To the BCE

Class of 2017 & 2018

On Friday I am driving home and celebrating my last semester of classes EVER. That is both surreal and incredibly exciting. I will miss Berglund Hall and the many, many hours I've spent going from room 145 to 147 or vice versa. But mostly I will miss seeing our professors and all of the amazing people in my cohort every couple of days. Next semester my cohort heads off to our externships as we prepare for comprehensive exams and graduation. This means some of us are leaving the state and will not be seen nearly enough. 

These people have been the most amazing support system a girl could ask for. I am so freakin' grateful for every single one of them. My grad school experience would not have been the same or nearly as fun with any other mix of humans. 

This fall has been one of the best. Usually fall is the hardest season for me filled with transitions, hard classes, unruly weather and uncertainty, but not this fall. This fall was filled with the best clinical placement I could have asked for, the perfect mix of weather, interesting classes, spontaneous trips, new commitments and really investing in my community. 

Spring will be challenging but the graduation at the end will make it all worth it. I can't wait to see all of my cohort in one place again and hug them for an uncomfortably long time. :) 

Thanks BCE!! 
You guys all have my heart.

Dear You

Elizabeth Mayville Art Print #etsy:

Dear you,

I hope you often feel that jumbled sense of excitement and nerves when something exciting happens
I hope you often stop to admire a baby's innocent little laugh full of uninhibited joy
I hope you take the time to smile at the cashier and earnestly wish them a nice day
I hope you live in a too cold apartment someday and you must surround yourself in fuzzy blankets
I hope you sing loudly in the car, at concerts, in church
I hope you allow yourself some true blue community
I hope you invest in yourself
I hope you invest in others
I hope you get to hold the hand of someone you love
I hope you forgo makeup some days and notice how young and free it makes you feel
I hope you dress for yourself (so wear the 1920's cloche hat)
I hope you refuse to cover your mouth when you laugh
I hope you allow yourself to cry
I hope you allow others to cry
I hope you find what you're passionate about
I hope you don't worry or change it if it is not what culture is passionate about
I hope you listen to people's stories instead of the media's versions of stories
I hope you find someone or something to cuddle with
I hope you listen to God
I hope you act on what He says
I hope you stop listening to what others think
I hope you know you are, so loved
I hope you stop to admire sunsets/rain falling/snow falling/sunlight beaming across a field
I hope you have someone you can talk to who will just listen
I hope you take the time to listen
I hope you don't mind how loud silence can be
I hope you let your mind be still
I hope you take care of your body
I hope you love your body
I hope you love who you are when you are alone
I hope you don't have to wear masks
I hope you let your freak flag fly
I hope you are always striving
I hope you are filled
I hope you love the person you are becoming
I hope you love the person you were
I hope you explore
I hope you go toe-to-toe with your fears
I hope you win

Love, me