Awkward and Awesome Thursday

1. Somewhat asking a guy to prom (but not really) only to find out your good friend wants to and already asked him also. Hmmm...
2. Sentences that make no sense coming out of my mouth. I just sound stupid 60% of the time.
3. high fives. They are usually awkward coming from me. I'm the person that stares at your elbow to give the perfect high five.

1. No test in Stats today! Love you Graber!
2. Starbucks finally spelling my name right!!!!
3. Cowboy boot weather. Perfection. Look at that sky! It's beautiful!
4. Walking outside for Aerobics today!
5. Basically, most of today was completely awesome. Plus I'm eating at Panera Bread with one of my best friends tonight! Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Words of Wisdom

fearing is the opposite of living. it's just being frozen.
living is diving in. even if it leaves you broken..
-Jason Reeves

Today I am completely happy

I don't know if it's because of the extra protein I got in my Greek
yogurt at lunch (that I complained about the whole time because
of its consistency) or that I watched the sunrise, or that it's sunny.
Either way, I'm overly content. And loving this feeling.
Started with reading my book (CATCHING FIRE) in Starbucks
with, of course, a chai tea latte.
Looked out my window and saw Spring
Gushed over the blue sky and the puffy clouds floating by.

What a day. What a Monday! Off to the gym!

Reading on a sunday

Nerd alert! :)
I just read The Hunger Games in less than 24 hours. Dang.
It was that good. I just bought Catching Fire on my Nook
so you can bet I'm starting that once I'm done here!

Also, Jennifer Lawrence (below) is playing Katniss. I feel like she
could do a good job. But look at me, all protective over the people
playing the characters in the books.

All I'm saying is they better cast a good Peeta. (or more importantly,
attractive Peeta). READ these NOW! So good!

Hug from a stranger

I didn't literally receive a hug from a stranger today,
but I received something better. On my tip receipt,
a man wrote the message below and it felt like
I was given the warmest embrace I've ever felt.
I literally teared up. I was not expecting that. Sometimes
it's nice to receive reminders like that. Actually, not just
sometimes, all the time it's nice.
Then, Katie and I went to Freshii's (a healthy food
restaurant in our town) and got biodegradable soup containers!
Since they are biodegradable, we decided to see if they would
biodegrade in front of our eyes. Well, it just doesn't happen that fast.
The containers just laid there. It was sad.


Waiting is not my forte. Surprises aren't either. I am incapable of waiting
for something large to occur. Unfortunately/fortunately, something
large is about to occur. That something large, is college. It is this
weight upon my chest pushing harder and harder until I
finally raise my hand up and say "I've decided!!!" Until then,
this weight remains and the pressure increased day by day.
With the whole world spinning around, I assumed this would be
easier; this waiting. I was wrong. If anything, the world is
spinning faster and I am falling behind trying to catch up.

If only I could rest like my adorable doggy in the picture.
Once I've made my decision, expect lots of enthusiasm!

In other news,
I got free nail polish from TOMS! The color is
One Day Without Blues and I love it! You can
bet your bottom dollar that I immediately applied
the polish to my nails. :) Hello, summery blue nails!
Have a great night!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

1. Wind + rain = no need for an umbrella since it will only break and means a very wet Allie.
2. More pelvic thrusting in Aerobics. When will this awkward dancing end?!
3. Lots and lots and lots and lots of rain.
(obviously I am having some trouble with the awkward side of things today)

1. Dan Lundgren, California congressman, coming to my high school.
2. Sound of rain on my rooftop.
3. The people at Starbucks finally remembering my drink.
4. 70 degree weather in Tucson (possible location for college next year!)

I know crazy wind and rain doesn't seem like much for
some east coasters out there, but for here in California, this type
of weather is rare and severe for us. But at the same time,
I find it all a little cool. :)

Be like a flower

and turn your face towards the sun.
Even the best fall down sometimes
even the stars refuse to shine
out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find, you and I, collide.
-Howie Day

Just another Tuesday night

Try saying the title without thinking of Taylor Swift.
Could you do it? I couldn't.
Currently listening to my record player playing the sweet
sounds of New Orleans. (No really, it's called The Sounds
of New Orleans.) Nat King Cole's up next!
Finished my classic lit paper!!!!!!!!!!
Received my acceptance letter to Arizona + scholarships!
The twinkly lights are back on. We're expecting a storm tonight
and my lights are making everything happier.

How is your Tuesday night going?

Monday Madness

I don't know how else to describe today. Between the loss of a dear
tree, gushing over the adorableness of our friends brother,
and a hail/thunder storm, how else would you describe today?
It all started with the tree...
the band tree to be exact.
I have sat under this tree for 3 years and one day it decided
to topple over. Without any warning, the spot
that provided shade and leaves to look at and crunch, was gone.
But wait!
Only 1 hour later, another baby tree was replaced in its spot! Now
while this tree could never replace the old, it shall do for now.
Grow strong new tree!
Then at lunch, Katie noticed our friend Carson's brother
was sitting right by us. (blue sweatshirt) We adore
him and thus we were very excited he was this close to us.
I know, we are creepy.
Then the hail storm appeared. Running into the gym while
it's hailing/raining outside is incredibly difficult yet fun.

