Questions and Answers

I had pinned this quote a while back just because I liked it but when I was 
flipping through my feed, I ran across it again and this time it hit me differently. 
I would say 2014 has definitely been a year of answers for me. 
Even when I didn't expect to see any answers for certain questions or 
I didn't even think I was questioning anything at all, answers have appeared

This weekend in particular was filled with answers. It was a roller coaster type of 
weekend that had its complete ups and downs but I would definitely say more ups than downs.
I realized how blessed I am with the people in my life and what an incredible
summer this has been. Whats even better is that I still have a month to go! 

If you are having a year that is asking questions or a year that is answering, 
I hope you seize each opportunity and be looking for those answers. :)

Things I'm Loving/Catch Up

 1. Tucson's downtown has been a weekly hang out spot for me lately. There are the coolest
little bars with distinct character and you are bound to run into someone at all times. 
This cool skeleton was painted outside of one of the newest places called R Bar where
everything is red and has a desert feel. Different muralists (?) are always 
painting new pictures on this wall and it's fun to see what was painted recently. One 
time I got to watch as a mural was painted and that was fascinating!

2. I have become obsessed with Friday Night Lights lately. I even got my roommate hooked
so now when we both need a break from studying we watch an episode. I have been
missing football lately so it's the perfect fix. 

3. Have you seen Blake Lively's new website, Preserve? I was looking through 
and I really like it! It's unique and would be a great place to look for a fun gift or 
trinket for your home or if you're looking for an interesting story. 

4. The storms that have happened in Tucson this July have been incredible!
This was the aftermath of one and me and a friend narrowly escaped being poured on
but it was such a fun experience. Tucson in July might be my favorite which is 
something I never thought I would say.

How's your week going?

Sea Salt Spray

 I recently cut my hair pretty drastically (hi long bob! Pictures coming soon... hopefully)
and knew I wanted to find some way that I can let my natural waves come through
without using heat because it is too hot as it is. I went around picking up different
sea salt sprays like they were candy and these are some of my favorites::

 This one smells amazing and doesn't feel like a hairspray when it dries which is nice
but I've found that it doesn't create/hold my curl very well. 
You can buy it here.

 This is the one I prefer over the Toni&Guy brand because it really holds the curl
and creates a fun look. The only downfall is the smell which is pretty sweet for my
taste. It's like spraying candy onto your hair (not really but kinda). It also has a pretty
strong hold which isn't my favorite because I like when my hair is soft but if it keeps
the curl then I'll survive.

I have not tried this one yet but I really, really want to! I have heard great things about
it but I just can't justify buying another sea salt spray right now! Soon my entire
bathroom is going to be stocked with only beach sprays. 

Do you have one that you love? And if you haven't tried a beach spray yet,
definitely get on that! It also works on straight hair (or so the internet says)! 

What to Give for...

Picking a perfect gift for a friends 21st birthday is a big deal. I love finding the gift
that is best suited for each friend and something they are really going to love. 
Each of the gifts sampled above are gifts that I have either given a friend or one of 
my friends have received and loved. 

Monogrammed mugs are always a classic. You can fill it with a couple small bottles of
their favorite type of wine or even candy if they aren't a drinker! Another cute
idea would be to put a small pair of earrings in the mug as a second little gift.

A monogrammed cocktail shaker is another great gift for the friend who is an aspiring
mixologist. They can put it on their bar cart or even use it as a personalized
glass for their drink! 

As we all probably know, Anthropologie has great home goods and their wine glasses
are always stunning. My friend received 2 of the wine glass above and they are beautiful
in person. Pairing a couple wine glasses with a great cocktail book is an awesome gift
and great for that bar cart I mentioned! 

Maybe these suggestions will help when you're thinking of a gift for your friends
21st or any birthday after 21!

What to Wear for...

{tunic- on sale!, necklace, shoes, earrings-on sale!}

Lately I have had quite a few 21st birthdays to attend and each one brings a new struggle
of what to wear! (the biggest first world problem) This past weekend I wore
a tunic I recently bought from Anthropologie (similar to the one above but different pattern).
I wore the tunic without pants because I'm short and it was long enough but you can
always put a cute pair of black skinny pants underneath like the model. 

I am a huge fan of simple jewelry so I paired my tunic with my gold pineapple necklace
similar to the one shown and I wore my little studs but I love the drop
earrings on sale from Anthropologie! 

For shoes I thought it would be fun to pair a different pattern for a little twist and these
B&W polka dot flats are the cutest! I felt like heels would be a little much with
the tunic alone but if you wore pants underneath then heels would work as well!
(also I'm all about comfort so I'll always choose flats) 

When your friend is turning 21, you want to look good and be comfortable so you can
really help them celebrate their day. I just love birthdays!! 
What do you like to wear for a friends 21st?

Stay tuned for a 21st birthday friends gift guide!

A Quote a Day

I don't know about you but it was as if this quote found its way directly to me. 
This is exactly what I needed to read and I figured maybe someone else needed
to hear/read it as well. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Taylor Swift Said it Best


I think Taylor Swift said it best when being in your 20's means you're "happy,
free, confused and lonely at the same time." And then add in the "it's miserable and 
magical..." There really is no other way to describe all the emotions and experiences
that happen during this time. I know I am just beginning my journey into my 20's
and for that I am grateful but jeez these two years have been turbulent. 

Turbulent not necessarily in a bad way but there really is never too many calm moments
and if there are, I still feel restless. One second I can be happy as can be enjoying
my summer with friends and work etc. and the next I am feeling down on myself
for not being completely in line with certain milestones I haven't reached yet. 

I am at a really good place in my life right now. That's not to say times aren't rough
every once in a while or I'll find a cockroach just hanging out next to me bed
and have to freak out and deal with it all alone because no one else is home. But
I guess all those annoyances and frustrations don't matter as much when I realize
how blessed I am to live the life I do at 21 years old. 

Who is to say how my life will change when I'm 22 but 21 ain't half bad. 
(written when I've been 21 for about 6 months now)

Happy 4th!


Happiest of 4th's to you! 
This is the first 4th where I am not home in Tahoe celebrating with my 
family and am instead still very much in the desert. (But it's monsoon
season and I am giddy with excitement!!! Cooler weather! Rain! Yay!) 

Today is going to be spent doing lots of math work for my summer class and in
prep for the GRE but then a little get together later in the evening. :)

What are your 4th plans? If you're on the East coast, I'm thinking of you 
and hope it isn't too rainy!!