The Hunger Games

I finally saw the Hunger Games. It was killing me that I
didn't go to the midnight premiere or see it Friday,
so when I saw it yesterday I was a bundle of nerves and
excitement. I also went with two people who never read the
books which was kind of exciting because it was all new to them.
I thought all the actors did a wonderful job, especially Jennifer
Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. And don't even get me started
on Woody Harrelson playing Haymitch. That was a match made
in movie heaven!
I was overall very pleased with the film and how Garry Ross did
his own interpretation without completely changing the books or making
them like some other franchise that I am not a fan of. (cough cough you know
what I'm talking about) Beautiful movie and incredibly moving.

Are you going to go see it?


Jes said...

just hopped over from nat the fat rat's blog! and i had to come over bc your picture has the golden gate bridge in it. native san franciscan here who just moved to portland so i get all sorts of excited when i see san francisco things!

xx jes, newest follower

Allie said...

Yay! Love San Francisco! I grew up in the Bay Area and then moved to Sacramento. :) I love Portland!

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

it's killing me that I haven't seen it yet! Can't wait!