My Favorite Print

{shorts (ON SALE!), book, glasses, earrings, romper}

Are you as obsessed with the current palm print like I am?? I have been eyeing those shorts
for a while and now that they are on sale, it is way too tempting. The Topshop romper
is also amazing as well and how adorable are those earrings? The glasses are  one of
Warby Parker's new summer glasses and they worked perfectly with the print! 

Has anyone read The Vacationers? I'm tempted to pick it up because of that beautiful cover
but I want someone's feedback before I do!

How are you staying cool this summer? Buying any palm print clothing? 
This week the temperature here is going to be 106+ so you will find me by the pool
or in some hardcore AC whenever possible!


The Marcy Stop said...

Ummmm. That romper?! NEED.

The Marcy Stop

alice {sweet dreamer} said...

Ah! I was hoping you could tell me about The Vacationers... I've been waiting to read it ever since I clapped eyes on that stunning cover!! x

Anna Tselevich said...

I love those glasses! I ordered them in my Warby Parker home try-on, but I just could not rock them haha :)

LaTonya said...

The reviews on Goodreads don't seem too bad. Apparently the characters are greatly developed and descriptions are fantastic so that you feel like you're on vacation. Not a lot of 5 stars though. I think some readers might have had disagreements with the characters! Which should tell you it's a good read!

nicole said...

i totally am! thought i was the only one :) here's my favorites: