We Wish You a Merry Christmas

So my favorite Christmas movie, besides It's a Wonderful Life, is Elf. I can basically quote any scene from the movie and definitely consider it a classic.
Anyways, I babysit these two girls who understand my obsession with Christmas, and so every time I babysit them, we watch something Christmas-y, no matter what time of year it is. Last year we watched The Grinch and belted out Where Are You Christmas? for about an hour.

This year, we watched Elf and made Elf spaghetti. :) We put all the toppings Buddy put on his spaghetti in the movie, and needless to say, it tasted disgusting. But the process was fun and the fact that we were pretending to be Buddy was even better. (Suggestion: When making Elf spaghetti, don't add Pop-Tart. The consistency ruins it all.)
Also, last week, I met Santa. Not kidding. Doesn't he look just like how you would picture Santa? Come to find out he actually does play Santa as a side job during the holidays! :) So me and my friend, Katie, HAD to get a picture with real Santa.

Have a great day and 7 days till Christmas!

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