My Favorite Natural Products


I have always struggled with acne. I've been to dermatologists, received skin peels, tried every product under the sun, you name it. It wasn't until I took an active step towards using all natural products (or as close to it as I can get) that I started to see a difference. Not to be dramatic or anything, but, my life has been changed.

I've been meaning to put together a post with all my favorite for a while but I don't know if  you've noticed or not (lol) but I've been a bit MIA. I started my full-time job in August and life has been crazy. But! Sharing my favorite products was important to me so I've making the time for this post. :)

Let's start by FACE:

1. I've been using this charcoal soap from this brand for at least a year now. I keep it in the shower and use it to wash my face. The smell is amazing and you feel so clean afterwards! It can be pretty drying though so make sure to put lotion on immediately after.

2. Honest face moisturizer is the most expensive face moisturizer I've ever bought (though that's not saying much) but you only need a little bit to cover a big area. They last quite a while and smell so clean and fresh. Plus the branding is great. :)

3. Beauty Counter face oil for skin clarity (or #3) is the jam. Beauty Counter uses all clean products and this little baby will last me a long time. You use just a bit and mix it with your moisturizer and you feel like a thousand bucks. 

4. Beauty Counter charcoal face mask is terrifying to put on but makes my skin feel AMAZING after. I know it seems like I am obsessed with charcoal but I really swear by it. Charcoal products are good for acne-prone skin!

5. My #1 love is Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. Holy smokes I could go on about this soap FOREVER. No, seriously. I've used it for the strangest of things (like getting out stains, etc.) and it works but it REALLY works on my face. This was the biggest game changer for me. Not only do they smell amazing (thanks essential oils) but you feel like your face it the cleanest its ever been. I've gotten several people hooked on it and my favorite thing is when people tell me success stories about other ways they've used this soap. You can also use it to clean your body!!

Now for TEETH:

1. I love Toms toothpaste. Technically it still has some things  in it that don't make it 100% clean but I love the taste, the feel, and I think it does a nice job. 

2. My friend got my into this charcoal teeth cleaner and whitener. It (like the charcoal face mask) is absolutely terrifying to apply (it makes your teeth black...) but your teeth feel like you just got back from the dentist after. You apply a little of the powder to your hand and then rub your wet toothbrush in it. Definitely one of those things that are great for us single folks haha


1. I like Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil body wash. It smells like heaven. Enough said. 

2. I was given a free sample of Maple Holistic's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and have really liked it so far. Shampoo and conditioner is the one area that I've waited the longest to switch over because it's so hard to find a good product. I love that all their products are 100% clean. 

3. Alba Conditioner smells amazing. When I scanned it with my clean app it still had some things that weren't 100% clean about it so I'm not sold on the product but I do love the smell and it's at least a bit better than your run-of-the-mill conditioners. 

What do you swear by and love? I love trying out new products. 
I'm still looking for a good deodorant. I need heavy duty and the natural ones just don't work for me. I've tried Native, Soapwalla, homemade, Ursa Major, Schmidt's, Tom's, and Lavanilla. Someone help!! 

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