Life Lately


Junior year is crazy. I remember how crazy my junior year of high school was and I feel
like my junior year of college is just as insane possibly even more so?
Next semester is my last semester of college and with that comes thoughts of entering
the "real world" and trying to figure out where I want to be living/wherever I get into 
graduate school. I'm currently taking 19 units with a leadership position and currently have
two babysitting jobs so needless to say, any free time I get is either spent catching up with
friends, reading, or watching my new favorite show, Sherlock. 
(How adorable is Benedict Cumberbatch??) 

I'm going to try and get my ish together and plan some posts this weekend.
Bare with me for a little bit?

Thanks a bundle! Hope all is well for you and if you are stuck in the Polar Vortex,
I hope you are finding some way to stay warm. :)

Wanna Get Away:: Santa Cruz

Two weekends ago (so late to posting, I know) I went with my service fraternity,
APhiO, to Santa Cruz for our regionals conference.
It was a jam packed weekend filled with workshops on becoming
better leaders and getting people excited about service and then plenty of bonding 
as well. 

Being back in the Bay Area and being there with my Tucson friends was such a neat
experience. It felt like both of my homes were in one place for once. 

There is something about getting away, even if that means you are sleeping on a strangers floor, that gives you more perspective and leaves you feeling refreshed. Some fresh ocean air
also does wonders for the soul. And when you finally return home, there is nothing better than
your own bed and the constant familiarity. (AmIright??)

What's your favorite type of weekend getaway?

Currently I'm Loving::

Emily McDowell's Illustrations

I ran across Emily's cards on Etsy recently and instantly fell in love. How could you not?
She mixes some modern expressions and awkward sayings in a way that is absolutely
beautiful and completely unique. I want the full collection of her cards! There is something
so personal and heartfelt about sending and receiving cards. I keep all the cards I've ever received
and love looking through them when I'm in the mood to reminisce. 

Here are some of my favorites::

 These Mother's and Father's day cards are too perfect.

 Oh, how relevant this is.

I would love to send this one to my sister who loves Little Women. 

Check out her website and let me know your favorite!

Laughing at the Future

There are a thousand unknowns currently happening in my life. The start of a new semester 
always brings a fresh batch of unknowns but this time I feel a little bit like I am just trying
to stay afloat. There is a new leadership position, hopefully a job, a full set of classes and 
a social life to plan and trying to compartmentalize it all can be a tad exhausting. 

But then I opened Jesus Calling the other day and it said, "Circumstances around you are 
undulating, and there are treacherous looking waves in the distance. Fix your eyes on me, the One 
who never changes. By the time those waves reach you, they will have shrunk to proportions of My 
design. I am always beside you, helping you face today's waves. The future is a phantom,
seeking to spook you. Laugh at the future! Stay close to me."

Now how absolutely perfect is that? It was exactly what I needed and maybe what you
needed to? Let's laugh at the future together. 

Check Out My New Shades

(Definitely killed two birds with one stone on the day I took these photos haha.) 
I recently received my Warby Parker glasses I ordered and guys, I LOVE them. They
are really comfortable, great material and unique! I went into LensCrafters the other
day to get them adjusted around my ears and everyone there was freaking out over
the amazing deal I got getting my glasses through Warby Parker, the fact that someone
else is getting a pair of glasses because I purchased a pair, and how well they are constructed!
I'm so in love with my new glasses. 

So shout out to Warby Parker for being awesome. 

21 Years of Age

My birthday was amazing. I am seriously blessed with amazing people around me and I have
to say it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. It started with a hike then brunch where 
we had the absolute best waitress who really made my morning special, then a relaxing day
at home complete with homemade mimosas, dinner out at my favorite Reilly's where
the pizza tastes like Italy, and finally out to some of the bars where I received a Harry Potter 
shot! (That fiery thing in the bottom picture) It was relaxed mixed in with fun
activities and I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

Thanks to all the people who wished me a happy birthday and made my day special. :)

Outfit Post:: 21st Birthday

My roommate surprised me the morning of my birthday with 21 balloons alternating
in gold, silver and white. It was perfect! The next obvious step was to pose with the
gold balloons...naturally. I received the bow flats for Christmas and love how they add
an extra little something to the outfit. Posing in the middle of the street for some outfit
shots is definitely not for the easily embarrassed, let me tell you. Cars passing
by definitely gave us some weird faces. (I regret nothing.)

