Desert Flower

 There is nothing as pretty as seeing flowers blooming from cacti. Something hated because of its harsh exterior and painful thorns can bloom the most beautiful creation.

I think it gives me a little hope that if something as ugly as a cactus can produce
a stunning flower, anything is possible.

Note: all photos above are my own. 

Instagram Friday

Welcome to Instagram Friday!
I'm thinking this will be a new thing I do where I 
show some photos from my week or even last week that
have been my life lately. 
 New necklace from Megan at Across the Pond
I've literally been wearing it every day.

 My obsession with thrifted treasures continues with this jean
dress. It's so cozy. 

I've been trying to do my hair in more unique designs lately
and this was one I did yesterday. It was an inside out braid
and then a pony tail at the bottom. 

Have a lovely Friday!
I just finished a bunch of tests and will be resting and 
preparing for home/finals this weekend!!!


source: here
While being in college, I've realized how much I cherish solidarity. aloneness. The art of being peacefully alone. I took for granted the moments when I could hide away in my little room at home. While living in a dorm room I constantly search for that alone time. sometimes i have to retreat to the bathroom if i am in desperate need. (don't deny it, you have probably been there too.) 

this solidarity and time to think is something i am very much looking forward to this summer and next fall. i'll have my own room to think and when i'm ready to be present, i can leave the room. none of this hiding just so i can be alone. to think.

there is a healthy balance to this aloneness but if done right, it is a very powerful necessity. this time gives me a moment to analyze my life. how am i living? am i breathing enough? think big picture, allie.

it's ok to be alone.


my favorite sounds
OLAM - Coffee pour
source: here

coffee being poured into a mug

rain on the rooftop

faint sound of a lawnmower in the morning

trickle of a little waterfall

birds in the morning

pure laughter

a little child's giggle

snipping of scissors

wind whistling through trees in Tahoe

rhythmic ocean waves

soft music

loud, concert music

a soft guitar

chopping food

what are some of yours?

Professional Hairstylists

Fridays can never be planned out here.
Some days we get Bobas and walk around neighborhoods and other
days we become hairstylists. Last friday was a hair cutting day.

This is the life a college student. We cut our friends hair because
we are either too lazy to go to the hair salon or don't want to
pay $10. Either way, it led to a good time for us.

I, of course, documented this experience and that's why you have
the pictures above. Plus a picture of my cool hair that Monica did.

Cafe Luce

 This is my "I'm concentrating don't bother me" face.

 And this is my "Ok I'm done... let's be happy" face. 

Obviously I'm full of emotions. 

Recently my friends and I have fallen in love with Cafe Luce.
This little gem has been so close to us all along but 
only caught our hearts this past month. 
We've been making it a point to go there as often as possible
and catch up on some homework. 

Do you have a favorite coffee shop?

Noting the Differences

I have a week and a half left of real school before finals start
and needless to say, stress is running high in Tucson. 
I thought I would take a minute to say how much has changed
from when I left Tucson in December to now because I 
only have a little bit more of my freshman year left.

When I left Tucson in December:
Despised the city
Nothing to do... ever.
Too hot
when can I transfer?
Get. Me. Home.

How I feel about Tucson now:
I can't wait to come back in August and move into my house!
love the artsy vibe of the city
plenty to do if you look for it
the weather isn't TOO bad, you can get a nice tan
I've definitely grown up being here
Best Boba teas around (Miss Saigon I'm looking at you!)
Love the Mexican influences everywhere you look
I feel like I have 2 homes.

Each home will have my heart in different ways
but I finally feel at rest here in Tucson. 
Thank. You. Lord. 

Lusting Over

These prints by French photographer Robert Doisneau.
I would love the first one for my home next semester.
They each capture human affection and playfulness in such a unique way.
You may have seen him being remembered on the Google homepage.

As he said himself,
"The marvels of daily life are so exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected
that you find in the street."

The night I turned into Daisy

My friend invited me to go to our church's spring formal a few weeks ago.
I immediately went on the search for a dress once I found out and my friend showed up
with the emerald beauty you see above.
Once I had that dress I decided we HAD to turn this occasion in to a theme and that theme would be the 1920's. Luckily my friends I went with were excited to partake and voila!
Everyone else at the dance loved our outfits because they were so different and unique.

Moral of the story: Sticking out is the best and most fun way to live ones life. There is no point in blending in.

Something you should know about me...

I love a well thought out day planner. The day planners
that give you absolutely no space to write in everything 
you need to do that day are unreasonable and frustrating.
I spent a very long time finding my day planner for this year
and you can bet your bottom dollar I was picky.

Picking out the perfect day planner is deciding
whether or not you are going to be successful in my book.
There is something very gratifying about writing every thing
down and crossing items off. Like so. 
That felt great.

In my leadership class yesterday I noticed this girls planner
and I immediately asked her where she got it. She told me
to go to Erin Condren's website and so I did...

Here are my new obsessions. Still trying to decide which to get 
in the Fall:
 Chevron. Done. 
 This is the one the girl had and I loved the idea
of having special moments captured on your planner.
 After looking at planners I moved to cards.
Another obsession of mine.

Are these not too perfect for words??

The website is here and she is even taking 40% off
all day planners right now! Snatch one up!


Photo obviously not from me unless I magically
acquired man legs like this. Actually, yes, yes I did. 

On Monday I actually worked out. I realized I had
not been to the gym it what would seem to be a century
and therefore needed to move this body that was dying for 
some exercise. That all sounds good and dandy but my problem
is that I pushed myself too hard.

Guys, I can barely walk right now. Every time
I get up from a seat I look like an 80 year old 
grandma. (By the way, if this is what getting old feels
like then I would like no part of it.) 

I kept telling myself I would stop running when this song 
ended and then All the Above by Maino would come on 
and how could I not run to that song? So basically, I blame
my ipod for this pain.

 I hope my body appreciates the exercise I gave it
because now I am suffering. Next time I go to the gym
will be in at least six months...

Kind of. 

What I'm Dreaming About: Anthropologie

I would like all the above pieces in my closet and
preferably at lower prices. :) Thank you.

That pullover just looks like something that would be 
wonderful to have up in Lake Tahoe when it gets
 a bit breezy. 

Also, is anyone else obsessed with Diana Agron's dress
from when she was on The View? I am. 

What are you dreaming about?

Easter Recap

Easter dress.
Arizona sunsets.

Easter this year was pretty different from what I'm
used to. First of all, and more importantly, I was not home. 
But luckily, my roommate let me come home with her
and her family was very welcoming. 

I feel so blessed to have good friends that will take
me in so I don't feel so lonely on holidays. 

We ate a lot of food, deep fried turkey and all, I drank
soda again for the first time since Lent, (De-lic-ous)
and we watched the Masters. Go Bubba! 
It made me kind of want to get back into golf again.
(Note: kind of. ) Not sure if I'm ready for a retired
man's sport again. 

How was your Easter?