It's a Personality Thing

Recently, I've become really fascinated by personalities. You know, the Meyers-Briggs set of personalities. I recently stumbled across an article that perfectly described me to a tee and it stopped me in my tracks. I sent it to my mom, read it to all my best friends and we all agreed it. was. spooky. So we then proceeded to read each others personality profiles and all found the same thing: it was comforting to be understood and realize that some of our crazy, wasn't so crazy after all. :) A few of us are keeping a list of each others personality types just to have on hand!

I am an INFJ. Apparently we are pretty rare and are considered "extroverted introverts." A-men. We can't make up our mind about whether or not social situations give us energy or drain us and honestly, it just depends on the day. We are resilient but also sensitive. Changing the direction of our thoughts to focus on something else is frustrating and challenging because we are usually overthinking something. ;) 
 We connect with others really easily but creating long-lasting relationships is what we crave and where we put our energy. We can often feel let down a lot by our relationships because of the effort and love that we try to put into each one and find it's not always reciprocated. #sensitive Also, wanting to relax and recharge our batteries seems like a genius idea until about an hour in and we are antsy and bored. Must. Always. Be. Working. Towards. Something. Dating is frustrating because we are the least "casual" people ever and look for depth and meaning in every relationship. 

So if you know me well, all of that is pretty fricken accurate but there was something else that I've been thinking about a lot. In all of the articles I read it said, "You hate small talk" and while, sure, it's not my favorite thing, hate seemed like too strong a word. Then, the other day, I had a breakthrough. I realized that the reason I think I'm good at small talk and do pretty well in new environments or bigger social gatherings, is because I deflect REALLY well. I just recently caught myself doing this and kind of laughed to myself. 

When I'm doing what I consider "small talk" I'm actually just trying to figure out everything I can about that person and completely ignoring all mentions of my life. If someone asks me a question I will quickly answer and then ask you, like, 12 more questions. INFJ's love getting to know people and finding connections but we also don't love giving up information about ourselves until we know we can trust you. Then, once we trust you, get ready to hear everything haha. No holding back. 

So now that I've bared my soul to you and you know everything about me ;) why don't you mention what personality type YOU are!! Here's the website!

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