The Language of Trees

Vintage Book {explored}

When I start reading a good book, I literally can't put it down.
I tend to read through the night until the book is completely
finished and the ending known. There is something within me
that does not allow myself to put a book down without
knowing the ending.

And this is how I know I found a good book. If the pages
do not grab my attention and I can easily put it to bed without
obsessing over it, then that book will never have my heart.

Last night I read The Language of Trees and I, once
again, read it until 2:30am. Here are my favorite

"Most beautiful thing is to see hope come back into a face.
That's all she wanted.
People to believe in her without wanting anything back. People don't need
much else."

"Some foreign countries you know you have to visit, right?
And some of them you're just content to look at the pictures.
You find your country, honey. And then you pack up
and buy a one-way ticket."

"Which is the right country?" she asks, as she starts weeping again.

"The one that feels like home. The one that always has."


alexis @ bloomed in june said...

i love that quote!!

Nicole Marie said...

ok next purchase on my kindle. those quotes. wow

Allie said...

The writing is stunning!