I think it would come as no surprise that I am a huge Warby Parker fan. Whenever I love a company I make sure to be as vocal about it as possible because if I'm excited about something, I want other people to be equally excited. When they asked me to help spread the word on their Ghostly collection, I immediately said yes. And guys, these sunglasses are cooool. I wanted to create an outfit that would be just as cool (or at least try to be) as these sunglasses.

This pair is super sleek and you would look endlessly cool this holiday season or, you know, whenever. Black sunglasses never go out of style. You can take my word on that.
I am such a fan of this frame. It's called Bourbon Tortosie (what a name!) and would most likely work with many different styles. 

This collaboration is with Ghostly, a music and art label that has created a community of artists and innovators since 1999. Warby Parker and Ghostly worked together last year and released the Curtis frame, which was an instant hit. Now the collaboration is back for Ghostly's 15th anniversary and they've released the Bourbon Tortosie, Aubergine Fade, and Moss to go side by side with the original & classic Revolver Black.
Effortless cool. 

The new line of frames come out TODAY so get yours while you can! Check out Warby Parker's website as well for more information! Oh, and don't forget the most important part! Not only are you getting the best glasses around when you purchase through Warby Parker, they are also giving away a pair of glasses to someone in need with every purchase. In this season of giving, that's pretty perfect.

Also, Warby Parker just opened up a store in San Francisco, where I will conveniently be today, so I am going to try and stop by! Can't wait!

What do you think of the Ghostly collaboration??

To get you in the holiday mood...

Lately some pretty wonderful videos have been floating around the internet and they are
all about the holiday season. Now I know Thanksgiving is this week, but I firmly believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand in hand so showing more Christmas related videos does not mean I am skipping over Thanksgiving! It merely means I found some heartwarming videos
that deserve to be watched again and again because there is a lot of harsh stuff out there in the world but these are all about joy.

This video filled my eyes with tears and also made me incredibly happy. Please watch!

This video gave me all kinds of chills and was stunningly beautiful. I love acapella.

And now for a fun one! This is the sweetest video ever!! Also, Michael Buble's Christmas album is pure perfection.

Are there any videos I'm missing that have stopped you in your tracks?

2014 Glamour Women of the Year

 I always love showcasing the Glamour Women of the Year awards because I love being inspired
by the women they choose. (Here's my post from last year!)
They choose women from all walks of life and from all professions who are making a difference
and honestly, it introduces me to women I had never heard of before! 
Below are a few who stood out to me and there are more inspiring women on Glamour's
website so be sure to check them all out!

  HER WORDS TO LIVE BY: "I suggest to everyone: Look in the mirror. Ask yourself: Who are you? What are your talents? Use them, and do what you love."

 HER WORDS TO LIVE BY: "When it comes to decision making, be your own best friend. I remember really well when my mom said that to me, the day before she died [in 2012]. She was giving me comfort. It's been very useful in so many situations."

 Natalia Vodianova
HER WORDS TO LIVE BY: "Be positive. Don't dwell on the negative. Move forward into what is next." 
(such an interesting and fascinating story!!)

 "Fiercely intelligent and multicultural, Nyong'o is a twenty-first-century global citizen."

Chelsea Clinton
 HER WORDS TO LIVE BY: "Know that we have more in common across the world than we have differences. Mother's love is universal. The instinct to try to give your child a better life than you have had—it's universal. And I think it's largely driven by mothers." 

Who are some women that inspire you?

Also, happy, happy, happy Friday!!! All of my tests are done (praise the Lord!) and now I will
be tying up some loose ends before I head home on Tuesday! I hope you have a great weekend!




 These might seem like a pretty random grouping of items and I guess they are, but each of these items are ones I would snatch up in a second. I absolutely adore my Warby Parker's and would love a new pair so I can share the wealth. Their winter collection is perfect in every way and just in time for the holidays! I have also been thinking about the possible move to a colder climate for grad school, so I am loving those Sperry weather boots. Also, the Kate Spade book clutches are perfect for the book worm like myself. The price is a bit above what I would ever spend on a clutch, but I still like they're adorable.
Basically, I am loving all of these pieces.
Are there any items you've seen around lately that you've been coveting?

I hope you have a great Wednesday! I have some testing to do, lots of studying and I need to
start getting ready to go home next week!! So exciting! 

Random Musings

Hello there. Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was spent studying, studying, studying and then dressing up like Natalie Jean to go out on the town. It was a really strange and wonderful night and I got to talk to many a stranger which may be a new favorite hobby of mine. If a stranger has the confidence to come up and talk to me, I am going to talk back because that's some perfect definition of bravery. There was a lot of white girl dancing on my end, getting all the details on a drunken car crash that happened (she ran into a barrier so no worries, no one was hurt! She just stalled traffic something terrible) and getting to see a sobriety test, running into old friends in the bathroom, and all done while sipping on some sweet water. (#DD)

Lately I have been struggling with living in denial over the graduation thing. I don't know how I am supposed to leave all of these places and haunts with no return in sight. I really don't know. Now that it is a month away it's hard to deny the inevitable. Tucson has been my sweet spot where I've grown up in so many ways and am excited to take on the world but could I do it with all my friends by my side? Please? But maybe that's the other side of growing up and maturing.

