Going Places {Assisi}

Being Catholic, Assisi was a really cool town to experience. It is up on a hill (I have a newfound thing for towns up on hills) and as you're driving up all you see is the Cathedral Basilica di San Francesco and it. is. stunning.

As you probably know, St. Francis (or San Francesco) lived here and is known as one of the most famous saints because of his humble nature and love for all the less fortunate. The Cathedral is one of the holiest places besides the Vatican and St. Francis' body is placed on the first level. Everything was very serene and I was able to say a prayer and lay down a few candles for my loved ones that have passed.

We then went to St. Claire's (or San Chiara) Cathedral and while it wasn't as beautiful (though it was pink and therefore I liked it) the history behind the church was very interesting. The church was used as a place for the people who had the Black Plague to go and ultimately die and therefore all the walls of the church had to be scrubbed down and destroyed most of the frescos inside. So technically it is not the church's fault that it's not as beautiful.

If you ever get the chance to go to Assisi, I would definitely recommend it.

Life is Good

I had two tests today in my only two classes of the day. I had been studying non stop for both for the last 5 days and still, when that Roman Art test was placed in front of me, I wanted to throw it against the wall. (Just me and my test taking ways)

After my last test I needed some alone time to just reflect and once again remind myself that I am in Italy. I am blessed. So I walked down a street I never had before and what do you know? God showed me the most beautiful path that was something out of a movie set or New York (or I guess Italy...) and
also had the sun shining down and so I tossed my puffy jacket over my arm (or the down comforter as I lovingly call it) and walked on my merry way.

I couldn't help but snap as many pictures as possible because hey, the birds are singing, the air feels like Spring and life is good ya know? At one point I almost started skipping and twirling around the lamp posts but I stopped myself before my musical theater-loving self took control.

I guess this is all to say that I recommend taking the road you've never walked down before and maybe you'll stumble across something great.

And yes, I posted twice today because I couldn't contain myself.

Best Dressed of Oscars Night

First off...

 Let's admire this face. Mmh. 
Ok, moving on.

Best Dressed
 Amanda Seyfried
(love the sparkly beadwork and how classy she looks)

 Amy Adams

 Amy Adams...again
(This just feels really appropriate considering Great Gatsby is coming out
soon!! She looks stunning.) 

 Kate Beckinsale
(Such a great cut and I love how fun it looks.)

Sally Field
(She looks beautiful and her train is stunning. Also, the color is the best.)

Can I talk about how much I struggled not watching the Oscars? So much so that I
vibered (new verb meaning to text people using the app Viber) every member of
my family to make sure it was being taped so I can watch it in May. Yes, May.

I made sure I saw the cast of Les Mis perform though. Don't worry!

Did you have some favorite looks from any of the Oscar gigs?

Going Places {Perugia}

We went to Perugia the other day and it was beautiful. But would you expect anything else from
a little Italian town? They are also known for their chocolate. So therefore I liked them immediately. (As would anyone!)

Actually, Perugia has been around since the Roman times and was its own city-state for quite a while. So it's a pretty big deal. (Any Anchorman fans out there??)

I met up with one of my closest friends, Emily, (the same one from Rome and Florence) because she is studying there and she took us to a great pizza place for lunch. I got the Pizza Medditereana and it was superb.

Next up, Assisi!

Possibly the Best Collaboration Ever...

Shabby Chic and TOMS have joined forces!

And have created possibly the best shoes possible.

I'll have both shoes above please!! Shabby Chic is my favorite type of design and 
we all know how flower obsessed I am, so I think these shoes need to be in my
possession... now. (Please?) How perfect would these be for summer??
And then, as I was perusing the TOMS website (always a bad idea for me) I found these
beauties and fell in love... again. I love music notes and having music notes on shoes?? PERFECT!

What do you think of the (perfect) shoes?

Also, thank you for all the sweet comments on yesterdays quote. I'm glad it affected
people as much as it did for me. It's from a fantastic book. :)

A Quote a Day

This quote is from one of my favorite books I read over the summer, The Girl 
Who Chased The Moon. I love how perfectly it fits my life right now and has
fit my life for the past year.

My Thoughts on Orvieto

Orvieto has quickly become a home of sorts. (All leading back to my discussion on whether or not we can have multiple "homes." Conclusion: yes, yes we can.)

The smell of campfires all around, the pizza guy, Claudio who excitedly yells "CIAO!" as we walk by, and the caffe that has good wifi, even the cobblestone streets are getting to me. (Even if my heels will never forgive me...)

Every weekend since I've been in Italy has been spent away in bigger cities. This is the first weekend where we stayed put and it was great.

I don't know if I could have studied abroad in a bigger city. This small town, Italian life is far better suited to me.

(Even today we gave directions to some traveling Americans and it was the best.)

Basically, I love Orvieto.

Carnavale 2013

Venice, to me, is classic Italy. There are canals (obviously), people dressed up like
it was a medieval Halloween, masks everywhere, and cute caffe's along every street.
We went this past weekend to celebrate Carnavale, which is the Italian Mardi Gras.
I had yet to experience a true Mardi Gras and so this was the absolute best. 

My friends and I took over one of the main squares and every time we heard an American voice,
we were all best friends instantly. It then began to snow on us and there was the occasional
thunder and lightning but we didn't mind. If you have never experienced a true Mardi 
Gras, I vote you go to Venice. You won't regret it... well maybe just in the morning. ;)

What I'm Currently Loving...

5 Things that caught my eye... 

 1. This amazing trench from Anthropologie.

 2. This passport carrier from J. Crew.

 3. Kelly's amazing shirt and necklace combo.

 4. The idea of renting an apartment in Paris. (And staring at these photos of 
Olivia's time in Paris.)
5. The fact that these shoes are being sent to my doorstep in the states makes 
me very happy. (Also that they were free... love blog giveaways!)

What's caught your eye lately?

Going Places {Siena}

Siena called for rain showers all day and ended up surprising us with blue skies and 
scattered clouds. (But we all insisted on bringing our umbrellas just in case.) Siena is
the prettiest little town full of rich culture and delicious bakeries. The city is also
known for their Palio races (horse races) in the summer and so we, being the classic
Americans that we are, decided to race around the square piggy-back style
in honor of the races. Luckily the square had cleared out pretty significantly by this time.

I can't wait to come back with my parents and show them this gem of a city. 

Going Places {Firenze}

Florence was a little (a lot) rushed but honestly, it was fine. I'm going back with my class
in 2 weeks to do all of the touristy things so for now it was fun pretending I live there.
The only way I can describe Florence is that it is the Italian Paris. There is something
a little classier about it compared to Rome and there is so much shopping!!

Me and my childhood friend, Emily, booked it from Roma to Firenze on Saturday
and hung out with people from her study abroad group. It was a great whirlwind
of a trip! I can't wait to go back!

{Also, I guest blogged over here today!! Go and check it out??}

Going Places {Roma}

Rome was way too fun. It started out as a field trip that two of my roommates
and one of my childhood friends who's also studying abroad decided to make into 
a short vacation. We stayed at my first hostel (which was a very pleasant experience topped
with breakfast in the morning) and explored the Rome nightlife which was incredible. 

I also finally saw the Trevi Fountain!! We were eating lunch at this little side cafe when
we saw a sign that said "Trevi Fountain 1 minute" and immediately decided that was
something we needed to do. I posed for the cheesy shot and regret nothing. 

Quando a Roma!