Dropping In


Hey what's up hello

The semester is winding down, the days are shorter and the weather is frigid. I LOVE it. No really. For once in recent memory, it actually feels like December and I get to dress up in warm clothes! It's been raining pretty consistently and I'm realizing rain boots are about the least practical shoes ever, so I've been looking into some duck boots. Well wouldn't you know it, apparently everyone else in the country is also wanting some duck boots about now. I asked for some LLBean boots for my birthday/Christmas and I just found out there is a waitlist of, oh, about 100,000 people. Yaaaaaaay. So basically I could get my boots by March or April. Someone tell me it's worth it!!

In other news, Mount Hood is full of snow, I want to go skiing, and I really need to go grocery shopping. Aren't you riveted? This is life around here folks! I'm incredibly excited for the holidays and getting to spend time with family so for now I'm going to put my head down and hustle!
I almost have a semester of grad school under my belt! Yippee!

Hope your first weekend in December is grand. :)

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