Life goals

Allie's Life Goals

See Mumford & Sons in concert

Sky dive

Road trip up the California coast

Get into graduate school

Go to a major music festival

Go to a film festival

Obtain my C's for Speech-Language Pathology

Visit Alaska

Visit Canada

Drive cross country/go on a long road trip (and not get sick)

Listen to someone's life story

Visit Charleston

Learn some southern hospitality

Get my Master's degree

Travel around the south

Live in Europe for some time

Learn to be a better cook

Visit Yellowstone

Mission trip to Africa or wherever I'm called

Earn my degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences

Live in a "big" city

Buy/rent a home with character (aka old)

New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Help a complete stranger

Go back to Orvieto

Travel to London

Study Abroad

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Visit Niagara Falls

Camp at Crater Lake

Ice skate in Rockefeller Center

Travel to Australia

Visit the Grand Canyon

Visit Prince Edward Island

Travel to Northern Europe

Travel to Ireland

to be continued...