Why Knot {Explore}: Yosemite National Park

Are you ready for a ton of Yosemite photos? :)

We just got back from one of the places that means the most to me and I can't wait to share all that we did. You see, starting before I was born, my dad's side of the family has been going up to Yosemite every single year for 30 years!! The first year they didn't go (and now my sisters and I plus cousins are included) was when my grandpa passed away and then they started again but it subsided again with the passing of my grandma four years ago. My family and I have now gone the last 2 years and each time it feels like coming home.

 Yosemite Falls

 Bridal Veil falls- so much water!!!

 This is the tunnel view outlook! 

climbing down from Nevada Falls (behind us)

 Glacier Point- hi Half Dome!

 There's Nevada Falls again!

There are so many photos of my sisters and I as little kids and babies at these exact same spots. I'm so grateful that a place as beautiful as this is also as familiar as a second home. Also, what a diffrence from last year with how green it was and how much water was everywhere!! We stayed at Yosemite Lodge and you could hear the pounding of Yosemite falls in your room! 

On this trip we wanted to lie low a bit and not exhaust ourselves. We really wanted to soak in the atmosphere and pay homage to my Grandma Ginnie. The first evening of being in Yosemite she would always make homemade potato salad and grilled chicken with some homemade lemonade as well. We continued that tradition this time and my sister made my grandma's potato salad just right! We all sat around the table reminiscing and being grateful for the many, many years we have spent up there. 

As you walk around the valley floor and look up at the giant rocks surrounding you, it's easy to be humbled at what a giant and beautiful Earth we live on. There's truly nothing like it. If you haven't explored Yosemite yet, I highly recommend booking a trip. But act fast, everything fills up extremely quick!! (like, book the lodge a year ahead of time!)

Happy Monday!! 
I've still got a full week at home and I'm soaking it up prepping for my sister's graduation and my friends coming into town for Memorial Weekend!!  

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