And that my friends, is the end of the monday madness.

Happy Spring!

First Day of Spring!
Although today is stormy and rainy, I will refuse to not celebrate
the first day of Spring! So, here are some of my favorite 'Dear Blank,
Please Blank' posts. Check out the website here:
You won't regret it, you may just embarrass yourself for laughing
out loud.

Dear life,
I really wish you had theme music.

Let's Play Pretend!

I'm going to pretend I'm on vacation. Let's say... Paris? Yes, Paris.
Let's begin:

I would swim in the hotel pool in this vintage bathing suit and catch
the eye of a potential suitor. (yes, suitor.)
I would frolick in this 'Orlando Bloom' dress in the park
in front of the Eiffel Tower. (see this description)
After months of toe-curling cold, you said to heck with it and booked an impromptu vacation to PARIS. That's why you're currently sitting in a sunny park amid well-curated flowers, wearing this charming cotton-linen dress. It's so warm, you've chosen to wear espadrille sandals and sunglasses, and have tossed your caramel cardigan off to the side to further drink in the sun and show off this frock's snap-closed, bustier-seamed front, and lace up-bottomed back cutout. Picking a few fragrant blooms that match the periwinkle ones on this darling dress' fully lined, pocketed skirt and self-lined top, you breathe in the posy-laden air and smile.
Pretend I'm Madeline in this beautiful red dress and sing
her theme song loudly to random strangers.
Buy some adorable salt and pepper shakers like this. Or possibly
see them in an adorable street corner cafe.
And walk around with this adorable water bottle in tow.

Then I'd walk along side streets and look for little hidden churches
and cute boutiques. (This is what we did in Paris 3 years ago and we
found the cutest and oldest church.) I'd also admire
cobblestone streets and the aroma of coffee and croissants.
Oh, Paris. This is making me sad. Perhaps
I should check back in with reality.

All photos from


a) I have 6 out of 10 or more pages done for my classic literature project!
b) I got into the University of Arizona!
I basically ended up calling since I hate suspense and waiting and they kindly
let me know I was in! I love having options. Now I just need to go see the school
and know if I see myself there. :)

Awkward and awesome thursday + more...

1. Receiving your first rejection letter in the mail.
2. Learning your sister will be 1/2 hour later than usual getting to the car after school.
3. Being called Alyssa in Aerobics. (Really? What's with getting my name wrong?)

1. Having my first red velvet baby cake (whatever they're called) and feeling like I've died and gone to Heaven.
2. Getting my first passion iced tea lemonade of the season on a perfect 65 degree day.
3. Getting a free iced tea. (see second picture)
4. It's Saint Patrick's Day! Represent Irish!

and more importantly...
I am taking part in this.
Have a great Thursday.

Soul Surfer

I was looking through high school memories trying to find something and
it just hit me how great high school's really been. As much as I complain
and wish it was over, it has been a good ride.
Moving on...
"I can't change it, That was God's plan for my life and I'm going to go with it."

1-2 years ago, Bethany Hamilton came to my school to give
an inspirational talk and while we could tell she was nervous, you can't
get past the fact that her story is truly phenomenal. I was lucky enough
to actually meet her and she signed a ticket for me but I
seem to have misplaced it. Anyways, her faith is outstanding and her
character is strong. I can't wait to see the movie! April 8th, I'm ready. :)

Let's play hooky.

Yesterday I took the day off from school and went prom dress shopping.
After exploring all of San Francisco for a dress, we ended up at some outlets
1.5 hours away and I found the perfect dress. (see below)
I'm in love!
So San Francisco
Flowers on the sidewalk. (love this!)
Amazing, beautiful shoes
Haight and Ashbury.

Yesterday, in a nutshell, was wonderful.

What is easy and what is difficult

What is easy:
1. Having fun with my friends. Going to Crepeville and the drive in's.
2. Being kind
3. Becoming instantly happy over something as simple as twinkly lights.

What is difficult:
1. Believing I will end up where I am supposed to be.
2. Completely trusting in God and his path for me.
3. School, when all you want to do is finish!

“maybe there’s something i can’t see. and that’s the core of prayer: admitting that just maybe, there’s something going on that we can’t see. so when i’m afraid, i pray, and i ask for God’s help, that i will be able to see something i wasn’t able to see before, or at least trust him to do the seeing.
-shauna niequist

Pictures of my tea at Crepeville. Yum!

Can we go back to the classics?

Bringing Up Baby
Roman Holiday
High Society
The Philadelphia Story

All such wonderful classic and of course, there are so many more not listed.
I mostly chose these because they have some of my favorite actors in them. Audrey, Jimmy,
Grant, Katherine (although she could come and go) and Peck.
I want to have a classics marathon and just enjoy these movies in their true form
and with fabulous acting.