I think it's truly unfair how little time we have to fully appreciate our sisters once you reach an age where you actually want to spend time with them. In high school, you take that time for granted and then, as the oldest, I was the first to move away and miss out on how great they were becoming. Now all three of us are rarely all together but when we are, it's really the best.

My sisters and I are all at ages where we look up to to each other equally, root each other on, and rarely fight. It's cheesy to say but I think we might be at the golden age of sisterhood. (Now all I can think about is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...) I enjoy spending time with my sisters and see them more as live-in friends these days. 

One of the major blessings in my life lately has been these several months of getting to know my youngest sister at her current age. I was away at school for most of her high school years and missed a lot of her recent development. Being home with her now has been such a blast and she is one of the wisest and funniest people I know. I will never take for granted this time at home where I've gotten to truly know my sister. 

Because of how close my sisters and I have become, saying good-bye all the time is getting increasingly more difficult. My mom and I drove to Yosemite and back last week to drop off my middle sister for the summer so she can change kids' lives as a camp counselor for 2.5 months. On the drive home we were reflecting on how the last three weeks since she got home from studying abroad were the last few weeks of our family ever living under one roof for a significant amount of time again. It's sad but also exciting so think how each of us is growing and creating a life even if it means we will be separated more than reunited majority of the time. 

God had a genius moment when he decided siblings would be a good idea.

Hope you have a great Wednesday and go hug your sister/brother!

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