road trip podcasts

I'm taking a breather from studying for a minute to round-up some of the podcasts I am dying to listen to on my upcoming road trip. I always love hearing about podcasts people adore and I love passing along a good one as well. 

Most of these I haven't listen to yet but they all came highly regarded. If you haven't gotten on the podcast train yet, I propose you hop on and start with these!! 

1. Serial- the golden star of podcasts right now. I liked the first season (definitely got a little bored by episode 6 or so) but I can't wait for this second season!! First episode is out now on Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl! 

2. TED Radio Hour- Do you like TED talks? Are you human? jkjk But we all love TED talks and this podcast rounds up some fascinating discussions. Right now I have saved Headspace, Identities, Growing Up, Brand Over Brain, and Just a Little Nicer. (Obviously a big fan.) They keeps things interesting and unique throughout. 

3. This American Life- I haven't listened to too much from them but some I have saved include The Land of Make Believe and Magic Words. 

4. Relevant- This is a Christian magazine/online website but they interview some amazing people on all types of subjects! The one I have saved is on John Mark and Sarah McMillan Perform because I'm such a fan of his voice. 

5. Stuff You Should Know- They had some really interesting topics up and I chose the one called How Dementia Works. Won't be the lightest of topics but super relevant to my field of work.

6. The Tim Ferriss Show- This was recommended to me and seems to be pretty popular! I have an episode saved where he interviews Jamie Foxx. 

7. Bridgetown- This is my church's podcast page of our pastors sermons each week. Right now I have saved this amazing guest speaker that talked all about the current state of the world and how we cannot live in fear but instead approach our fears about what is happening from a different direction. It's called Identity and Vocation. SO GOOD. 

8. Oh Boy- This is ManRepeller's podcast and I've heard it's another goody! I chose the episodes with Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter) and Emily Weiss (founder of Into the Gloss). 

9. Women Of the Hour- This is Lena Dunham's new podcast series and she interviews women on many different subjects. It's really fascinating and it's almost like you're sitting down with friends. 

10. Dear Sugar Radio- This is Cheryl Strayed's podcast all about life, love and relationships of all kinds. If you like her books, either Wild or Dear Sugar, then you will like this podcast. 

You can find all of these on iTunes. :) 

What podcasts am I missing??

Dropping In


Hey what's up hello

The semester is winding down, the days are shorter and the weather is frigid. I LOVE it. No really. For once in recent memory, it actually feels like December and I get to dress up in warm clothes! It's been raining pretty consistently and I'm realizing rain boots are about the least practical shoes ever, so I've been looking into some duck boots. Well wouldn't you know it, apparently everyone else in the country is also wanting some duck boots about now. I asked for some LLBean boots for my birthday/Christmas and I just found out there is a waitlist of, oh, about 100,000 people. Yaaaaaaay. So basically I could get my boots by March or April. Someone tell me it's worth it!!

In other news, Mount Hood is full of snow, I want to go skiing, and I really need to go grocery shopping. Aren't you riveted? This is life around here folks! I'm incredibly excited for the holidays and getting to spend time with family so for now I'm going to put my head down and hustle!
I almost have a semester of grad school under my belt! Yippee!

Hope your first weekend in December is grand. :)