I Wanna Be There in My City

San Francisco is awesome for many reasons, but one of my favorites are all of the fun places to photograph. Monica and I had a blast finding cool spots and it was funny watching her jump back into taking photos in public. It was nice to have not only my best friend in town, but also my previous creative director/photographer. ;)

This SKIRT is from Banana Republic and is a classic staple that every girl should have in her closet. I, for one, want all of them for grad school (still so fun to say that!!) and the future. I love how bright and happy this one is. Having a chambray shirt front-tucked into the skirt dressed it down a bit and made it perfect for exploring the city. 

The bag is Monica's and she found it in a vintage store back in Tucson. Isn't it a beaut?? And I originally didn't plan on wearing my Burks with this outfit but I like how it helped dress it down even more. 

Lastly, the necklace I'm wearing is from the for King & Country concert I went to last Monday. It's an Australian coin and a little crest that is meant to symbolize how every women deserves only the best and is priceless in the eyes of God. Beautiful right? I bought me and my sisters one as little reminders. You can buy one HERE. Also, the concert was amazing and if they are coming to your town, I definitely recommend going.

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