A Recent Obsession:: Paper Source

I was in San Francisco recently visiting some friends I studied abroad with
and we stumbled upon a Paper Source. I was in need of a new planner
for the school year and had a feeling this was the place of dreams.

I was definitely right because the second I walked in I felt a pull towards the 
gorgeous planners and the one above caught my eye immediately. 
My friend and I bought the same one because it was just too beautiful.
I mean, look at the gold chevron, the font and all the columns for writing
down homework and social plans!!!
I was a little hesitant on the size because, yes, it is pretty large for 
a planner I'll have in my backpack but one of my biggest pet peeves with 
planners is not having enough space to write in so I decided that 
having room to write will take precedence over the size of the planner. 

Do you have a favorite place to buy planners?
Oh, and Happy Monday!!


Brittany Kyte said...

This is perfectly simple! I love the layout. Might have to snag one for myself!

Nicole Marie said...

oye paper source! i forgot about it! going to go crazy there when i start teaching again

My name is Lydia said...

don't even get me started on paper source. it is my second one true love ;)

MMB said...

Buying stationary just makes my heart happy. Is that excessive? Eek, well it's truthful. I love love love paper source. Their products are so beautiful.