Mountain air time

Downtown Truckee California
I'll be spending some time here the next few days so I won't be blogging as often. Who am I kidding? I won't be blogging at all. I'm going to enjoy the snow (yes, snow in almost June) and crisp mountain air. It's been too long.
See you Friday!

Scenes from Old Sac

1. Jazz festival flyer.
2. The girls
3. Old fashioned water pump and new hair
4. New TOMS
5. Old fashioned school house
6. Thomas Kinkade Princess and the Frog painting
7. Sister with the creepy doll people

My family and I went to Old Sacramento today for the Jazz
festival and it was wonderful. And then, to end the day
we went to Crepeville. Because when you're in Sacramento
there is no better place to eat than Crepeville. (But I'm
probably biased.)

Song of the Day:
What I know- Parachute

Graduation Day!

Words cannot describe that day.
I was floating on a cloud and beaming from ear to ear. Everyone
I hold dear was near me and there was nothing that could happen that would
bring me down. It was perfect.

Yesterday was pretty darn great too. My parents threw me and Lukas (cousin)
a grad party and literally everyone we know and consider
close to us was there. It was magic.

I feel completely blessed.

It's here

Graduation day is finally here. So far I've only cried two times. I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job. I can't believe I won't be seeing so many of these people every again come August. What am I saying, come tomorrow! So many faces that I saw in the halls and cheering at rallies and football games will be long lost to me. The ones I hold closest will remain around but it's those 'school friends' that I will be missing come tomorrow. I have a feeling the tears won't end tonight. But I'm ready.
I've got my hair done and I just watched the Gilmore Girls scene when Rory graduates so I think now all I have to do is start getting ready for tonight.
Here's the scene by the way:

Song of the Day:
Today My Life Begins- Bruno Mars

Last Days

(Written this morning) This is my last day sitting in Starbucks at 7 am after dripping off my sister at zero period. In the beginning of the year, this responsibility seemed like the ultimate punishment. Yet now I'm sad it'll be over. (not as sad about all the money I've spent on drinks) Because of this daily morning ritual, I've gotten to arrive to school when I wanted to (early of course), have tea every single morning, and have extra studying time. As the sun comes pouring through the windows right now and I sit here studying for my last AP Bio final, I can't help but feel sad that this is the last day. I'll miss seeing the baristas every day that now know my drinks (because I'm always switching them up) and my name. I'll miss the wonderful African music and Ella Fitzgerald that they occasionally play. I'll miss being a fixture upon this place- something that is constant and welcoming. When people would notice I wasn't in Starbucks one morning, I would actually get concerning texts asking if I was all right.

It seems hard to believe that it is all ending. Every little ting is ending one at a time. First this and then tomorrow the two last periods of my classes will be gone. I never thought I'd miss Starbucks (especially after they raised their prices some odd months ago and I switched over to It's a Grind for some time) but I will. Or perhaps I'll miss this normalcy. This constant in my life. Either way, some aspects of these peaceful mornings will be missed.
Also, this face will be missed next year also. Such a cute doggie.

P.S. Wrote all that on my iphone this morning. Wowzer!

Let's talk about movies

There are a few movies coming up that I am really excited for. I thought I'd show you a few of the trailers and see if anyone else is as excited as I am about these!
Let me know!
Love Rachel McAdams and Paris. :)
Ryan Gosling? Hello? Enough said. AND Emma Stone.

And of course, the new Harry Potter.

Song of the Day:

Shot in the Dark- Augustana


Today I went to my favorite coffee and breakfast place in the world-Bloom. Not only is the name lovely, but the coffee and tea is to die for. Me and my friend Kim went for breakfast and chatted over graduating and life in general. It was a perfect morning.
Then I headed over to Relay for Life to do some hard core walking! I'm a huge supporter of Relay for Life and basically the fighting against all types of cancer. Being fair skinned and freckle-y, skin cancer is a prevalent one in my life. Also, we got free cupcakes for being walkers. Anytime there's free cupcakes, I'm there.

I've decided I'm going to start something new. Because I think music is incredibly important and I'm extremely passionate about it, I want to share with you a favorite song of the day. If you have a song to share with me, please do! I'm always up for suggestions!

Song of the Day:

Come Home- One Republic Ft. Sara Bareilles
(beautiful song with wonderful lyrics)

Records and pretend

Yesterday I stopped by Dimple records and realized they have an awesome collection of records-Recent stuff that I absolutely drool over. Mumford & Sons just happened to be there and my sister and I may have hyperventilated. Then we realized we already own the special edition cd so maybe it would be a waste of money to buy the record. Plus my wallet was in the car... probably smart of me since I would have bought at least 5 records.
Oh hey Allie's face. Today I was Farrah Fawcett. Sometimes I like to pretend I live in the 1970's. I'm not even a fan of the '70's I just really like how they dealt with their bangs. I hate bangs. They always just seem in the way and this curly bang thing is easy and wonderful. So therefore I turned into Farrah.

