Wine Tasting in the Sierra Foothills

 While my friends were visiting my hometown of Sacramento, we decided to stop for some wine tasting in the Sierra Foothills. We stopped at Miraflores (where the first couple photos were taken), Villa Toscano (where the last photos were taken) and Terra d'Oro.

 Wine is my drink of choice with whiskey or bourbon behind that so I'm a sucker for any wine tasting trip. I think it's because of my time in Italy but I have such an appreciate for wine and the many different varietals. I also loved getting to spend time with my family and my friends on this day. 

I just got this Free People dress and am obsessed with the dramatic sleeves. It was a blast to snap some photos of the dress in the vines. I bought it to wear for my sister's grad party but it was in the upper 90's that day so I opted out. :) I can't wait to wear it around Portland this summer though. (Although it was in the upper 90-100's this weekend so who knows!)

What did you do this weekend? 
I went to the farmers market, saw Me Before You with some friends, went to the Starlight Parade for the Rose Festival and today I tried out a new church and watched my Warriors absolutely destroy the Cav's. Even though I did quite a lot this weekend, I still felt antsy the whole weekend! It was so frustrating! I think I'm ready to get back on a routine even though it's been nice to just breathe the last few days. Anywho, happy Monday!

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