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day dreaming

I've decided that I'm not purchasing anything until I am happily moved into Portland so I can spend more money on fun things for the new apartment, but a girl can still dream! This list is a hodge-podge of sorts filled with little things that make my heart beat a little faster.

1. If you are in need for the perfect throw-on dress that still makes you look put together, look no further. THIS blue and white beauty is calling all of our names! You could even use it as a cute cover-up!!

2. I love THIS planner from One of my biggest pet peeves is when you're asking someone how they've been and they respond, "I've just been sooo busy!" To which I always want to respond, "Oh are you??" (in my best Kristen Wiig voice...obviously) I'm  not a fan of people assuming their busy is more busy than your busy. WE ARE ALL BUSY! ok, rant over. So use this planner for irony and laughs only please. :)

3. Moving ooooon, another blue and white ITEM. Because of course.

4. Same as 4 but this one's a PILLOW so it's different. Also this throw pillow would look great inside or out.

5. How beautiful are THOSE gem hair barrettes? I maaaaay need to pick up one of those as my hair is growing out.

6. Can I have THIS dress in my closet please? Perfect for a cute going-out dress or just a day dress. The options are endless!!

7. Putting this in another post because everyone should read THIS book pronto!

What are you day dreaming about?

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