The Bathroom Reveal


Remember when I showed the wallpaper plans for the downstairs bathroom renovation in THIS post? Well, we finished the bathroom about a month and a half ago yet I never got around to taking pictures of the finished product! I'm really proud of how it turned out considering how skeptical my mom was of the wallpaper at first. We were originally going to wallpaper the whole bathroom in the marble print but realized that would be a little much considering how small the bathroom is and how little light is present. Instead, we spent quite a bit of time going over the perfect grey color to compliment the marble for the back wall and I think it helps make the marble standout while also not making it seem like it's too much. 

One of the favorite parts of the room and the one that was the most recent addition was the distressed shelf. We wanted the room to be modern but also fit in with the rest of the house, which is more French Country. I scoured the internet for quite a while to find the perfect shelf and I found the right one on Etsy in the Blue Ridge Sawdust shop! Check them out HERE! They did such a nice job and the color of the shelf is completely customizable. 

To complete the shelf, my mom and I went to the Sutter St. Vintage Fair and we picked up all three of the frames for super cheap. We then went to our favorite store on Sutter St., Roost, and picked up the gold candle. We got the succulents, the little yellow vase and the "H" book at one of our favorite boutiques in Truckee! 

One of my favorite pieces though, is the frame of my grandma and grandpa taken outside a bar in Berkeley. They are so young and are looking at each other in the sweetest way. I loved being able to add such a loving touch to the room. 

And that's it! It was such a fun project but definitely not something I could do all the time. I commend all of you interior decorators out there!! 

All photos by Scott Allison Films

Here's the facts// wallpaper, candle, shelf. The rest was picked up at little boutiques!

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