Do you own records? Or do you sometimes do the Farrah hair-do?


Today I found myself over-thinking. I tend to be very good at this over-thinking. I'll grab hold of one moment and analyze each and every aspect of it down to the wire. Over-thinking is like a disease. It never stops growing once it's began.

So what what I over-thinking about you ask? What was gnawing at me incessantly during 5th period today? The future. The future was.

This great future looming towards me. Each day it comes closer and closer. No longer is it moving at horse and buggy speed but at race car speed. Graduation is next week, and all I can think about is whether or not Arizona is the right choice.

I know it has to be. It has to. I know I will love it dearly. But so much of me knows the truth. Knows my undying devotion and adoration for the south. For the place I traveled to two summers ago and fell in love with. I know my father felt it too, this deep and sincere love. I can sense he grew restless from this newfound love also. Every day since then, it has surrounded me.

I know one day I'll end up over there. It's best that I didn't go for the first four years. I know this. Yet it's difficult. I feel this need to travel, to explore, to live. I want to go to Italy and live there for a year. I want to walk around Greece and breathe it all in. I want cobblestone streets and southern hospitality down in the south.

And I'm going to Arizona. Not exactly the south or Europe in any sense.

But I'll get there someday. I will.


Sometimes it all makes sense

"Over the next many days, as he kept nursing himself back to vigor, he thought that maybe when you're making your way forward in life, it just looks higgledy-piggledy, the way, if you were a fly walking across one of Beautiful Girl's drawings, all you'd be able to see was green, then blue, then yellow. Only if you got in the air before the swat came down would you see the colors belonged to a big drawing, with the green for this part of the picture, the blue and yellow for others, every color being just where it was meant to be. Could this be what life was?"
-The Story of Beautiful Girl

So simple yet so beautiful and introspective.


Remember what I said about television being affected by where you are in your life at the moment. well books are affected in the same way.

Last night i was trying to decide what book to buy on my Nook (say what you want, but when all I need is a good book to read right now, the Nook comes in handy) and was contemplating over the book pictured above vs. the book below. Finally I came to a conclusion.

I chose the book above, not only because the cover is beautiful (yes, I do judge a book by its cover) but also because I didn't feel the need to read a book about acquiring happiness right now. why? because I am happy. reading a book on how to be happier doesn't apply to my life right now. if i was any happier than people would probably think i was on some type of pills. not good.

books mark times in our lives. when I am feeling like i need to be challenged, i read a classic... when i need a good laugh, i read fluff (my moms word for chick-lit)... when i just want to escape into the world i am reading about, i choose your good ole' regular fiction. books have always been around in my life and its because they help me realize something new about my self with each page and help me organize my thoughts.

Books are my water. Ok and coffee is too.
sorry Happiness Project. Maybe another time.


Sometimes we all need a reminder to "have a nice day" so I
wrote it on my friend Matt's arm. Then Katie wrote "you too" on
mine. I thought it would make people happy.

Then on Friday, I met Dtrix and Nathan Owens. They were both
incredibly cool and hilarious.
On Thursday my friends and I went to Crepeville and then
wandered around Midtown Sacramento. We found glass Coke
bottles and were all giddy with our discovery. Coke tastes
10,000 times better in a glass bottle, if you were wondering.

And that my friends, is what has created bliss in my life. That, and
the fact that we got our yearbooks and cap and gowns this week.
It's really happening...


Let go.
It's all coming so fast. Yet so slow.

It takes all of my power to tell myself to slow down, to
appreciate these last few days. I see college graduates
all over, even in my own family, and I so badly wish
it was me. But why?

I want to enjoy college. These 'best years of my life.'
I want to live. I don't want to be envious.
So why am I?

It's like a disease. This envious feeling. It eats me up inside
until I realize my life is spinning around me and I'm stuck
in the past. It happens far too often, and I don't want this to happen
for my high school graduation.

I will enjoy it. I will breathe and laugh and smile. I will
live in the moment. I won't compare myself to others. I won't
let my last few months here before college slip through my fingers.


Girls night out + yearbooks

Last night, my friends in my aerobics class and I all went to Johnny
Rockets and saw Something Borrowed. Perfect night out. J.R.'s
is fantastic with it's 1950's decor and the movie was hilarious.

