One Placement Done!

Thanks Ashley for the photo!

Yesterday was my final day of my first clinical practicum! I ended my last day celebrating with my supervisor and the preschool teachers and aides I worked with all semester and then hopping over the Columbia and to the east side to celebrate with friends. Driving over into Vancouver, WA twice a week, at first, seemed like a frustrating task and it turned into such a great experience. I loved my time working in an early intervention preschool and in an elementary school! But I am also glad to move on and experience a new placement now with a completely different population. 

Getting to experience placements in the community is one of my favorite things about my program. I am getting to see, first hand, what the real life of an SLP is like. Every semester we switch where we are placed and the type of location as well. I'm SO excited that my summer placement is in the city, walking distance from my apartment!! Yippee!

Also, I'm so glad that there are friends in my cohort who appreciate a proper celebration like I do. We decided to try out Produce Row and all loved it! Sit on the patio and order some of their happy hour drinks (from 4-7!) and yummy food. I ordered the whiskey ginger and it was delicious! We then drove more north and got churros at 180 Xurreria! GUYS. If you're in Portland you have to try out this little place. They make authentic Mexican xurros and they even have one stuffed with chocolate and other deliciousness. I got the chef's special, which was a cookie & creme covered churro. A-maz-ing.  

Happy Friday! I'm so excited for the weekend to start because my best friend, Monica, gets in late tonight and will be here till Thursday (!!!) and I have an Aphasia Workshop to attend tomorrow. Let the festivities begin!! 
What do you have going on?

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