What I'm Loving...


These are some things that have recently caught my eye and that I very much enjoyed::

1. Mindy Kaling's Harvard Law Commencement Speech. I adore Mindy and this speech
is perfect.

2. Nerd warning ahead:: This photo of Prince Oberon and The Mountain from Game of Thrones is so perfect after watching last nights episode which pretty much scarred me for life.

3. Have ya'll watched Lindsay on Oprah's OWN network? I know I'm probably way behind but
I put it on as background noise yesterday and it was pretty intriguing. 

4. I saw A Million Ways to Die in the West on Friday and while it definitely had its hilarious bits,
I completely agree with this article. Did anyone see Maleficent?

5. Have you guys heard of S'well? I am really tempted to buy one of their bottles because not
only do they donate to great causes, but the water stays cold for up to 24 hours!! 
This one's my favorite::

What have you been loving lately??

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lauren jean allece said...

So I JUST got into Game of Thrones and I think I'm ruined for life... I need to binge watch all of the episodes so I can get caught up!

And thank you so much for the sweet comment on my last post - God is already showing up with some unexpected hope and it's blowing me away how He provides!