If you're gonna run...

 You better find a gosh darn beautiful place to run. In my case, that was the tulip fields at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. :)

 On Valentine Day weekend I made a list of all the things I want to accomplish during this season of singleness and one of them was to get fit and active through running. ;) I knew I needed some motivation so I immediately signed up for a race and figured a 10K was a good place to start. My friend, Ashley, ran it with me and it was hard to hate on the running when we were surrounded by such beauty! We even ran through an orchard at one point! 

I think it's important to do little things that are selfish every once in a while. This whole experience pushed me and forced me to be proactive in ways I've never been before. It was challenging but oh, so worth it. 

Moments like these remind me why springtime is my favorite. There is joy in the air and everyone seems just a little bit happier. :) 
Happy Monday!!

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