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I get three weeks off now and you best believe it will be spent doing absolutely nothing related to school. I'm headed home soon and just in time because Portland has allllll the rain headed it's way. Yesterday was the first time I had to do something outdoors-y in the pouring rain and it definitely wasn't pleasant. I participated in Wanderlust 108 and guys, if it's in your city, DO IT! So. Much. Fun. But running the 5K in the pouring rain meant I was soaking wet and my rain jacket can only take so much haha. 

I thought I'd round up some of my favorite things around the web as a celebration of sorts. I miss doing posts like this, so let's get started! 

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1. Have any of ya heard of Grapefruit Seed Extract? Apparently it has all these amazing health benefits and I'm very tempted to try it. Have you tried it?

2. Brothers Osborne. I am absolutely obsessed with their song "Stay a Little Longer". Every time it comes on the radio I turn it all the way up and sing my absolute loudest. 

3. The Simplified Planner. Holy smokes I want one of these planners so bad. I just can't justify it!! Someone help me make a decision!

4. Hydro Flask. These are designed out of Bend, Oregon and they are all over the place here. I just got the light blue one and I swear I'm drinking more water than ever before. Maybe it's because of its pretty color? :)

5. The Anthro Costa Midi dress. I just bought this beauty as my last purchase of working for Anthropologie. It was fun while it lasted but this summer is about to be crazy with school and my new placement so I'm excited to have a little reprieve. But I can't wait to wear this dress all summer long. 

What are some things you're loving?

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