And heck, I'm excited to meet new friends too! The old song from Girl Scouts (it's probably really from somewhere else but I was taught it during Brownies), "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the others gold" keeps playing in my head and it's a nice constant reminder. Jeremiah 29:11 has also been on constant repeat. I think it's nice to have some quotes and verses to keep us moving when we feel more inclined to stand still.

This has been long and rambly and gone from the silly to the serious so I apologize if it was hard to keep up. I'm excited for where I want to take this blog in the coming weeks/months/years and I hope all my dreams for this space can come to fruition. And if you wanna tag along and join me on this ride, I would love to have you! :)

Hope you're having a lovely November.

All Souls Procession 2014

On Wednesday I shared my photos of the sugar skull makeup process and today I thought I'd 
share some of the procession photos. It was such a neat experience and something
I will always remember. It kind of felt like my last Tucson hurrah (#sentimental) and now
that I am almost exactly a month away from graduation, I am trying to soak up all of these special and unique Tucson moments. 
Here's some of the photos!
(I was trying to show how many people were there)
(very cool costumes all of the place)
(spooky scary friends)
(photos of loved ones were projected here)
(i got to meet up with my little, Alyssa, and her roommate and roommates boyfriend)
(the gang)

I love that I have these memories and these photos from such a cool day!

My Sugar Skull Makeup Process

On Sunday I participated in Tucson's All Souls Procession
and it was my first time getting to put on sugar skull makeup and participate in 
something as beautiful as the procession was. There were thousands of people participating
in the procession or standing by watching the crowds and there was music playing throughout
the entire route. 

I thought it would be fun to document the process of my sugar skull makeup and show it on
here. My roommate did my makeup and I decided to only do half of my face for the event. 
Take a look!

(adding some blush)

And the final product!

Have you ever worn sugar skull makeup? What kind of design did you do?

A Weekend with Family

 This weekend my dad and sister came to visit and my heart was feeling very full and loved.
I was spoiled rotten with all the delicious food we ate and it was a blast to show my sister
around my college town. We went to Mount Lemmon where it was a good 20 degrees colder
than in the valley, saw the Homecoming parade, walked around downtown and ended
with the Arizona vs. Colorado football game!

 On Thursday night (prior to my sister arriving) my dad and I ate at our favorite restaurant, 47 Scott,
and ordered the Violet Beauregard drink. It was delicious so I had to document!

 We did a lot of exploring in downtown and on 4th Avenue. My sister particularly became fond
of all of the sugar skulls throughout Tucson. (This one is on the side of The Rialto!)

 On Friday we brought Monica, my roommate, along to dinner at Downtown Kitchen! If you
like eclectic food, definitely eat here! It was a fun experience and we tried meals I never would
think to order. 

It was a fantastic weekend overall! On Sunday I participated in the All Souls Procession 
with some friends, so expect pictures from that on Wednesday!!

I hope your weekend was lovely!

My Honest Review of 1989

Let me start off by saying I have been a tried and true Taylor Swift fan for many many years now.
I have been a fan since her CMT up and coming artists session. I saw her in concert when
she was opening up for Rascal Flatts and was still obsessed with flipping her hair constantly.
(I'm glad that stage is mostly over) 
Anyone that knows me understands that I am an unapologetic fan.

Two weeks ago, her new album, 1989, dropped (if you didn't know then you must be living without
a computer/tv/etc). I went to Target and bought the deluxe version and immediately went home
to figure out the codes as I have for the past 4 albums. Then I began to listen. 
At first I was hesitant on pretty much every song besides the ones already released and this scared
me. But I remembered that this is how I was with Red originally as well, so I listened some more.

My general consensus is that it is not my favorite album of hers and there are definitely songs
that I could care less about, but there are also a couple songs that have grown on me and
I really love. I think the hard part for me is that I am not a huge fan of girly pop music in 
general and with this transition to pop music, she's lost me a little bit. 
(Although, Red was definitely on the pop side, it was nothing like this kind of pop)

Here's my favorite songs on the album and why::

Shake It Off- this song is way too catchy. My roommate and I blast it before we go out and 
it's an instant mood lifter.

Welcome to New York- another catchy one. I like the layering of her vocals the most.

Style- I love how blatantly obvious it is that this song is about Harry Styles. Also, the chorus is the best part. And with everyone else I completely thought she said "Starbucks lovers."

Blank Space- if this song is what I think it's about, making fun of her love life and all the rumors associated with it, then it's genius. If it's not then I think it's kinda silly haha. The clicking 
of the pen is brilliant regardless.

This Love- one of the ballads and I am a sucker for a Taylor Swift ballad.

I Know Places- I thought this song was clever as well and honestly made me feel a little bad for her. The fact that she can't be in a "normal" relationship must suck. 

Clean- again with the ballads. Plus Imogen Heap's vocals in the background are beautiful.

You are in Love- I love how simple this song is.

What are your favorites?

A Quote a Day

So beautiful. I think this is the best quote for November. It is one of my favorite months
because it has all the excitement that December has but without finals. ;) 

November also marks the beginning of my three favorite months. This month has Thanksgiving,
December has Christmas and New Years and January has my 22nd birthday.
Needless to say, I am a fan of winter time. 

 My dad and sister are coming into town on Thursday/Friday so I'll have lots of stories 
and hopefully some photos to share next week!! I love having visitors!

Have a great Monday!