A Quote a Day

"I never saw the green light at the end of Daisy's
dock or the parties on Gatsby's lawn, but they seem
more vivid than things that I actually lived. If we 
are the sum of our experiences, as I believe we are,
then books are a more important part of my life than 
my actual life. 

That's what I try to do with my own fiction: Fill the
stories with imaginary people who will become more
real to my readers than the people in their lives."

-George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin is the writer of the books and part 
director of the TV series Game of Thrones (the show
is based off the books). Whenever someone mentions
Gatsby in day-to-day conversation, my ears are bound to perk
up and listen. Any Gatsby fan is a friend of mine. 

Also, Martin writes extraordinary characters in his books
and the characters are the primary reason why I love the show 
as much as I do. Because believe me, I was not 
a fantasy fan before this show. 

Do You Have the Time?

I have been looking for a watch for a while now. I'm tired of always
asking other people for the time or having to look down at my
phone in danger of getting in trouble in class. 

Here are some of my favorite choices. I want a classic
fit, nothing too bling-y and nothing too large for 
my small wrists. 

And in a perfect world, I would get the watch below because
it's practically perfect in every way. But 
it also doesn't really tell you the time. So for $35
I could buy a watch that doesn't tell me the time.

 The first three are from Target and the last two
are from Urban Outfitters.

The Capitol

On Friday, my friends and I took a trip to my favorite
part of Sacramento- Downtown/ Midtown.

Our favorite restaurant down there is Crepeville (as discussed before
on the blog) and we just love walking around admiring the houses,
the architecture, and of course, the Capitol. 

I made us all look around the Capitol grounds for the rose
gardens I had seen the day before while we were driving
back from feeding the homeless at Loaves and Fishes and
once we found the rose garden, I decided the scrambling to find it
was well worth it. 
(World's longest run on sentence.)

Here are some shots from that day:

 Having a conversation with Fr. Junipero Serra.

Stunning right?

And I felt this was appropriate for Memorial Day. Thank you to all the
men and women who fought for our freedom and continue to fight today. 

A Summer Meal

I was in charge of the meal last night and therefore I went immediately to Pinterest. 
Doesn't everyone? 
I found an amazing mustard glazed salmon recipe, called up my dad, and the rest
is history. He cooked the salmon while I cooked the rest. 

The salmon has a hot honey mustard spread on it and was then grilled,
the summer vegetable salad has cucumbers, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese,
and then there was the corn that was eaten off the cob with a little bit of butter.

I forced us all to eat outside with the name tags I made a little bit earlier. 
It was a beautiful evening and we were even joined by some family friends
who were out on a walk. :) 

What's your favorite summer meal?


*This post is a 'I'm stressed but feel that I shouldn't write another depressing post again.' Also known as I still haven't found a job and I feel like a leech taking my parents money.*

But anyways, not that we've cleared the air, Katie and I went back to Karma Cafe this week and got our favorite cheese and fruit platter. Always delicious.

We then wandered around Sutter St. and thought about all the history that has taken place on the exact street we were standing on.

It was a good day.

Letting Go

This life is so unexpected. Every time I feel I have a grasp I am quickly
reminded of how little control I have. I may not get the job I'm vying for, 
but there is another on the horizon. I may not have my grandma anymore, 
but her love always surrounds us. I may not have my scholarship next 
semester because I'm studying abroad; studying abroad anyways. 

I feel that I am always reminding myself to pray and let God take the reins but 
then little bumps in the road occur and I realize that's not
what I was doing at all. I need to be more aware and conscious of praying. 

Let go and let God.


Also, side note: My mom, dad, and I may be going to Yosemite this
Memorial Day Weekend like we used to do every year with my
grandma when her health was better. Just being in Yosemite
with all that natural beauty around will be a wonderful time to heal
from her loss and cherish all the beautiful memories that took place there. 

A letter to my Grandma

Dear Grandma,
 When you passed on Wednesday it was hard to comprehend. I was by your side all day and yet all I could picture was you cooking, you laughing, you so full of life. You are the classiest lady I have ever been blessed to know. I only wish to be half as classy as you were in life. 
 You used to tell me stories of living in the 1940-50's and oh, how I envied you! But listening to your stories and learning from you almost filled my love for that time period. When I learned of what you went through to marry Grandpa Sam while you were an airline stewardess, it only instilled more love and admiration for you. 
It's hard to believe you're not here anymore. But I know you are in Heaven with Grandpa Sam and my Papa. One of my favorite things about your personality was your consistency with every aspect of life. I full-heartedly believe I inherited parts of your personality and that love for consistency is one of the main and best parts. 

My love for you reaches no bounds and I thank you for raising a wonderful father. Because of you, I am blessed with a father unlike any other. So thank you Grandma, thank you for this blessed life you've given me and the memories of Hawaii and Carmel that will never, ever leave my mind. Every time we go to Carmel your memory and smile will be with us.

Love you,

A Quote a Day

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 
-F. Scott Fitzgerald from The Great Gatsby

Never has this quote rang truer than it does now. I feel that I have matured
and grown into more of the person I've always wanted to be and this summer
is my testing ground. My life truly feels like it is beginning
over again and in the best way possible.

Also, The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favorite books because of
the impeccable writing. I can re-read it over and over again because 
each time I find a new quote that strikes me a different way than it
did before. Ah, the joys of literature. 

Life Recently

1. My welcome home gift. The roses are a bit wilted now so it's time I put some new ones in.
2. Fishtails.
3. Oh yeah, meet Audrey! My new car!!! I'm in love.
4. My first personal mark on Audrey. It's a great reminder.
5. Meeting up with one of my best friends/sisters the day after I came home.

I've been catching up with friends, family and loving every minute of being home. Today I have a job interview (fingers crossed!) and this week my friends and I plan on taking out the boat.

Honestly, there is nothing to complain about. I am completely blessed.

With all this living it sometimes gets hard to be consistent on here and for that I apologize. But the whole point of a blog is to have a life to write about and right now, I'm busy living that life. :)

Kate for the Win

We all know Duchess Kate is my idol. Not only 
do I obsess over her outfit choices on a daily basis
but I love her positive attitude and willingness to give. 
(Positive attitude has not really been proven since I've
never met her but I can only imagine.)

Kate and William went to an Pre-Olympics event yesterday
and she wore this Jenny Packham stunner. 

 The back is flawless.

Cutest couple.

This may very well be my dream dress.

Best of the MET

The other evening instead of studying for finals I decided
to watch the live feed of the MET gala as the stars
were arriving. 

Best decision I ever made.

Here are most of my favorite gowns from the evening:
 She looked like a goddess.

 Carey is adorable. (First name basis obviously)

 This color! 

 I want to wear this pronto to the next black tie affair
I have to attend... never.

 She was rocking the dress and the newly engaged smile. 

 So fun. 

 The cape makes this outfit. Let's be real, a cape makes every

 The dress is stunning but required a man following her around
picking up her train every time she moved. 

Flawless and fun. 

I was gawking at all the gowns and watching meticulously while each 
person arrived. There was a lot of judging going on because all of these
stars should know that my professional opinion matters most. 

Did you watch? What did you think of the gowns?