Why Knot {Explore}: Crater Lake National Park

Holy smokes you guys! Crater Lake!!!

This was my last planned trip for the summer (though, technically, I started school last week so I'm kind of counting this as a fall trip). A couple friends and I planned this trip kind of last minute but everything worked out perfectly. 

We left Portland early in the morning, stopped for some lunch items in Eugene, and got into the park by 3. (It should have been more towards 2 but there was a huge line into the park) We knew going to the park during Labor Day weekend was risky due to tourist overload but we felt it was still worth the trip. I'm so glad we made that decision because it was DEFINITELY worth it.

The lake was unreal! What is even crazier is how deep it is. Just imaging the depth of this giant volcanic spot took my breath away. I couldn't stop taking pictures of how blue the water was, the perfect clouds over the lake, the colors of the rocks and the general uniqueness to the whole lake. There's really nothing like it. 

We ended up camping at Diamond Lake right outside the park and I would definitely recommend it!! The lake was stunning, we got to camp right next to the water, the sites were well organized and clean and everything went smoothly from start to finish. I definitely didn't anticipate it getting down into the low 30's during the night though and woke up like a frozen Popsicle. But what are you gonna do but add on more layers? :) 

ALSO, this really cool company, Cotopaxi, contacted me to share some information about the National Parks and I jumped at the chance. Not only are these stats interesting, but it also gives me some ideas of where I want to go next! Pretty exciting that I crossed off Oregon's only national park this last weekend!

Cotopaxi is my kind of company and has a strong focus on their environmental impact and giving back. Check out their IMPACT page. It's seriously inspiring. 
They also carry some amazing backpacks for hiking, day use, or whatever you need it for! I have my eyes set on THIS one. :) They're the kind of backpacks that any fan of the outdoors would want. 

What is the next National Park on your list? I think mine is Glacier.

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