And then today we got our yearbooks. My senior yearbook.
I feel like this means it's really happening. I'm really graduating
in a week and a half. During these last few days and weeks, I have
been enjoying my friends' company more and loving on my family more.
I feel so blessed. Plus, my family quoted a Rascal Flatts song in my baby
ad. How fantastic is that?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Senior Ball!

Date and I jumping on the trampoline.
All the beautiful people

beautiful mama
Kyle. How I adore him.

Words can not describe how magical that evening was. Everything was perfect. I danced and was sore the next day, ate a fabulous salad that they served us, and laughed non stop. My dress may have gotten messed up and my hair might have fallen out slightly and my make up became askew, but none of that mattered when all I wanted to do was keep on smiling.

A day with the cousin

On Thursday I got to babysit my adorable and always energetic cousin, Taylor.
We did everything from get some yummy Nu-Yo to fashion shows of my
prom dress and her first communion dress. Oh, and we also went on a walk
that was absolutely gorgeous. I felt like I was on top of the world.
T.T. with her Nu-Yo. Happy girl.
My pink lemonade Nu-Yo. Lots of fruit!
T and Buster. (Yes, like Buster Posey the Giants player.)
Rolling hills on our hike. From here, you could see the entire town.
Possibly to San Francisco.

Have a wonderful weekend! Senior Ball is today so expect lots of pictures
Sunday or Monday. Also, I saw Thor last night and it was epic.

Fill in the blank friday + a message


1. What I love most about my home is... my room. It used to be an attic and so it has wonderful angles. It's perfect.

2. I'm excited because... I graduate in 3 weeks!

3. My preferred method for blowing off steam when I'm frustrated is... huffing and puffing and then getting some exercise or writing it down.

4. Currently I'm craving... nothing because I just had a huge and intense lunch at Dominiks.

5. The thing I love most about my Mum is... She is understanding and loving and absolutely candid and hilarious.

6. If I was going to write a book about my life, the title would be... wow, hmm. Maybe "Don't Fear the Path." Since i am always excited for the next destination and never the road to the destination.

7. If I were to eat one thing for the rest of eternity it would be... bread. hands down.

Also, this is a little deep but so important to me. My mom, Papa, aunts and uncles have all experienced some form of skin cancer and if I could spread the word a little bit, that would be great.

Enjoy the video. It's great. :)

The power of television

Today, as I was sitting in my car waiting for friends to arrive at school so we could take our AP English test, I reflected on somethings. One thing I realized was how much television, books, and music represent stages in my life. If you could document what tv shows I watched at one point to another there would be a story as to why. Let's begin with television... you can try it to! Track your shows you watch or watched consistently and then think of why.

First off: 7-8th grade- One Tree Hill
I was a huge OTH fan. I used to dream of them filming the show in my town and me getting to meet the actor who plays Nathan. (Used to know his name. Darn.) When Haley and Nathan got married as juniors and had a child by the time they were seniors in high school, I thought it was adorable. Now that I'm a senior in high school, it's not so cute. It's creepy. I loved this show because it gave me a glimpse into the big wonderful world of high school and out of the dreadful world of middle school. I no longer can stand this show.

I loved the gore and mystery and suspense that came with every show. Now I can't stand to see the nasty images. Yuck. This helped me through a dark patch in high school though.

Now I watch all uplifting and light shows like Ellen and Modern Family because I'm really happy these days. It's so funny to think how much shows reflect out life and our attitudes at the time.
Next up: music!


Wonderful Wednesday

Today was wonderful. Not only did I receive a 100% on my AP Biology test (my first A on a test mind you) but also, the sun was shining, I was wearing flowey flower shorts from Anthropologie, and the world is a beautiful place in general. I could be worrying about my AP test tomorrow or senior ball plans for this weekend... but instead I am very content.

Also, did anyone catch The Voice last night? A man named Tyler Robinson from FOLSOM was on and nailed it! His coach is Blake Shelton (LOVE!) and I couldn't be happier for him. I hope he knows my whole high school, and his high school (he graduated 2 years ago), are rooting for him!

Finally, while reading my book, The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters, I stumbled upon this quote and decided I had to share:

But once in a while the odd thing happens,
Once in a while the dream comes true,
And the whole pattern of life is altered,
Once in a while the moon turns blue.

Photo:http: //

The Royal Wedding

We set up camp in front of the TV the night before
so that by 4:30 we would be ready to go to watch
the recorded wedding. Because we were going on a plane
at 8, we didn't want to miss out on too much sleep, but
we thought 4:30 was appropriate.

Then once 4:30 rolled around, then the gushing over
the dress! the flower girls! the pages! the kiss for goodness
sakes! Everything was beautiful and perfect.
Something I'll always remember.
Then it was off to Disneyland where I witnessed even
some more magic. I feel so blessed.