I definitely teared up a little when we turned a corner and to my left was The Grand Canyon.
I have imagined the Grand Canyon multiple times and always wanted to go,
and so finally being able to take a little trip was truly incredible. You can't go to school
in the "Grand Canyon State" without stopping by the actual canyon. ;)

We had a long day exploring the canyon and eating at the lodge and were utterly exhausted
by the end. We were also covered in dirt from all the crazy wind that day! 
We got in the car to head back to Flagstaff with tired eyes and sunburnt skin when all of a sudden
we look to our right and there is a huge elk right next to us! She was beautiful and so serene
and it made me so sad knowing there are people that hunt these incredible animals. 
But I felt blessed to experience seeing her in her natural glory just munching away. :)

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

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