Weekend Links

It's Friday!
I have a decent amount of homework to do for my two lone classes this semester so I'm hoping to be productive this weekend! Oh yeah, and then there's this thing called the superbowl. ;) I think I'm rooting for Seattle though I'm not a huge fan of either team. But Russell Wilson is a pretty neat guy so I'll root for him.

here are some links that I've loved across the internet:

1. This. man's. voice. Seriously I listened to YouTube videos of his music for a long time just mesmerized.

2. They announced the female Ghostbusters cast! I think they nailed it for the most part! I would have liked having Emma Stone cast though. :)

3. Speaking of the Superbowl, I thought this was pretty hilarious, even though I'm not her biggest fan. 

4. Alyson from Sequins and Things more recent post about her move home from Colorado a while back was so honest and beautifully written that if you haven't seen it, you should read it or bookmark it.

5. I made this recipe the other night for my family and we all devoured it. It was almost better heated up the next day too! Also, it was incredibly easy (and I'm serious. I don't really enjoy cooking)

6. I've been really good about not shopping at F21 lately because I'm trying to invest in well-made clothing but every once in a while a dress like THIS pops up and I'm thinking I may need it.

Anything I missed? Have a great weekend!

Take Me to the River

Taking these photos resulted in a weird day. I knew I wanted to take these photos on the Rainbow Bridge walking bridge but we also ran into some hoodlums, got reprimanded by a park ranger and felt like we were invading people's properties (more on that later). Remember the powerhouse photos? Well apparently that is a California National Park and you have to pay $10 to park there and hang out. whoops!

Here's the facts: jacket (old), sweater, jeans, boots (old), wallet

I always feel blessed to have the American River in my town. Every time I drive over the bridge I always catch a glimpse at how beautiful it is and feel grateful that we have a river dividing the town. My sister recently left to study abroad in Florence (I know, I'm so jealous and really missing my Italy days) and she mentioned how Florence and Folsom are kind of similar because of the town being divided by a river. Other than that though, they are pretty different! haha.

Also let's talk about how bright this shirt is! It's from H&M and is the comfiest sweater but definitely bright. I like how much of a statement it makes and how easy it is to pair it with a fun coat like I did or some fun jewelry!

Do you have a favorite statement piece of clothing that you own?

Adventures Ahead

Today my sister is leaving for Florence, Italy and to say I am jealous would be a huge understatement. Italy will forever have my heart and I can't wait to see and hear all about the amazing adventures that she is about to embark on. She's going to eat amazing food, get lost in little alleyways (but never be afraid because hey, it's an adventure!), find her favorite coffee shop, go on walks that make you feel like you're living in a movie and ultimately grow and become the kind of person you can only be once you've studied abroad and fully experienced another culture.

I've looked over my past Italy posts so many times while prepping her for her journey but if you're interested, they begin HERE. I'm so glad I documented my time abroad and I can't wait to see all of my sisters pictures. 

Did you study abroad? If so, where?

Let's Get Down to Business

Hey! Remember the bag from my birthday wishlist post? Well my aunt happened to see that post and wouldn't ya know, I got the fuchsia one for my birthday! I'm a little obsessed and have already had someone ask me if it's Kate Spade even though it's from Target! 5 points for Target!

Say cheese!!

I climbed over the fence blocking the stairs to get this shot. (#doitfortheblog)

Have you guys been watching The Bachelor? What do we all think of the ladies? So far I am not too impressed but I'm rooting for Whitney because she seems sincere and smart. My sister, mom and I even have a bracket going! It's a little sad but hey, if people do that with fantasy football, why is this any worse? 

Happy Monday!

A Quote a Day


Happy Friday!! 
I hope you have a great weekend and do something that scares you a little. :)

Varsity Blues

Do you guys remember the days of letterman jackets and how it seemed like a really important thing to letter in a sport? I remember my mom placing a lot of emphasis on lettering and then once I did for volleyball and golf (yay girls golf team!), I put them in a drawer and never looked at them again. So lettering wasn't as important as it was cracked up to be, at least for me! Anyways, this sweater reminded me of those sporty days.

I saw this sweater at TJ Maxx and really, really wanted it but resisted because my birthday was coming up. Well my mom heard my plea and I happened to get it for my birthday a few days later! My sister got me my new bucket bag as well! 

We took these photos at this historic Powerhouse in my town and it was really neat! I had never been before which was pretty shocking and I'm already thinking of going back for different pictures. One great thing about having a blog is that is forces you to explore the area around you. I can't wait to find more areas to explore in the town I grew up in. :)

Happy Thursday!!

Reality Check

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to hear Bob Goff speak at church. If you need inspiration, a swift kick, humor and love thrown at you from all different angles, then you need to hear Bob Goff speak. I want to live like Mr. Goff does, with childlike wonder and deep love for everyone and anyone (and he's a lawyer!).

Everything he said was amazing but what really got to me was to not be so afraid. Lately I have been stressed, antsy (oh, Lord so antsy), worried and generally just afraid of anything and everything. My life is one big unknown and I don't function very well when I don't see something resembling a timeline in front of me. But Bob Goff went on about how we all don't know what we are doing next and we all are on these paths. As we walk on these paths we are stepping right in front of us and just hoping we won't trip and fall. Sometimes we do and other times we regain our stance and continue on. 

But at all times, Jesus is right there in front of us holding us up. He knows the path and He knows what is ahead. So don't be afraid to stumble because Jesus is there to help you bounce back up. Now how comforting is that?? 

I'm really good at getting overwhelmed quickly and it's something I am constantly trying to fix. So I decided to do a little art project and make a "Be Not Afraid" canvas as a constant reminder. And you know what? Things are kind of falling into place day by day. I sure don't have all the answers nor do I need them all right now but having a little bit of a grip on my life and knowing I don't need to fear, is really helping.

