A New Favorite

I want to talk about the Bachelorette for a minute. If you didn't know,
I'm a huge fan of this franchise. (Besides the Bachelor Pad. Just no.)
My family and I love watching it every week and commenting on literally
everything like Emily and the boys can hear us. 

For a while I wasn't the biggest fan of Jef with one F because I thought
he was WAY too cool for Emily. I mean really, this guy is about as cool
as they come and is such a genuinely nice person! But lately I've been changing
my mind and I may be converting to team Jemily.  Hear me out:

Look at that face! And those glasses! I want Jef for myself to be honest,
but if that's not going to happen then I want him to be with Emily.

But not only is he cool, he is the co-founder of this amazing company
called People Water (below). 

Seriously? Major props in my book. Below his name it just said
Entrepreneur which as my sister pointed out, a lot of the time means
unemployed. But this guy is far from unemployed. He started
up this company with his buddies and now travels all over bringing clean
water to people in need.

Basically, he's the best.


Wanna Get Away- Cloverdale

Sometimes a weekend is too perfect, with both weather conditions (75!) and
circumstances, that you have to reevaluate old plans and say, let's get away.

The destination was supposed to be Sonoma but ended up being
in Cloverdale and I was perfectly fine with that change. 
Cloverdale is this little city an hour north of Sonoma and it has 
classic small town charm.

Plus any place that welcomes me with a farmers market is perfect on my list. 

My love letter to Nora Ephron

When I was in middle school, I discovered When Harry Met Sally. One lonely night
I played the movie that would forever stay with me and for the duration of the film I was
able to escape my middle school hell and dive into Sally's life.

 Any one that has spent some period of time with me knows that this movie is not 
only an absolute favorite of mine, but holds a very special place in my heart. 
I can quote lines like there's no tomorrow and I still dream of my own personal
Harry. Someone who is funny, charismatic, pretends to not care but truthfully cares
with his whole being, and willing to question the big thoughts of life. 

 As I've grown, another one of Nora's movies has taken precedence in my heart and
happens to have one of my favorite actors (Tom Hanks) in it as well: You've Got Mail.

I love how very unapologetically '90's this movie is and the fact that Kathleen owns
a tiny bookstore out of a fairytale, loves daisies (a favorite of mine), and struggles with
accepting the developing technological times and yearning for the simple days
not too long ago. Of any character in a movie, I feel closest to dear Kathleen
Kelly. Because even when she is trying to muster the energy to fight off the 
big ole Joe Fox (F.O.X.), mentally preparing herself for battle and fighting the air, 
 you can tell she would never hurt a fly much less ruin 
someone's business. (But it's the thought that counts.)

Nora Ephron created great female protagonists and never apologized for
creating vulnerable yet strong women. I will miss her creative genius in the world
but for now I will watch my favorites and thank her for her work. 

Outfit posts are no easy feat

I had to basically bribe my sister to take these photos. 
Then once the photos were being taken I felt incredibly egotistical
and ridiculous. So these could be the last official outfit pictures you 
ever see. 

I got this skirt last week and have been trying to wear it since 
then. My dad, sister, and I went on an escape this weekend
and I was finally able to wear this beaut in the city of Cloverdale. 

I like my awkward buck-tooth face in the third photo. 
Modeling is my life basically. 

Shirt: no idea (Christmas gift), Skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Steve Madden
necklace: handmade vintage yo! 

Growing up

On Growing Up...

When I was little everything seemed unfair and simple. I always felt
older than I really was and felt that I should be treated as old as I felt
 I carefully planned out sentences as to not sound trivial,
 especially around older peers, and was quick to laugh 
but not to participate in the joke telling. I was
an observer to the extreme. 

Not too much has changed. 

As I continue to grow, I'm constantly amazed by what I learn each day.
The people you think are going to be in your life for some time often aren't
and it will really fricken hurt, and the people you least expected to pick you up when
you crumble are the ones by your side now. Family never falters but 
friends constantly change. As a person that deals with change at a 
very slow pace, friends coming and going takes a lot of adjusting of the 
mind and heart. 

I love that I learn new things about me and my surroundings each day,
as hard as those lessons may be, and I hope to never lose
that spirit that I've carried with me as a child to an adult. That
quiet awe of the world around me and my ability to take in 
bits and pieces of every day and digest them in my own time.

 But if I've learned anything, it's this: 
growing up is no easy feat. 

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...

I'm linking up with Michaela today for her She Loves me, She Loves Me Not 
link up party! So without further adieu... here we go!

She Loves Me:

1. Drinking out of Mason jars. Especially cold iced tea. :)

2. Coffee made from specialty coffee shops. Always tastes better!

3. My new skirt from Anthropologie. I'm in love! Plus it was on sale!!

 4. Anthropologie home goods. I may have house fever right now 
but I am in love with everything Anthro has for the home. 

5. Downtown Sacramento. I've gone so much within the past month that I'm
calling myself an old pro navigating those one way streets. 

She Loves Me Not:

1. This past weekend, the weather in Sacramento was in the 100's and I had
to work outside all day Saturday and Sunday. This was my 'I'm
not ready for this but have to brave the heat anyways' face. 

2. Losing people you thought would be in your life for a long time. 

3. The price of gas in California! Ouch!

Thrifted Treasures

These are my treasures I found downtown the other day.
I am so excited to find a home for them in the house I'm moving
into once I go back to college. The first piece I am going to 
use as a make-shift headboard. 

Don't worry, pictures will be up once I've decorated my room
in the house. But I still have 1.5 months left at home and I'm
enjoying every minute. :)


I'm back. Remember me?

Guys, life has been busy. Which is good! But in the mean time
I haven't blogged very much at all. A lot of this is also because
Blogger takes a million years to upload the photos I want
on a blog post. Then I get upset and frustrated and never write the post.

So what have I been up to lately?
1. Crafting

2. Spending times with friends and family

3. Going downtown as much as possible (I'm in love)

4. Working

5. Working a second job where I get to admire weddings as I serve them food.

6. Maintaining my baby vegetable garden and the millions of 
other plants in my family's backyard. 

7. Enjoying my backyard which means corn hole, jumping on the trampoline
and swimming. 

8. Watching the Bachelorette and Girls every week. LOVE THEM!
I was definitely a fan of Emily this week. She really showed those boys who's
boss! You go girl! 

I will try to be more consistent, I promise. :)

Wandering Through

 One severe TOMS tan. 

 New Kate Spade glasses. 

You are probably thinking, "But didn't you just go here?" and the answer
is yes. But this time I took my mom and we did our own type 
of wandering around midtown/downtown. 

We dropped our car off across the street from the Hot Italian and had no destination
in mind. It was one of the first times I had gone into downtown without
a restaurant in mind. It was the best because we wandered the grounds
of the Capital (something she had never done) and admired
the Vietnam memorial a little more. 

Then we went further down towards K street and more adventures 
occurred... but that's for another time. 

I like to think of the Capital grounds as a sort of 

The Best Shorts

I got this pair of shorts at Goodwill for $4. (Best thrifted purchase ever!)
But I had yet to wear them out. 

So I wore them out to dinner with my sisters the other night
and the first thing my sister says is, "Gosh, you're
such a hipster." Sure.

Also, just to keep ya'll informed, I maybe kind of sort of
got a job! It's not what was expected but it pays
and I like it. Thank you God!