New Motivation


Several weeks ago I was talking to my friend about turning 24 and she made the comment that 24 was when she felt her body slow down and she had to actively work out more consistently. Now I don't know if it's because she said that or because it is really happening, but I feel like my body is slowing down. (honestly, I'm probably just thinking about it way more)

I've been really lucky all my life (and due to my athletic past) in that I've only had to worry about weight after I studied abroad in Italy and gained a few pounds. But now I feel this new urgency to be more intentional about how much I exercise and what I eat. (In case you're wondering, I'm still eating like a 12 year old with my constant treats and lunchable lunches. :) ) 

All of this to say, I am a Blacktag member at Core Power Yoga (the best!! kicks my butt all the time!) and partially because I feel I need to get my money's worth and partially because I feel sluggish more now than ever before, I'm trying to go 3 x a week. And normally my 23 year old year would say "ok perfect. that's all the exercise i'll do for the week!" but my 24 year old self feels the need to do more. So on Tuesday I went on a jog (my lungs started burning and I felt like I wanted to die but hey, I did it) and the last 2 days I've gone to yoga with plans to go tonight and on Saturday I'm snowshoeing! All of a sudden I look at myself and go "WHO AM I? 5 days of exercise??" 

And then at yoga last night the instructor walked us through the hurdler pose and the competitive part of me was all "YEAH! LET'S DO THIS! I CAN DO THAT!" so I tried it out. Let's just say it was a total fail haha. My teeny little arms could not hold up my body and I had to stop before I hurt myself. But instead of becoming discouraged or looking around and thinking "well all of them can do it, why can't I?" I just thought, "Guess I just need to work harder on my arm strength!" 
Guys. That's progress.

 (here's the hurdler pose for context. my face did not look like hers)

So what am I rambling on about? 
While I still wouldn't say I LOVE exercising in a forced way (take me on a hike, snowshoeing, long walk, roller blading etc. and I'm good!) I'm realizing how important it is and how much I want to be strong! I don't even want to focus on the weight part. I want to do the hurdler pose and not break my arms and I want to do a head stand consistently and I want to run without feeling like I am dying. 

What's motivating you? Why do you work out?

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