Why Knot {explore}: Tillamook Forest

 One of the best parts about living in Oregon are the endless amounts of adventures that are SO close to you. Want some waterfalls? Drive 30 minutes east from Portland. Want a lush forest within the city? Walk or hop on public transit to Forest Park. Want a forest a bit more secluded? Drive 45 minutes to Tillamook forest. Want the coast? Drive an hour and a half west (from Downtown). And then there's places like Bend and Eugene or if you want a longer drive, Ashland, all at your fingertips. It's a little more manageable than California because it's a smaller state and it sure is beautiful!

 Before I moved here I started a list of fun places to eat/drink/hike/explore/etc. and I'm slowly making my way down the list and adding more every day. I've done a pretty nice job so far but I love that there are so many more places to explore. If you are thinking of heading up this way, let me know and I'll give you some of my recommendations!!

 My friends and I had the day off for Veterans day last week and we wanted to make the most of it. We realized none of us had explored Tillamook forest yet so we set out for a fun hike! We drove a little longer than we would have liked but the hike was gorgeous nonetheless. I can't wait to explore that forest a bit more in the coming months.

Also, I don't have any good hiking shoes and I didn't want to get my bright blue running shoes dirty so I hiked in my snow boots! I figured they must be waterproof and would prevent me from slipping (everything was wet from a recent rain) and I think they held up just fine! A little heavy to lug around at times but they got the job done! 

There's always something to do here and it makes exploring easy! I still have so many places on my list of things to do/places to eat! I crossed one off last night by going to Luc Lac! There's definitely no shortage of good food here in Portland. 

Where have you gone exploring lately?

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