Summer Adventures: Tunnel Falls

If you've got several hours on your hands, might I suggest this hike?

This past weekend I had my oldest friend, Emily and her boyfriend Garrett in town and we had an event filled weekend from start to finish. On Saturday we initially planned on hiking on the Eagle Creek trail for about 6 miles and those 6 miles quickly became 12. But it was all worth it for the views you see here.

On the way to Tunnel Falls, you get to see many other waterfalls along the way. One stop you can make is to Punchbowl Falls. Here's me taking the shot above and there's the actual shot below. This hike has been on my list since the very beginning and it was so fun to see the actual place. We definitely didn't swim around since it was probably 11am and not that warm, but I've heard that's a fun thing you can do.

Here's another waterfall along the path to Tunnel Falls. 

It was one of the longest hikes I've done in a long while but it was absolutely worth it. It also helps to be hiking with people who are up for whatever and we were all on the same page the entire time. On the way back, we were starving and tired so we booked it and made amazing time back to the car. 

Some recommendations if you choose to do this hike: BRING SNACKS! We did not and I definitely got hangry at one point. Make sure you have lots of water and take your time! Go off to the other paths a bit and stop for the waterfalls. Give yourself plenty of the day to hike this route. :) Also, the exit to take is exit 41.

We went into Hood River after the hike and I'm going to put together a post for that next! 
Stay tuned!

Summer Adventures: Painted Hills

There are some places in life that are truly spectacular and the Painted Hills are definitely included in that list. Nestled in eastern Oregon, outside of Bend, sits rocks that alternate in shades of reds and whites and truly take your breath away. The only place I could equate this to was the Grand Canyon. All of a sudden you look to your left and there's this incredible natural wonder just asking to be admired.  

 (the three sisters)

My friends and I drove the 4 hours there and the 4 hours back all in one day and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was absolutely worth it. On the drive there, we took the Mount Hood route (always beautiful) and took the Santiam Pass on our way back so we were getting different views throughout the day. We stopped in Sisters, OR for some coffee and ate dinner in Salem, OR to break up the ride home. 

Driving through Oregon never ceases to amaze me. I am definitely a west coast girl through and through. 

Next up on my list of Oregon wonders is The Wallowas and Crater Lake!