursday and it's also
midterms week so yaaaaaaay!

See you next week!!

{all photos via Pinterest}

Friday Inspiration

I love this so much. I miss doing Friday Inspirations! 
Go out and enjoy your Friday because there will never be another 
one like it. :)


Being happy is a skill and a muscle that has to be flexed every now and then or else it will
grow stagnant. Becoming sad is far too easy and almost a default for too many.
To truly be happy you have to work on it every single day and really push through
some obstacles, but the outcome? The outcome makes it all worth it.

You see, some of the happiest people I know have dealt with far too much, live imperfect
lives and still have a smile on their face. Working at happiness and remaining happy
requires strength and perseverance. The world is going to keep knocking you down
over and over and over again but we have to brush off the dirt and the embarrassing
looks and keep walking and pick up the pace we were moving at prior to being knocked

And when all else fails, listen to Happy by Pharrell and that should do the trick. 

Flex that muscle. Be happy and kind. 

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”
-Audrey Hepburn

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My Favorite Gowns of Oscars 2014

I absolutely loved the Oscars last night. I thought Ellen made the huge star studded event feel
cozy and intimate especially with that pizza bit and of course the best selfie of all time.
Basically, she rocked it. 

Here are some of my favorite gowns from both the Oscars and the Vanity Fair Party:

 Ellie Kemper in Georges Hobeika

 Emma Watson in Vera Wang

 Emmy Rossum in Monique Lhuillier

 Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace 

And finally, my best dressed of the night hands down, goes to Lupita Nyong'o!!

Lupita is in custom Prada

I am absolutely obsessed with Lupita's Nairobi blue dress. There is nothing wrong with
any part of it. Swoooooon.

Also, the amount of bow ties and blue suits on the red carpet from the guys was killer.
I approve whole-heartedly. :)

What did you think of last night?

(all photos from JustJared)