Birthday recap coming to you tomorrow! 

Here's the facts:: shirt {anthropologie-similar} pants {Levi's from} shoes {Anthro-similar}

On my 21st Birthday...

21 on my 21st

21 Things I've Learned...

1. Studying abroad is the one of the best adventures out there.
2. Life throws curveballs constantly but it's all about how you handle them.
3. A little bit of lipstick always spruces up a look.
4. A tattoo is the perfect accessory (and forever companion) if it means something to you.
5. Always try to be on time. It's polite.
6. People that go out of their way to be kind are truly wonderful.
7. Disneyland is perfect for any age.
8. You'll never feel more grown up than when you plan a trip to 3 different countries. 
9. Black is always classy.
10. Get off the couch and go live! You'll never regret it.
11. Read constantly.
12. People will disappoint you but sometimes, people will really surprise you and there is nothing better. 
13. Comparison is the thief of joy (I so didn't make that one up so thanks, Teddy Roosevelt).
14. Children have magic in their hearts. Try to remember that child-like wonder and latch on.
15. Laugh with tears in your eyes and pain in your stomach.
16.There is an art to feeling content with being alone. But don't get too comfortable.
17. Let people in. Let them show themselves to you.
18. A touch of gold is always acceptable.
19. Life will never slow down so write everything down and stop to take moments in.
20. Always allow for change but stay true to your morals and what makes you uniquely you. 
21. God has an almighty and perfect plan and I can't wait to see what He has in store for me in this upcoming year.

It's Friday!

Happy Friday!! 
After a wonderful family vacation this past week, my family drove home and my sister
and I began our trek as the homeless sisters. (Not really but kind of). We are staying
at a different place each night this weekend (really since yesterday) and we're 
slowly making our way back to our respective schools. 

Starting next week I'll be back in Tucson and hopefully back to regular blogging!!
The daily grind of life brings along consistent blogging doesn't it?
A new semester, a new leadership position and a whole new year! 

Have a lovely weekend!!

Sending Out a Line or Two

Dropping in to say hello from beautiful Disneyland!! I love this place with all my heart
and forever will. There's no better way to bring in 2014 than with a trip to 
the happiest place on Earth. It's also been incredibly great weather which makes me
feel pretty guilty for all of you on the east coast freezing and probably hating me right now. 
(I'm sorry!!! Welcome to California!) 

I'll be back probably on Thursday to give a little recap and show some more pics!
Stay warm out there! 

Wanna Get Away:: Tahoe

I actually took my camera out and snapped some photos this week!!! Of course,
I'm not in any of them but I'm really happy with how they turned out! 
I was up in Truckee for a pre-New Years Eve bash and we decided to visit Donner 
Lake. The lack of snow up in Tahoe is pretty depressing but is still beautiful. 
I'm so grateful for good friends, beautiful nature only an hour and a half away, and 
for good lighting. :)

I could roam forever up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Happy Thursday!!

A Giant Welcome to 2014

{found here}

What can I say about 2013? 

2013 was the year that I learned to let go just a little bit more yet remained true to myself and
what I believe in, traveled parts of the world, got a tattoo, embraced a new community
and new friendships, gained a leadership position, questioned if Speech is for me and then
realized yes, yes it is, and ultimately learned that I have no idea what the future holds
but that He has a perfect plan for me. 

There's something to say about expecting a month to go one way and being completely surprised
when those expectations never pan out and something wonderful takes its place. I talked
a little about this here when I discussed leaving spaces open for moments you can never

2013 began with my 20th birthday and a very low point for me. Once January was wrapped up,
everything came together and Italy happened. Never again will I experience something as 
magical as my time in Italy was. I miss those experiences and my life that I created there every single
day but I know that chapter of my life is closed and I welcome different changes to now occur.

I'm welcoming 2014 in with open arms and wishing 2013 a proper adieu while keeping in
mind all that 2013 gave me. I love the print above and think I may use it as my guideline for the new year. Big things are going to happen this year including possibly a
graduation (??!!) and figuring out the next step of my life. I'm excited to share this journey
with all of you and to continue this little online journal. :)

I hope you have the happiest New Years Day.