Movie Recommendation- The Way Way Back

If you are looking for that perfect summer movie that makes you 
laugh, feel uncomfortable, miss being a kid in the summer, and 
ultimately leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy... 

Please look no further than The Way Way Back

It has an amazing cast including Steve Carrel, Sam Rockwell, 
Toni Collette and Allison Janney among others and 
really encapsulates family love, summer time and 
finding ones self. 

So the next time you are wondering what movie to see, just remember
this post and buy those tickets. Then let me know what you thought!!

Enjoy the movie!


My name is Lydia said...

you had me sold at warm and fuzzy feeling.

thanks for the recommendation!

meg bird said...

I saw a preview for this and it looked SO good! Glad to hear it actually is. I'll have to see it.