These are my reflections

**shout out to Usher via Confessions for the title of this post**

22 feels a lot like this picture most of the time. There's a semi-clear cut path ahead of me yet no end in sight. It's beautiful but also a bit intimidating. There's a tendency to keep walking through to the end but forget to stop and admire the lush green landscape that lies to either side. And I do this a lot. I get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and the endless to do lists and forget to remember my age, the blessings in my life and admire the bright, puffy clouds above me. 
I've found I'm getting better at stopping and sending up little prayers throughout the day since I've moved to Oregon because it's fairly easy to do. Just yesterday I was driving to my school observation and the sun was rising above Mount Hood and the city in the most brilliant display of colors. It took my breath away and I sent up a prayer of gratitude. 

Wednesday night I lied in bed so perfectly content and thought to myself, "22 is a pretty fun time!" I have nothing tying me down and I live in an amazing city. Instead of dwelling on what I don't have and growing frustrated, I stood in the moment and thought about all that I DO have and thought about how I should allow myself to have more fun! I'll be 30 soon enough! 

So the path isn't clear but it sure is bursting with beautiful things to admire as I walk my way through.

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