Maybe you needed to visualize your path like I did and if so, I hope this helped. And hey, if you are on your path and you are walking smoothly then good for you! You are killin' this crazy adventure! High fives all around! But if you are like me, just know we are all in this together. :)

(my sister had the same idea after hearing him speak so she made the canvas above. I think hers turned out so nice!)

Why Knot {Explore}

 I took these photos at Foresthill Bridge where THIS took place. (a real high quality movie right there) It's definitely a photogenic bridge and the fact that it is the 9th highest bridge in the world helps with the "it" factor as well.

 hi there American River! You're a beaut!

We went off-roading to get to the Grouse falls overlook and I definitely freaked out a little bit. There was not another human within 30 miles and there was no cell reception so I was having nightmares about getting a flat tire/mauled by a bear/coyote/ or werewolf why we're at it.  But we survived (obviously) and the overlook was pretty amazing.

This tree was GINORMOUS! You can't even tell from this photo but it was truly incredible.

After exploring the falls we went to a place called Big Trees where there is a random grouping of giant sequoias. Most giant sequoias are in the Sequoia National Park so the fact that there are some in Tahoe National Forest make them unique. They were pretty magnificent.

Once again, I feel pretty blessed to live so close to all of this beauty. If you are ever in the Sacramento area, definitely stop at Big Trees and go through Foresthill. :)

Happy Monday!

Why Knot {Investigate}- The Bucket Bag

Have you guys seen the Monsur Gavriel bucket bags?? Well, I'm in love with them and unfortunately, unless I magically win the lottery, I will never own one because I can't justify paying upwards of $500 for a bag. (Even if it is stunning! This is where me and Carrie Bradshaw would severely disagree). So I rounded up 6 bucket bags that are all under that price range but would still look great on anyone! :) I am going to be calling this new series the Why Knot Investigate series and if you have any requests for me to do some hunting across the internet for more affordable prices, let me know!! It's no secret that I can't afford to spend the big bucks on most things and I'm sure there are other people out there like me! So let's help each other out and stick with the trends at the same time! :)


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The one from Urban Outfitters ($49) is the closest to the Monsur Gavriel bag and you don't have to be on a waiting list to get one! Also, who would feel bad about spending $40 on a bag from Target?? I like that it has a more sporty look to it as well!

So what do you think? Are you interested in purchasing a bucket bag this year? Any Why Knot Investigate requests?

On my 22nd birthday...

22 on my 22nd:

22 things I've learned...

1. Make all different kinds of friends and realize that each one is important.
2. Live in a place for a whole year in order to give it a full, fighting chance.
3. You make yourself as happy as you want to be. 
4. Stop trying to make long-term plans. God's got this. Just be ready.
5. Embrace change. 
6. Make lists but leave room for spontaneity. 
7. Work hard and play hard.
8. Make an effort with those who prove they want to be in your life.
9. Growing up is hard to do but also has its perks.
10. I am on my own journey.
11. Just keep praying.
12. Adventures and little escapes are important.
13. Family is truly forever. 
14. Kindness is everything.
15. You are good enough, confident enough, and beautiful.
17. Dance parties are really important.
18. Let yourself be amazed every once in a while. 
19. Never forget how important the little things are.
20. Don't suppress your excitement and enthusiasm. Even if it seems silly. 
21. Don't be afraid to be goofy and silly anywhere and everywhere. 
22. You can be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time and it's ok. (because Taylor Swift said so....)

Past birthdays: 20, 21

A Day at the Flea Market

Over the weekend I wanted to do some exploring around the Sacramento area and I stumbled upon the Folsom Blvd. Flea Market. I then convinced my sister and friend Carson to join and we had fun! There was a maze of books, puppies, a taco truck, and plenty of antiques. I think we had the most fun in the book maze though. It just kept going and they had the most eclectic mix of books! If you look at the name of the one my sister is holding, it says, "Care of the Stabled Horse." The books I was holding were all on auto parts and how to be an automechanic. Riveting stuff really! 

There's something to be said for getting out of your comfort zone and exploring a little bit. :)

The Birthday Wishlist

Birthday List
My 22nd birthday is on Wednesday and so I decided it would be fun to put together a list of all of the fun things I've been loving lately. Guys... that bow bag is from TARGET and it's only $27!!! Does it not look like something straight from Kate Spade?? I had to add some adorable Kate Spade stationary as well because it literally says "snail mail" on it. I can't get over how cute that is.

I added some Rifle Paper Co. products as well because they are my absolute favorites. I use my Rifle notepad all the time and could definitely use a new one. I added the Diptyque candle because I need to bite the bullet and purchase one at this point because everyone talks about them!

I'm planning on having a low key birthday but plan on a 22 things I've learned post on Wednesday. Those have quickly become a favorite thing of mine since I started them at 19 (I believe...).

Am I missing anything you swear by? Should I add it to my list? :)

My Favorite Golden Globe Gowns

Ok so all of the women above absolutely killed it this year. Emma Stone's jumpsuit?? Stop. Perfection. Also, Julianne Moore is 54 guys! 54!! Look how absolutely incredible she looks! That just goes to show you that age means nothin'! Oh, and Amal's gown and flawlessness in general blew me and all of America away I believe. Those gloves?? She already owned them and just thought, "Oh, why not add some white gloves to this?" Amazing.

Also, let's talk about some of the cutest and best-dressed couples from last night:

What did you think of the GG last night? I made a predictions sheet and got almost all of them wrong. I have some catching up to do in the movie department!

Happy Monday!